Some Background info first…… Just who is the New Israel Fund?

What the Israeli Right says about them

What rocked the boat?

And what were the manifestations? ……

The Im Tirtzu pro-Land of Israel group is opening a campaign against the New Israel fund, headed by former Meretz Member of Knesset Naomi Chazan, in conjunction with Israel’s response to the Goldstone report on last winter’s Cast Lead counter-terror operation in Gaza. Im Tirtzu will present a mock Hamas demonstration of support for the fund in front of Chazan’s Jerusalem home Saturday night.

According to Im Tirtzu, the fund – under Chazan’s leadership – funds the organizations that were cited in the Goldstone report, which accused Israel of war crimes during the campaign. Those citations contributed to an accumulation of libels against the Israel Defense Forces and a negative attitude toward Israel in the wake of the report.

And what has the NIF itself said about all of the above?

Now, back to the headng of this post…. WITCH HUNT AT THE JERUSALEM POST

Just how did the official English language mouthpiece of the ‘Only Democracy in the Middle East’ react?

Amid row over contentious ad, Jerusalem Post fires Naomi Chazan of New Israel Fund

The broadside campaign by the Im Tirtzu movement against the New Israel Fund caught its president, Professor Naomi Chazan, in New York, where she traveled to chair a meeting of the fund’s board of trustees, scheduled months in advance.

“I’ve seen everything,” she said in a phone interview this week of the posters released by the movement depicting her with a horn emerging from her forehead and labeling her Naomi Goldstone Chazan. “I don’t know why they chose me – I can think of plenty of human rights supporters they could pick on. But I’m ever so proud to be a symbol of Israeli democracy. No doubt about it.”

“They’re using me to attack in the most blatant way the basic principles of democracy and the values of the Declaration of Independence: Values of equality, tolerance, social justice and freedom of speech,” she added.

Caught its president”??? They make it sound like she is a criminal on the run….The editor of the JP didn’t even have the guts to confront Chazan personally or by phone….On Thursday, Chazan received an e-mail from Jerusalem Post editor-in-chief David Horovitz, informing her the newspaper would cease publishing her column.

And just who are the supporters of these Im Tirtzu people? …

Meanwhile, the Hebrew news Web site Walla! revealed this week that one of the donors to Im Tirtzu is CUFI, Christians United for Israel, led by evangelist preacher John Hagee. CUFI’s Web site stated it had given Im Tirtzu $100,000.

Hagee achieved notoriety in 2008, when saying that Hitler carried out the will of God, to return the Jews to Israel in accordance with the biblical promise. Then-presidential candidate John McCain responded by renouncing Hagee’s support. Walla! said that in one of his books, Hagee also claimed that Hitler was half-Jewish, a descendant of Jacob’s brother Esau. He added that the Holocaust took place because the Jews rebelled and renounced the true God. Hagee claimed the Jews’ rebelliousness was the reason for anti-Semitism and the persecutions they suffered through the years.

And that is OK with the editors of the Post?

The paragraphs in parenthesis were taken from THIS report in HaAretz.

So we see in action a good, old fashioned, witch hunt reminiscent of those that took place in the States during the McCarthy Era.

Bottom line is….. if you want to read the truth about what is going on in the world today, stick to the Blogesphere. If it’s the truth you are after as far as the Middle East, Israel and Palestine in particular are concerned, you have come to the right place! The links provided at the left are all wonderful sources as well.

If you want to continue living in the fantasy world of the Hasbara, then the Jerusalem Post is for you, but remember….. IT’S ALL LIES!


  1. Eric Vaughan said,

    February 6, 2010 at 13:59

    There are two sets of reality, especially when it comes to media. One is for those who could teach a high school history class and the rubbish is for those who couldn’t. (As an aside, it does seem odd that the British Police Gazette would go out of their way to prove Hitler’s Jewishness immediately after his death, going as far as to photograph relatives tombstones. If Hitler was part Mormon, I doubt Mormon publications would do likewise for obvious reasons.)

  2. jojo said,

    February 6, 2010 at 16:05

    Vultures or Buzards U chose }sreal

  3. Gilda said,

    February 6, 2010 at 19:10

    Israel murders scientists around the world and gets away with it – dead scientist? Look to Tel Aviv.

    Where is International Law?

  4. Zimbabalouie said,

    February 6, 2010 at 20:30

    Is-not-real can’t even live with itself. How much self loathing does one have to have to deny that one’s thoughts and actions are inconsistent with social order?

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