Answers to The State of Palestine Quiz

by Tony Malone

THE GREAT ZIONIST MYTH: The Palestinians never existed before modern Israel was established. They came from other Arab lands to try to take what the Israelis had rightful claims to. “Palestinians” pretend to the world and to themselves that they have always been there, but they are delusional and do it all merely because they hate Jews.

The following series of questions has been circulating on the internet for awhile. It is a piece of trashy Zionist propaganda, meant to make the Palestinians look as though they never existed – a favorite Zionist fairytale. Note the snarky “humour” and the confused cartoon faces. I became sick of seeing these questions posted everywhere without answers, so I wrote the answers.

1. When was the country of Palestine founded and by whom?

The Land of Palestine was given its name by the Roman Empire. The Arabs were already there, and the Empire named it Paleshtin (Palestine) after the Biblical Pelishtim (Philistines). Paleshtin = Pelishtim

The Pelishtim descended from their patriarch Pelish; they were a sea-going people who inhabited the Mediterranean coast long before the Israelites straggled in, and were not likely Arabs (though it’s not impossible). Nonetheless, the Arabs living there in the later time of Jesus came to be called Palestinians by the Romans, and they accepted the name. Recall that both Abraham and Isaac made permanent friendship treaties with Pelishti (Philistine) kings (Genesis 21:21-34 & 26:23-31) – centuries later the Israelites continually tried to steal their land and warred against them.

2. What were Palestine’s borders?

That’s a galling question considering Israel has never declared its border, and in arrogance has changed it constantly since the very first proposal was offered by the Occupying British Empire.

The Roman borders of newly-named Palestine were political borders, set up and tended by the Roman rulers of course, just as the borders of Judea were. And every other occupying power has decided Palestine’s borders too. Learn a bit of history. Palestine has always been occupied by larger empires: Hittite, Egyptian, Philistine, Babylonian, Assyrian, Greek (all pre-Roman) in ancient times; and the pattern continues to this day. The reason? Because it’s always been one of the most important series of ports and trading routes for the world – the gateway between East and West. It’s a major intersection. And it has always been occupied by super-powers who wanted to control the trade and collect all taxes. Just like today.

Note that modern Zionists do not recognize the ancient place defined by the Roman Empire, but expect us to recognize a new place defined a few decades ago by the British ex-Empire, who the new Israelis immediately drove out after they got their country. British troops were stationed there to quell violence – but the Israelis wanted violence, so they went to war with the British, blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem where the British troops stayed, and hung two British officers, which apparently convinced the British to leave. From there, Israel went on to expel 700,000 Arabs from their homes, and they bulldozed entire villages into dust (which they continue to do). This is documented in Dayan’s autobiography and in many quotes by various leaders of modern Israel.

People still living today, who resided in Palestine pre-1948, say the Arabs and Jews lived in harmony until the Zionist Ashkenazis arrived. Since then, there has been non-stop war.

For Israelis to pretend that Palestine never existed, and that Palestinians invented themselves merely to stop the Jews and take back something from the Jews is an incredible double standard coming from white-skinned, blond-haired, blue-eyed Europeans who suddenly decided that this land of a brown-skinned indigenous people is theirs, and who came to take it with guns.

Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist, not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushu’a in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not one single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population.

– Moshe Dayan addressing the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) in Haifa – Ha’aretz, April 4 1969

3. What was Palestine’s capital?
4. What were Palestine’s major cities?

Incredibly foolish questions. Palestine’s cities are so old they are listed in the Bible, and they were already there when the Israelites invaded. Those cities still bear those names today. Ashdod, Ekron, Beer-sheba, Shechem, Ashkelon, Rehoboth, Beth-El (House of El, god of the Canaanites), and lots more.

How about: Kiryat-Arba — changed to Hebron by ancient Israelites, while a neighboring town now preserves the older name. Some modern Jews know Hebron is the true ancient Kiryat-Arba and insist it is theirs

“And Joshua went up from Eglon, and all Israel with him, unto Hebron; and they fought against it. And they took it, and smote it with the edge of the sword, and the king thereof, and all the cities thereof, and all the souls that were therein; he left none remaining, according to all that he had done to Eglon; but destroyed it utterly, and all the souls that were therein.” (Joshua 10:36-37)

“And unto Caleb the son of Jephunneh he gave … the city of Arba the father of Anak, which city is Hebron.” (Joshua 15:13)

According to Genesis 14:18, Jerusalem was originally called Salem and seemed to be quite important long before Israelites even existed. The original Israelites had no interest in it. Moses never mentioned the city once; it was not holy to him. When Joshua invaded, he didn’t take Jerusalem. Centuries later “King” David took it for strategic reasons. Today it is holy to Jews and Christians only because the Old Testament priests desperately wanted that town as their religious center, and they made such a fuss over it in their writings. “God’s city.” People everywhere have fallen for the writings of these priests.

If Palestine ever had a “capital,” it was one declared by a current occupier. Usually occupiers don’t let you have one, or if they do, you run it the way they tell you – just like today (Abbas and the “Palestinian Authority”).

5. Name at least one Palestinian “leader” before Arafat.

Just because modern Zionists pretend a people never existed and refuse to acknowledge them, doesn’t mean it’s the case. In the Arab world there are local kings, sheikhs. Many local leaders have lived, ruled, died. The ancient Israelites noted the sheikhs of many Arab peoples (Genesis 36 etc).

Who are the Jewish leaders during the diaspora? Where’s the list? Who of world Jewry speaks for all the Jews? No one ever. Can you think of any time in the last 2,000 years when all the Jews of the world followed a single leader? Lots of Jewish leaders claim to speak for all Jews, but no one ever has. Therefore, by the questioner’s reasoning, there has never really been a Jewish people, because they never had a single leader over all of them. Even today, the leader of Jerusalem has no influence on the average Jew around the world. And leading rabbis only speak for the Jews who agree with their particular reading of the Torah.

Jews in North America choose their own agendas — some include Israel some don’t. Jews never got organized until the 20th Century, and they have yet to follow one single leader. Schneerson? Rahm Emanuel? Goldman-Sachs? Name at least one leader of all the Jews ever. King David? Nope. Not even him. Read the Bible stories. David ignored the Northern tribes and paid all attention to the tribes of Judah and Levi. This caused unrest which his son was able to use when he challenged his father for the throne. Even David didn’t care about, or represent, all the Israelites.

Israel doesn’t recognize any Palestinian leaders because it pretends they don’t exist. Flying overhead in a helicopter to bomb a religious leader in a wheelchair (Sheikh Ahmed Yassin) would seem to indicate that Israel saw the man as a very real threat — a Palestinian leader who could influence vast numbers of people. Why else would Israel so desperately need to get rid of him?

Israel regularly kills and kidnaps Palestinian leaders and holds them in prisons indefinitely without charges. Just because they make Palestinian leaders disappear doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

(google Israel + Palestine + “arrest raid” – there have been countless of them)
Israel is running a smoke and mirrors show, and this questionnaire only contributes to the destruction of history.

6. What was the language of the country of Palestine?

Another galling question, considering the “Jews” have lost or forgotten their language (and their Torah) so many times. The ancient Hebrew language that the Old Testament was written in, hasn’t existed since the time of its writing. In fact, that particular Hebrew language exists mainly in the Bible and nowhere else.

According to the Bible itself, the entire Torah was lost and forgotten for hundreds of years before a priest called Hilkiah rediscovered it in the Temple Treasury (c640 BCE, just three and a half centuries after David and Solomon). King Josiah was astonished, apologized to the Lord, and immediately changed the laws of the land to adhere to the Torah. What had they been doing in the meantime? They don’t say. They forgot. They lost the “Ark of the Covenant” too. Forgot where they left it!

Modern Jews don’t follow the laws of the Bible. Their New Year is supposed to be celebrated in Spring (see Exodus Chapter 12), but they celebrate it in the fall. They don’t remember when they changed it or why. They forgot the ancient names of the months of their year and renamed them all. They don’t remember when they did that or why.

Only four original months are listed in the Old Testament:

“Abib (1st month)” — Ex 13:4 & 23:15
“Zif” (2nd month) — 1Kings 6:1
“Ethanim” (7th month) — 1Kings 8:2
“Adar (12th month)” — Ezra 6:15 / Esther 3:7,13 & 6:15 & 8:12 and more.

These names and the other eight (whatever they were) have all gone down a collective memory hole.

The “Masoretic Text” was a new writing of the Old Testament circa the 9th Century CE. The ancient original scrolls were written in Consonantal Hebrew (no vowels) and the meaning of each sentence was determined by the reader, since words with no vowels can be interpreted to say many different things. The original meanings had been lost; no one remembered what certain passages meant anymore, so the Masoretes wrote a new version, which included vowels in all the words. It was a modern Hebrew, and it froze the meanings of all the sentences, into what the Masoretes thought they meant or should mean. It remains one of the “authoritative” versions of the Bible. Modern Hebrew had to be created, because Ancient Hebrew had been lost … somewhere.

Had there ever been a steady succession of Jewish priests, like we’re supposed to believe, none of these screw-ups would have happened.

Arabs all over the Middle East have always spoken various Arab dialects. In fact, Hebrew derives from ancient Arabic. Yiddish is merely a watered-down, simple-man’s version of Hebrew (from ancient Arabic) mixed with European languages. Therefore, by the logic of the Palestine Quiz’s author, the Jews don’t exist. They don’t have a single language, and the languages they call their own come from older non-Israelite sources. Claiming that Hebrew is the Jewish language is silly. Jews don’t speak or teach ancient Hebrew except in Torah class. The “Hebrew” spoken today is a new version. Even the word “Hebrew” is an Arabic word (means: to cross over, or the one who crossed over — and refers to the travels of Abraham as he crossed the desert and the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, in his move to Canaan to start his colony). Today many Jews speak the dialects of the countries where they live and don’t speak any other language. They may learn a bit of Hebrew at sabbath school, but they forget it and don’t speak it among themselves. Collectively, all who call themselves Jews (regardless of what that means to them) have lost their own “past” and lost their language so many times that there’s little reason to believe they ever had any actual connection to it.

7. What was the prevalent religion of the “ancient country of Palestine”?

At what time? Again, in ancient times, the Bible already tells. The Great God: EL. His son: BA’AL. The Great Godess: ASHERAH. Some of the Canaanites worshiped Molech – still worshiped today by a bizarre cult of rich white people who frequent an American resort called Bohemian Grove.

Since Christian and Islamic times, meaning for the last 2,000 years or so, some Palestinians have worshiped Jesus, some Allah, some Yahweh.

Let’s note that there are several Talmuds. Judaism, the Jewish religion based on The Old Testament, was NOT followed by the ancient Israelites, nor was it even mentioned in the Old Testament. Today there are hundreds if not thousands of interpretations of the Bible. Judaism spans from Kabbalist to spiritual lite to harshly primitive – every version exists today as its own Jewish cult. No two cults agree. Neturei Karta are arch-enemies of the Kahanists. There are “Orthodox” Jews promoting Israel, the theft of Palestinian land, and the killing of Arabs. There are other “Orthodox” Jews railing against this. There are Jews who say other Jews aren’t Jews. There are Jews who beat and imprison other Jews if they protest Israel’s behaviour in Palestine — they do the same to Zionist Jews if Israel decides to kick them off their settlements and they refuse to leave! There are Jews who think ALL Jews are sweet and victimized. There are Jews who hate Zionists and think they’re the scum of the earth. There has never been One Jew, one Jewishness, one Jewish behaviour.

Although Jews refer to their time in Spain as the Golden Age of Jewry, they always neglect to mention that they were happiest under Muslim rule. Not only have they NOT been historically persecuted by Muslims, the opposite is actually true. Jews have always flourished in Islamic countries, and have never been deprived by them of their religion. Christians, however, have not been so lenient with them.

Do you know why the Iranian Jewish population shrunk from 88,000 in 1975 to 26,000 by 1980? Many Jews feared they would be oppressed, even killed by the Ayatollah’s new Islamic government (1979), and so 62,000 of them fled! They ran! Some people like to imagine that the Jews were driven out, but that’s not the case. 26,000 stayed and never regretted it. They are happy there and have absolutely no desire to leave. They practice their religion openly and with pride, are respected by Iranians as members of a very ancient sect, and are guaranteed representation in the Iranian government.

But can you tell me: what was the religion of the ancient Israelites? According to the Books of Samuel and Kings, it changed constantly from the time of the Israelite takeover (under Joshua) right up until the story ends with Ezra 600 years later. The Levites in Jerusalem regularly tried to force their Yahweh religion on the rest of the tribes, with the tribe of Judah supplying their might. Their success rate was terrible. They never made a dent in the ten Northern tribes. In fact, they were persona non-grata. Their prophets Elijah and Elisha were rejected and driven out. The Southern religion of the Levites was totally rejected by the ten Northern tribes, and even the Southern tribes of Judah and Simeon at various times ignored these priests. A couple of kings, like Hezekiah and Solomon, gave the Levites important positions in their government, but still allowed the people to set up private shrines around the country, to whomever they wanted. Shrines to all kinds of gods were built, even by Solomon himself. During those times, the Levites found themselves powerless, and they squealed and brayed about how God was furious about it. Only David and Josiah were totally pro-Levite. They tore down all shrines and made worship of Yahweh under the Levites at the temple, the only legal religion in the land. At those times, the Levites ruled the rest of the Israelites, who had to follow their god and bring them animals and cash. This always had to be enforced by the kings. But only those two kings (David & Josiah) ever allowed the Levites all the power they wanted, which God said they should have. All over “Israel”, Israelites of every tribe ignored these guys.

As soon as any Levite-supported kings died, the people reverted away from the Levites and set up their private shrines again. The ancient “Jewish” people had no consistent religion. The Levite control, and worship of Yahweh, ordered by God himself, was only in place for a very few years, in a very small area, out of five centuries of Israelite occupation of the ancient Middle East. After Ezra (c500 BCE), Rabbinical Judaism was invented — no rabbinical writings exist earlier than him — and then the tribe of Judah had their own invention — thousands upon thousands of interpretations of what the Old Testament actually means, applied to every word, sentence, paragraph — creating millions of ideas that are not written anywhere in the Bible … all invented by the tribe of Judah, to interpret a bunch of old Levite writings and take control of the Israelite flocks. So what was the ancient religion of the Jews? The fact that the Levites wrote a book about how their religion is the one sanctioned by god, didn’t seem to have much effect on the ancient Israelites, nor does it influence modern Judaism. Only one ancient tribe followed them, Judah, and only sometimes; and modern Jews have their own religion which ignores the Levite agenda completely.

Doesn’t the Bible say that when the Southern tribes (Jerusalem) went bad — strayed away from the Levite priests — they were even worse than the Northern tribes? Didn’t the tribe of Judah sacrifice their children in the valley of Gehenna? The religion of Judaism can be so many things, depending on which set of interpretations your rabbi favours. Kahanist? Reform? Both Judaism. Two opposite sets of beliefs, among thousands. What was ever the religion of all the Jews?1

8. What was the name of Palestine’s currency?

Palestine’s currency under the Ottoman Empire before 1844 was the Turkish “kurus.” From 1844 to 1918 it was the Turkish lira. The Turkish lira continued to be used. From 1918 to 1927 it coexisted alongside the Egyptian pound. Then the Palestinian pound was used with the Turkish lira until 1952.

At that point Israel started mucking everything up. Today, using guns, tanks, bombs, checkpoints, helicopters, gunboats etc, Israel prevents Palestine from having any money at all. Nothing is allowed to go in or out. All financial aid is stopped and confiscated by Israel; no trade is permitted.

And what have been the currencies of the Jews as they’ve moved through the doors of so many countries? Obviously, they used the currencies of their host countries, right? Does this mean the Jews never really existed because they never had their own currency? The “shekel of the Temple” of 3,000 years ago hardly counts. Even the Israelite priests screwed their own people out of belongings and cash by claiming only priests could evaluate property and set taxes (which were paid to the priests). The value of the shekel itself was ever-changing. When you offered a gift to the temple but the Temple didn’t need it, the priests would evaluate it and you’d have to pay them what they asked in cash instead. If they bought something from you, they would tell you what it was worth. If you bought something from them, they not only decided what it was worth, they could inflate or depress the value of the shekel itself. It was all up to them.

So, can you give details about ancient Jewish currencies that prove some kind of independence and solidarity throughout the ages? Can you show me a single Jewish currency that has been used by Jews everywhere, at any time since the diaspora began 2,000 years ago?

9. Choose any date in history and tell what was the approximate exchange rate of the “Palestinian” monetary unit against the US dollar, German mark, GB Pound, Japanese yen, or Chinese yuan on that date.

You say “any date in history” but you talk about the US dollar. I previously answered about the Palestinian currencies in recent times. I’m sure you can find the exchange rates yourself. Do you suppose no one ever imported goods into Palestine before European Jews arrived in the 20th Century and taught Arabs how to do it? The Bible says in 1900 BCE, four thousand years ago, Joseph was sold to an Arab merchant caravan traveling through Palestine to Egypt. Do you really believe Arabs were taught how to buy, sell and trade things by modern European Jews? And that they never heard of, or thought of money before? How did they — and the rest of the world — manage to survive all these millennia without the life-saving help of modern Zionists?

So tell us, at any point in history prior to 1948, what was the exchange rate of the “Jewish” monetary unit against the dollar. If you can’t provide one, then, by your logic, Jews never existed until 1948.

10. Since there is no such country as “Palestine” today, what caused its demise and when did it occur?

Since there has been a country by the name of Palestine since the time of the Roman Empire, we can easily see that its demise began in the 20th Century with the arrival of European Ashkenazi Jews and their firepower. Said demise hasn’t been completed; they haven’t yet killed all the non-Israelites, as the Bible instructs them to.

“When Yahweh your God brings you into the land which you are entering to take possession of it, and clears away many nations before you … and when Yahweh your God gives them over to you, and you defeat them; then you must utterly destroy them; you shall make no covenant with them, and show no mercy to them. You shall not make marriages with them, giving your daughters to their sons or taking their daughters for your sons. For they would turn away your sons from following me, to serve other gods; then the anger of Yahweh would be kindled against you, and he would destroy you quickly.” (Deuteronomy 7:1-4)

By the way, according to the Bible and archaeology, the Canaanites, Amorites, Jebusites, Hittites, Horites, Philistines, and many more, were in Canaan long before the ancient Israelites who appear (archaeologically) c1150 BCE. Arabs and Canaanites are from the same tree. European Jews are not. Ancient Israel was invaded and taken by violence. Modern Israel was invaded and taken by violence.

In fact, it is arguable that the modern “State of Israel” has never existed. The “government” has no written Constitution and makes whatever laws it wants to. Having no Constitution, it has never had a Social Contract with its people. The demand to the UN for recognition of Israel’s Independence was served by twenty-six men who had no written agreement with their people; no set of laws — no written notice that these men spoke for all people within the borders and could negotiate as they fancied. They had nothing that could ever or has ever been ratified — voted into existence by the people of this new country. Their “declaration of independence” was a flowery bit of prose about Israel’s plans to be a great democracy concerned for the rights of all humans! But there is no “We the people” present. Unratified, this “independence” doesn’t even belong to the Israelis, since they’ve never signed it! It is the property of the men who negotiated the deal — curiously, a deal that the UN has not made with anyone else.

Did you know that the word Is-ra-el is cobbled from the names of ancient non-Jewish gods: Egyptian: Isis and Ra = IS RA; and Canaanite: EL.


So what is Israel, or its god, or its religion, really? All derived from other older things, while pretending to be original. Built on stolen towns.

11. Why did the Palestinians never try to become independent until after the devastating defeat of invading Arab states in the 1967 Six-Day War?

See the answer #2. Followed by this:

The PLO started in 1964, not after the Israeli invasion of 1967. Palestinians have been forced by an illegal occupation to fight for their land. Their way of life has been shattered, walled in, and by attrition Israel hopes to eventually make them all disappear. The astounding statement, heard constantly from Zionists, is that “Arabs want to push Israel into the sea” — but a glance at the map of Israel and its border expansion since 1948, you can see that in fact it is Palestine that is gradually disappearing — being pushed into the sea. In the face of this, Palestinians have been forced to go into world-politics in order to get back what has been stolen from them. They are forced to go “independent” and be recognized on the world political stage as a “country” because otherwise Israel will disappear them. They wouldn’t have bothered otherwise, and why should they? They live in a giant intersection where trade has flowed for millennia. No one settles there and says, “This is all mine. I control it all now” unless they are an Empire. Ancient Israel tried to take Gaza from the Philistines. They couldn’t get close. Moshe Dayan was ordered to get modern Gaza from the Palestinians. Gaza still won’t give it up. And no way should they!

12 Bonus Question: How Ridiculous Is This?

Let’s have a look at the original contract signed by Abraham and his god, which ensured that all the Middle East would belong to his family.

Note in this Bible excerpt that Abe’s birthplace is referred to as “Ur of the Chaldeans.” Ur was the ancient (3500 BCE) main city of the Land of Sumeria. But the “Chaldeans” (sometimes Chaldees) were the Chaldean priests of Babylon c600 BCE when the Jews were in exile. The Israelite priests hated all other religions, their gods, and their practices. We see a priest writing here, referring not to the land of Sumeria (which would be the correct reference to go with the city of Ur); neither to the land of Babylon (the proper name of the place the priest was currently in exile); but instead to the priests of that land, the “Chaldees” at the time of his exile, exposing that this vignette was written by a Levite around 600 BCE. This story of Abraham’s contract, however, takes place around 2000 BCE.

“And He said unto him, “I am the Lord that brought you out of Ur of the Chaldees, to give you this land to inherit it.” And he said, “Lord God, how shall I know that I shall inherit it?” And He said unto him, “Take me a heifer of three years old, and a female goat of three years old, and a ram of three years old, and a turtledove, and a young pigeon.” And he took unto him all these, and divided them in the midst [cut them each in half], and laid each piece one against another: but the birds he didn’t divide. And when the fowls came down upon the carcasses, Abram drove them away. And when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and, lo, a horror of great darkness fell upon him.

And He said unto Abram, “Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance. And thou shalt go to thy fathers in peace; thou shalt be buried in a good old age. But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.”

And it came to pass, that, when the sun went down, and it was dark, behold a smoking furnace, and a burning lamp that passed between those pieces. In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, “Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates…” (Genesis Ch 15:7-18)

Two thousand years ago, Abraham killed some animals and cut them in half. He laid the halves beside each other on the ground and chased away vultures. Then he passed out. Abraham had the horrors while he slept, and God spoke to him and promised him he could own this land of Canaan. Then a burning lamp hovered in the dark above the split animal parts laying on the ground near him.

Because of this, white European followers of Judaism profess that they have ownership rights to the Middle East.

  1. “For thus says Yahweh of hosts, the God of Israel: “Behold, I will cause to cease out of this place in your sight, and in your days, the voice of mirth, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the *bridegroom, and the voice of the *bride.”
    And it shall come to pass, when you show this people all these words, and they say to you, Why has Yahweh sent all this great evil against us? or, What is our iniquity? or, What is our sin that we have committed against Yahweh our God?
    Then say unto them, “Because your fathers have forsaken me, says Yahweh, and have walked after other gods, and have served them, and have worshipped them, and have forsaken me, and have not kept my law; and you have done worse than your fathers; for, behold, you walk every one after the imagination of his evil heart, that they may not hearken unto me. Therefore will I cast you out of this land into a land that you know not, neither you nor your fathers; and there shall you serve other gods day and night; where I will not show you favour.”
    (Jeremiah 16:9-13)
    * According to many of the prophets, the bride is Israel, and her god is the bridegroom. This is the marriage contract between the Israelites and Yahweh. “And in that day, says the Lord, you will call me “My husband”… and I will betroth you to me forever.” (Hosea 2:16)

    However, according to Jeremiah, God wants a divorce.

    “For the children of Judah have done evil in my sight, says Yahweh: they have set their abominations in the house which is called by my name, to pollute it. And they have built the high places of Tophet, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my heart. Therefore, behold, the days come, says Yahweh, that it shall no more be called Tophet, nor the valley of the son of Hinnom, but the valley of slaughter: for they shall bury [the dead of Jerusalem] in Tophet, till there be no place [no room left – it will be full]; and the carcasses of this people shall be meat for the fowls of the heaven, and for the beasts of the earth; and none shall fray them away. Then will I cause to cease from the cities of Judah, and from the streets of Jerusalem, the voice of mirth, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride, for the land shall be desolate.”
    (Jeremiah 7:30-34)

    Please note, the priests had Jeremiah killed for speaking against them. []

Tony Malone is a musician, author, and rabble rouser. He wrote The Bible For People Who Hate The Bible (I & II). Read other articles by Tony, or visit Tony’s website.

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