Israel is after what is left of Gaza’s green shoots

By Iqbal Tamimi


Israelis has no drop of shame. After strangling the Gaza people and confining them like a herd of animals, bombing their homes and children for 23 days burning everything to the ground, their eyes are now on the new shoots of their palm fronds to celebrate their religious festivities for one good reason…a cheaper price.

The same Jewish criminals who treat Muslims like a piece of sh*t think now that there are no obstacles between them and the people they burned their children deep down to their bones by white phosphorus. Those hypocrite killers claim that they believe in God so much that they are willing to buy their religious festivities’ needs from the ‘enemy’.

The Jews demand for lulavim (palm fronds) is rising ahead of their festivities of their religious festivities of Succot, and since money is more important than God himself for them, they decided to foster trade with the Gaza Strip to buy Gaza palm fronds for a cheaper price as the Jerusalem post reported today.
God’s chosen people are willing to allow the palm fronds leave Gaza but they are not willing to allow a dying Gaza children go through the barriers to hospitals. They are willing to allow an accessory for their celebrations cross the border of Gaza, but not willing to allow any food or medicine needed urgently for a suffering child to cross. Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that what faith is all about? Kindness, sympathy, or is it about sticking to rituals and their accessories of celebrations.

The good old Jerusalem Post claims ‘Religion is often blamed as an obstacle to peace between Muslims and Jews. However, the demand for lulavim (palm fronds) ahead of Succot may now foster trade with the Gaza Strip’. …
So, the Israelis know when and how to manipulate everything including religion, at one point their religion demand that they should kill those Gaza people who are beneath them, and when they need something from Gaza they discover at once that there are no obstacle for peace. Satan himself could not come with such theory.

And what triggers one’s anger is the journalistic language of the Jerusalem Post that dares to confess that ‘Gazans will be permitted to export lulavim to Israel after Religious Services Minister Ya’acov Margi received special permission to do so from Defense Minister Ehud Barak’. GAZANS WILL BE PERMITTED they say, so they know that Gazans are suffering a total control on everything coming or leaving their strip of land, their Defence Minister who ordered burning down everything in Gaza including its farms and orchards now is kind enough to exchange his few filthy Shekels to buy a Jewish must for the festivities…isn’t that wonderful? Especially that he knows that money means nothing to Gaza people any way since his total control on Gaza air, sea, and land means the people of Gaza can’t buy from any source.

Now if you want to know what really happened and why Israel is turning to Gaza now, you should know that Egypt which happened to be helping Israel in strangling the Palestinians further has been benefiting from the siege on Gaza as well, since it was the main suppliers of lulavim to Israel from its towns of Al-Arish and other locations, but this year Israel’s ally decided to triple its prices.

The Egyptian suppliers who provide the bulk of lulavim formed a price cartel this year and demanded $1.50 per lulav, about three times the price demanded in previous years.

And when shipping and packing costs are added, customs and value-added tax, the wholesale price of a lulav will rise between 10 percent and 15% compared to last year. But God’s chosen people were told not to panic since part of the demand was being met by growers in the Jordan Valley. Now you can see why even the Jordan Valley is never out of sight of the Jewish state, everything can come handy for Israel; even lulayim is a good reason to think of occupation and further expansion. Now you know why Israel refuses to declare its borders.
The JP reported that ‘Margi’s spokesman Alon Nuriel said in a statement that Barak agreed to open up Gaza’s lulav exports in coordination with the Agriculture Ministry and the IDF’s coordinator of government activities in the territories. Nuriel also provided the letter signed by Barak’s aide, attorney Ruth Bar, authorizing the export’. So once again one discovers that Israel can open Gaza borders when it chooses to, and Barak can authorize such actions if he wants to. This reminded me of the time the Carnation flowers were allowed to leave Gaza after the Cast Lead operation while the people of Gaza were dying to reach for a loaf of bread or some medicine available in neighbouring countries because their flowers were more important than medicine, they were needed for the Western civilized people who had to celebrate Valentine’s Day. What more valid reason to lift a siege and open the crossings for.

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  1. petr vojta said,

    October 4, 2009 at 07:26

    All we see is “trump” of Zionist sadistic strategy to”wipe out Palestine” as this the goal of fanatical rabbies.The sadest think for States in M.East, especialy for those regimes currently “in bed with Israel”, is….. THEY ARE NEXT!!!
    This colonial, much dangerous than Nazi regime, satanic ideology will actualy newer stop untill they enslave whole world according Protocols of Zion…..or…..they will cource horrible wars among nations and religions.
    Its so scary, yet so simple to stop….. Unfortunaly majority of “so called christians” in the World connect themself with their Church only in time of some religious celebrations like Christmas,, Easter etc and never actually understood the message of the Bible. Christian Leaders “ajust” worlds of Bible to their behavior, instead “ajusting” their behavior to “holy words”.
    For this largely commen confusion / which suits to zionist agenda /, I pray, that this will not happened to ISLAM.
    When I see people in Mecca every year, I trust that all people practising Islam, will start to see that only Unity among them is the “force” to stop, eventualy to fully expose and / for the sake of whole Humanity/ destroy this Satanic ideology Zionnism with its “child”- Israel.
    “Prophet Mohammed” did just that in HIS days – peace be upon him – HE united people for benefit in times of distress and confusion …. Christianity with its corrupted and ofted pedofile leaders its nearly destroyed, I hope that ISLAM will not go to above path of distruction.
    In the memory/ Kingdom of Havens belong to them/ of ALL people slotered by Zionist machine, I pray All people will put aside some of their religious differencies and will pay attension to this CANCER of the Planet Earth and use whatever “medicine” to remove this “TUMOUR…..

  2. kiwichris said,

    October 4, 2009 at 09:30

    Perhaps the only people the israhellis should be able to see and do business with are hideously burnt or disfigured children – no one else. . . . just the crippled, the limbless, the disfigured. . . .perhaps that is all the world should see when any (rare) story about Gaza pops briefly into the mainstream media – just the children

  3. Aufzuleiden said,

    October 5, 2009 at 15:30

    Isn’t it first necessary to possess a conscience before it is possible to feel shame or remorse? Given that Israel – those sitting in power – have demonstrated on numerous occasions that they do not have the prerequisite conscience I can not imagine that anyone should be surprised that shame and remorse should be things lacking in the current Israeli vocabulary.

    Dignity is another term that is lacking: human dignity and the importance of the individual to have the right to be who they are without regard to an accident of birth. Any Jew who has the audacity to feel a surge of nationalism and the desire to evict someone from their home should that they were born in another time, in another place. They should imagine that they were born in Europe before the beginning of the emergence of Hitler, and then, one day, the nightmare begins. The should imagine what it might have been like to live in another time when, it seemed, the world lost the meaning of the word compassion and conscience. When the world turned its back on the plight of the people being carted off by the thousands; carted like cattle to internment camps that were transformed into death camps. Death camps, not ‘relocation camps’, death camps. Death surrounding them on every side. Maybe then they could see themselves developing a conscience; seeing their past as an archetype for what could be a new way of living rather than simply recycling the hatred into a different paradigm for different participants.

    Only then will peace be possible. Otherwise, they all might as well be killed.

    Wie viel ist aufzuleiden!

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