Nudity at last

By Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank

In a brazen disregard for Muslim (and Christian) sensibilities, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is reportedly allowing a westernized group of   women to organize a beauty queen contest in Ramallah later this month.

In the pageant contest, scantly clad young women will display their naked bodies in front of a selectively-invited audience.

The organizer of the contest, a woman by the name of Salwa Yousuf, was quoted as saying that 58 pageants would participate, including 26 from Israel and 32 from the West Bank. None would come from the Gaza Strip.

Yousuf said officials from the PA ministries of Information and Culture would be invited to take part in the committee that would choose the winners.

The winner will receive a brand new car, $2700 and free 10-day trip to Turkey.

In the west, where I lived for many years, the so-called beauty-queen contests are more or less exercises of visual prostitution, where pageants are reduced to sexual objects, deprived of real honor, dignity, and humanity.

I really don’t know how the PA can justify this horrendous act of  profanity. Indeed, it is hard to imagine how displaying our women’s bodies would contribute to promoting the Palestinian cause and freeing our people from the shackles of Zionist colonialism.

This is a question I put to our “cultured” officials who think the road to enlightenment and modernity begins with encouraging nudity, sexual permissiveness and prurient behavior.

But I know well that these agents of moral decadence wouldn’t dare tell us what their real agenda is. Instead, they will start barking like mad dogs, calling the vast bulk of Palestinians names such as “agents of obscurantism” and “forces of darkness.”

Well, I really wonder what is so enlightening about displaying women’s naked bodies before the gluttonous eyes of sex-crazed men and women who readily surrender to the reality of women’s sexual exploitation.

Similarly, I fail to understand what  makes these ‘cultured people’ more intellectual and more enlightened than those of us who reject this contemptible denigration of at least 50% of humanity.

Muslim as well as Christian leaders in occupied Palestine have rightly denounced this shameless endeavor to corrode our moral heritage and collective dignity as a people struggling against foreign occupation, oppression and racism.

We must maintain this honorable image of a people who constantly guard against moral depravity, a virulent character that could destroy the moral essence of our people and enable our enemy to obliterate us from the face of earth.

Indeed, one really wonders how victory would be granted to a people that keep silent while pornographic shows are organized in Ramallah and Jerusalem , in the vicinity of  the Aqsa Mosque.

It is sad and lamentable that the PA regime is contributing to the deterioration of Palestinian moral values.

On Wednesday, the usually reliable Israeli journalist Amira Hass reported  that a sex trade was flourishing in the occupied territories.

“Young Palestinian women are being forced into prostitution in brothels, escort services, and private apartments in Ramallah and Jerusalem, including in areas inhabited by Jews,” said Hass, quoting a report by a Palestinian women group called SAWA.

So, what is the PA doing about this? And why are the PA security agencies not hounding those beastly persons who are exploiting poverty-stricken women and forcing them to sell their bodies for food?

One of the most popular sayings in occupied Palestine says “Taju’uo al Horratu wala Taakulo bethadyayha” meaning “a noble woman would rather starve than sell her body for food.”

This proverb squarely applies to any girl that agrees willingly to display her body for money or other inducements.

Since time immemorial, the role model for a Palestinian woman has always been  that of  a mother,  daughter,  sister  or wife of a martyr or prisoner  who would stay the course.

Hence, pageants who would display their bodies in so-called beauty contests, which are likely to be funded by Zionist organizations, can never reflect the reality of Palestinian women.

Having said that, I realize that it  is  unlikely that moral degeneration rather than poverty is the driving causes behind this moral downfall.

I do hope that Muslim Ulema will devote their sermons on Friday to raise people’s awareness against these “immoral plots” targeting our people.

I also hope that it is not too late to prevent the agents of moral decadence from holding their pornographic contest in Ramallah, which is less than 15 miles away from the Aqsa Mosque.

Some people might think that we are making an issue out of nothing.

But, Nay, for a people who allow these abominations to occur in their midst will not have the moral immunity to resist, let alone defeat, their enemies.

I believe that a single  pornographic or semi-pornographic party in occupied Palestine would have an impact more disastrous than a hundred Israeli air raids or forays against our population centers.  Zionist raids kill humans and destroy buildings. But moral decadence destroys the collective soul of a people.

Finally, does anyone think that we could repulse fanatical Jewish settlers seeking our destruction and extirpation from our ancestral homeland  by displaying the naked bodies of our women in x-rated parties in Ramallah?


  1. Andrew said,

    December 10, 2009 at 18:11

    Israel is just following the tactics used to destroy Native culture in US, Canada, Australia. Kill the men, prostitute the women, destroy a culture.

  2. Brian said,

    December 10, 2009 at 18:47

    This is distorted. Certainly there is some cultural difference in societies who allow this behaviour and those that don’t however to declare that allowing an event like this would be worse than a hundred Israeli airstrikes is preposterous.

    Like all followers who claim the high ground you are not giving space or the opportunity to make mistakes, see the world for what it is and make decisions based on your experiences.

    You site the traditional role model for a palestinian woman. It’s almost like saying that the traditional housewife of the 30’s was the typical anglosaxon model. We both know that this is not true, that once the option was given to them (taken for themselves more accurately) they, those who chose to, discarded the traditional model of the “wife”

    Might Palestine not be a better place with a society of equals? I’m not suggesting that miss Palstine contests are the way to do so but at this moment you are not making grounds internationally or domestically with the religious distortions that are used to keep women in a lesser role. Yes families are important, yes the west is not a model of success, but it is a model and you have to begin changing your current model if you want a better life.

    Right now it break my heart to see the state of Palestine. It breaks my heart that the people there cannot connect politically and therefore have no traction internationally when dealing with Israel. It stirs my fire to see Obama talking rhetoric, old tired rhetoric about the conflict.

    However it also breaks my heart to see a lack of progress. Nowhere in any book does it say that how it is today is how it must be tomorrow. So stand up against the contest of semi naked women who are getting what they view as respect. But remember that they are only doing it because they are missing something, something that your society has not given them. Maybe it’s rights, freedom or simply recognition.

    It’s sad that sex sells, but even the most holy man has sinned. So don’t write off the ladies for wanting more, accept that the world needs to change and the faith needs to adapt to it. There was life before the book, the book was not meant to anchor you into a life of restriction.

  3. December 10, 2009 at 19:58

    First of all, before anything else, I believe that beauty pageants exploit women and are a total waste – just like professional sports, where hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to pay men (and some women) to play GAMES. Most pageants provide women with scholarships so that they can attend – or continue – their post-secondary education, something that males are able to vie for with much more ease through the many sports scholarships that are made available (there are far more scholarships for male sports teams than for women).

    At the same time, the act of parading across a stage in a swimsuit (not nude) is demeaning – however – (this is one of those big buts) nobody forces the woman to become a contestant. I have NEVER heard an account where a contestant tells of how they were forced to enter a pageant against their will – unless you are talking about the pageants for little children, which is an entirely different ball of wax.

    Your assertion that this pageant is going to be “more disastrous than a hundred Israeli air raids or forays against our population centers[.]” demonstrates something that can very nearly be equated to fanaticism. I would rather there be one hundred pageants than have ONE child die at the hands of another – if these women want to compete, that is their choice – you would rather see your people shredded by the weapons of those you claim are putting this pageant on as part of a devious plot to destroy your culture? Do you know what that really sounds like? It sounds like the ranting of a deranged fanatic who has not fully considered the ramifications of their thoughts.

    Are pageants obscene? Yes. They objectify women, turning them into objects rather than the individuals that they are; and yet, we are not forced to watch them, nor are the participants forced to enter them.

    The idea that the pageant is “likely to be funded by Zionist organizations, can never reflect the reality of Palestinian women[.]” is entirely spurious: what evidence is there that this is some sort of Zionist plot to degrade the image of the true Palestinian woman?

    Besides, what – pray tell – is a ‘true Palestinian woman’? I have met over a dozen ‘Palestinian’ women – and more men – and not one of them looked even remotely alike (unlike say, Swedes or Norwegians – or, God forbid, Japanese). If I ran into a Palestinian on the street I would never guess they were Palestinian – how could I? What is the feature to look for?

    To say that the Zionists will somehow pervert the view of the true Palestinian woman is just lash at Zionism. Perhaps you are afraid that people will see that Palestinian women look very much like a lot of other women – including Jewish, Lebanese, and other Semitic people. What might that lead to, he asks, muttering to himself.

    If you want to be offended about this pageant you should really be offended by the prize: the Palestinian women are getting ripped off compared to what the winners of Miss USA or Miss Canada get (I think around $25000 – or more – couldn’t care less though – so I didn’t check).

    Seriously though – thinking that this pageant is going to be worse than 100 air strikes – that is simply insane, and I’ll tell you – without any reservation – this is one Christian that is NOT in agreement.

    Wie viel ist Aufzuleiden!

  4. Truthteller said,

    December 11, 2009 at 03:58

    God made humans nude. If he was ashamed to see them in the nude, he would have created them in some sort of a permanent burka.

    So, let’s forget this BS about the moral perversion of women’s bodies being seen in swim suits. If a woman wants to take part in a beauty contest, that’s her wish. It’s not for some religious control freak (most likely watching porn on his computer) to decide what she can or can’t do with her own body.

  5. Alex said,

    December 11, 2009 at 05:44

    Promotion of homosexuality, nudity, prostitution, child sex etc. are tools Zionists use to destry the fabric of the society. Meir Kahane or netnyahu did not put their wives and daughters on display, but they want your daughter to prostitute herself. This is their idea, so that they can point a finger at you and ridicule you for what you have become under their guidance.

    Good example is the horrific treatment of the prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and Bagram, where the most horrifying degrading, humilitating torturers took place. Israeli torturers were imported for just that purpose and again they are being used in Afghanistan right now. America is no longer the land of democracy and freedom, justice and respect for human rights it is the land governed by Zionists.

    You are are right, degradation of Palestinian moral values is intended to destroy all vestiges of morality in Palestine.

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