Zionism can only survive if the lies continue. Its greatest threat is the TRUTH. Israel is now safe as can be seen in the following….

Israel suddenly expels detained Ma’an journalist

For the first time in a week, journalist Jared Malsin was allowed to use his mobile phone on Wednesday morning to inform Ma’an that he was being placed onto an El Al flight to New York.

He sounded shaken and confused. He said he did not know why he was not being flown to Prague, where he was expected to be sent, saying only that flying there “would create problems.” He said he was in an armored vehicle that was transporting him to the airport gate.

On Tuesday, Tel Aviv District Judge Kobi Vardi ordered that a hearing be scheduled to consider the Israeli Ministry of the Interior’s decision to deport the journalist. Following the call, lawyer Castro Daoud went to the airport detention facility where Malsin has been kept for the past week to deliver the news.

At about 2:30 pm, Daoud left the detention center and filed a motion requesting that Jared be permitted to leave the country while the hearing and case proceed in his absence. As the Attorney General’s Office insisted that Malsin not be permitted to attend his hearing, Daoud argued that it was no longer necessary to keep him confined to his cell in the detention center.

At about 4:30pm, staff from the US Embassy in Tel Aviv notified Malsin’s parents in the US state of New Hampshire that he would be on the next flight to Prague, even though Justice Vardi had not ruled on Daoud’s motion to let Malsin travel and still pursue the case.

At about 7:30pm, Daoud expressed shock after he received notification that a motion was signed by Malsin requesting his deportation challenge be annulled. Justice Vardi has closed the case on Malsin’s deportation order one week after it was filed.

Ma’an is deeply concerned that there was no lawyer present when Malsin apparently filed this independent motion, which was sent from the Ministry of the Interior and not his legal representative, who had just left. It is inexplicable that Malsin would knowingly drop the legal challenge after his first major success.

Without jumping to conclusions, Ma’an wants to be sure these events did not take place under duress, and is consequently concerned that Malsin’s lawyer and parents were prevented from reaching him during the 24 hours before the deportation to clarify what happened between 2:30 and 4:30pm on Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. Saladin said,

    January 20, 2010 at 14:09

    Hello Desertpeace.

    Can you please write something about this.Thanks.

  2. desertpeace said,

    January 20, 2010 at 14:23

    I will write about it if it is verified…. I am not acquainted with the source you give so am hesitant to use them.

  3. January 20, 2010 at 15:44

    There is no story here (re: Saladin) – just the ongoing perpetuation of the lies – improbable and impossible – that are as ridiculous as the the Teabaggers claims that Obama was born in Kenya. The story is so ridiculous that it includes such lines as ‘T. West, who calls himself T. West,’ – wow – what else could they say? Could they possibly make up something, just to fill their column?

    The article verges on illiteracy, though that might be too kind.

    There is no story here.

    The story, if one is really interested, should be the fact that there is actually a team of rescuers from the Zionist state on a humanitarian mission in Haiti. There are many things that can be said against the Zionists, but when something positive is being done – if you don’t want to sound like a complete wanker – it is best to keep your trap shut … lest you catch a bunch of flies with all of the crap that is collecting at your feet. All you end up doing is pointing out that Israel is doing something positive in the world rather than the atrocities that continue unabated in Gaza and the occupied territories. One rescue team does not mitigate 60 years of Nakba, but disparaging the efforts of that team only makes you look like a fool.

    There is no story here.

    Wie viel ist Aufzuleiden!

  4. January 20, 2010 at 17:42

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by palestinian, theopolitico. theopolitico said: THE GREATEST THREAT TO ZIONISM IS THE TRUTH: Zionism can only survive if the lies continue. Its greatest threat is… […]

  5. January 20, 2010 at 18:24

    […] THE GREATEST THREAT TO ZIONISM IS THE TRUTH « Desertpeace. January 20th, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized | Leave a comment | […]

  6. WhereThereIsSmokeThereIsFire said,

    January 20, 2010 at 18:38

    It seems that poster #3 is using a red herring – attack the source instead of the facts at hand. This is made even more clear as he/she mentions 3 (THREE) times that “there is no story”. We know for a fact that rabbis were arrested in the US for organ harvesting. We also know Israelis were involved with this. Furthermore, we know Palestinians have been used as guinea pigs across the board since the Nakba began. Israel makes I.G. Farben’s (Bayer – Prince Bernhard) experiments in Auschwitz look like child’s play. To suggest that Israel would continue such atrocities in Haiti is substantiated – the precedent has already been set. Of course, it goes without saying that the Haitians would be considered in the same context as the Palestinians and Americans … they are inferior beasts.

    The dysfunctional, delusional God-complex held so dearly by the Zionists will be their undoing. You can’t preach equal rights while constantly espousing racism and hate. The one thing that I find remarkable is that they would be so willing to use sub-human parts in their sacred bodies. In all their time spent reading the Torah, Talmud and Kabbala, it’s amazing that the definition of *HYPOCRISY* has never been learned.

  7. Ponce said,

    January 20, 2010 at 19:27

    “Whe the truth comes into the light, the lies will hide in the dark”… Ponce

    I came up with the above a couple of years ago just because of the Zionists from the state of Israel.

  8. The Greatest of EEz said,

    January 20, 2010 at 21:14

    Yes number 3 is a herring and very red. He, she or it should realize no one buys this crap. If Israel was so good then why are they perpetrating false flag terrorism, ethnic cleansing Gaza. They put on a little show and what? The world will now swoon. What pathetic posturing.
    Israel is a lie a deceit, it was established so the criminal oligarchic elite Jews could find refuge without fear of prosecution and the Rothschild oil consortium could have an outpost to control the Middle eastern energy resources, along with it’s delusional machinations of a new World Illuminati order.

  9. January 23, 2010 at 05:20

    It would seem that, once again, when someone has an issue with something that I have written it is – ostensibly – with only as much as that part that they have bothered to read. The second full paragraph of my comment clearly indicates that the rescue team from Israel does not mitigate 60 years of Nakba – but I am still a red herring because I cannot – will not – regurgitate the ‘party line’ that is used in the rhetoric relating to the Zionist state.

    If you want to believe that one team from Israel, a group who has been digging into the unstable mounds of collapsed buildings, is actually stealing organs, answer this question – something that we should all have been able to see from the coverage on the news: where is all of the equipment? I’m not talking about the excavators or anything being used to dig out the survivors, I’m talking about the stuff necessary to ‘get the goods’ – the requisite materials needed to harvest organs. This is not a simple procedure, certainly not what it was made to look like on the ‘Law & Order’ episode where a guy has his kidney stolen and is then deposited on a park bench with a large, sutured incision on his side. Who is dragging along all that is necessary to match organs with someone in need (likely in Israel, or why bother?), which would have to include a complete serology and tissue typing lab, and – perhaps most importantly, refrigeration units with ICE to preserve the extracted organs. Oh … and don’t forget a sterile operating theater in which to extract the organs (if not for the patient on the table then for the organ itself – it is of no use to anyone if it becomes infected with a nosocomial infection that could end up killing the person receiving the organ). If you want to believe this fairy tale scenario you can go ahead and believe that until you are blue in the face, that’s your right … in as much as it is anyone’s right to live detached from reality.

    As I articulated before: There is no story here … save for the many other legitimate stories that are worth covering.

    Oh, I guess the avatar used (brilliantly drawn by Ben Heine) isn’t clue enough – it is ‘he’ – not ‘she’, nor ‘it’ … when in doubt it is always easier to refer to someone by their name. Aufzuleiden or CrazyComposer are equally acceptable … and I’ve occasionally gone by Peter – my given name … some have even seen fit to call me Rev. Amsel (only since my ordination), but I don’t sit on formalities, nor do I particularly care for titles … but ‘it’ … that’s just being silly.

    Wie viel ist Aufzuleiden!

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