I wonder if Neve Gordon realised the perverbial ‘can of worms’ he opened up when he published THIS Op Ed in the L A Times of August 20th. If you Google the article you will come up with over 20,000 results, most of which come from zionist Websites. The Hasbara machine went into full gear and has remained there till this day.

The article was the origin of disscussions throughout the Web, both praising Prof. Gordon and condemning him. Most notibly were the discussions led by ‘Progessive’ zionists like Uri Avnery who were in disagreement with the Boycott against Israel. The discussions and disagreements that resulted from Avnery’s article were most welcome, resulting in him answering his critics in the end.

But, this was definitely NOT the end…… the zionists are hurting as the Boycott gains worldwide support. Many nations have endorsed the Boycott, many Trade Unions and Church Groups have joined in on the Divestment Programme. So, the zios had to come up with a new ploy….. they call it the ‘Buycott’….

A new Web site set up by pro-Israel Canadians seeks to defy anti-Israel boycotts by encouraging subscribers to deliberately buy Israeli products that are being boycotted.

The campaign, titled “Buycott Israel,” was organized by the Canada-Israel Committee together with the Jewish federations of Vancouver and Toronto and the Canadian Jewish Congress, Pacific Region, to counter the increasing number of boycotts in Canada over the last year.

They are gloating at what appears to them a success in their campaign, but the reality is that the exact opposite is taking place as the Boycott grows worldwide. With support from the ADL and other such Hasbara vehicles, I predict that their campaign will, in the end, only strengthen ours. A report on the Canadian ‘Buycott’ can be read HERE.

Now, what does this all have to do with palm fronds? This Friday at sundown a weeklong Jewish Festival begins. It is called Sukkot, or The Feast of The Tabernacles. The palm fronds make up part of what is known as the Four Species. Arbaat haminim.jpg

For some strange reason, Egypt has been the major supplier of these fronds over the past few years. But, orthodox Jewry is faced with a dilemma…. Egypt raised it’s prices! OY VEY!!!

What are they to do in this case? The solution they came up with was to buy  the fronds from Gaza. An area under siezure, an area that Israel has rendered ‘enemy’ territory will be the supplier this year… with special permission from the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

It seems that with Israelis, money talk$ when it comes to Boycotts and Sanctions. But what more can we expect from a nation void of principles and decency?

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