As the ‘Shalit Deal’ comes closer to reality, so do the fears expressed by many Israelis. What happens if scores of Palestinian prisoners are freed? It happened before, will it happen again??

Israelis are asking one basic question…. Is the Shalit deal worth the price?

Israel’s refusal to negotiate the deal earlier has generated these fears. Israel’s actions in Gaza over the past year has created a hatred and distrust towards the Israelis. Distrust and hatred on both sides complicate the situation.

Can these fears and feelings be overcome and can the deal actually go through?
HaAretz attempts to discuss the situation….
but the answers remain a mystery.

Bringing Gilad Shalit home is going to cost human lives. We do not know how many, we do not know their faces, we do not recognize their names. But we can assume that they walk among us. As a direct result of a Shalit deal they could lose their lives. When the Israeli government approves a deal at any price, this could be the price: dozens or perhaps hundreds of Israelis killed.

Just as in war, a Shalit deal could cost lives. Opinion polls and momentary popularity do not justify such a price. Even the emotional picture of Shalit in the arms of his mother does not justify the price. The only justification will be in knowing that this is it, it’s over – no more. Netanyahu will prove he is a worthy leader only if he promises that immediately after Gilad’s return, Israel will return to its strength and determination, to the spirit before Entebbe.

The above come from the following article…. Israel must prove Shalit deal is worth the price
Which can be read HERE

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  1. Paul said,

    November 29, 2009 at 22:11

    They have no choice. They have used this Corporal as a centrepiece of their propaganda to show how “evil” the other side is, and to show us how much they value this one precious Jewish fingernail. I’d love to see them turn around and refuse a deal that would free him because the price was more than they wanted to pay (i.e. more than he’s apparently worth).

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