When many an outsider thinks of Israel, an image of a country inhabited by men in black hats and sidecurls comes to mind. Nothing is further from the truth about what Israel is. The ‘Holy Land’ today is a westernised secular country. McDonald’s and Coca Cola are the first words on the lips of many Israeli youngsters.

Part and parcel of the westernization is the rise of degeneracy. Degeneracy that is so subtle, most Israelis do not even notice it.

One example of what might have been noticed is Israel’s latest tourist campaign, one that uses sex and porn as the ‘calling card‘. This is a vile campaign that even some right wing settlers are objecting to.

The most popular cable TV company in Israel is called HOT. Their phone number is *6900.
How coincidental is that?

If you wander into West Jerusalem’s downtown area you will see ‘nice Jewish girls’ with their navels exposed, adorned with rings of gold or silver. When they pass you might notice a tattoo above their exposed ‘plumber’s crack’. Same with the guys…. not too much into the navel ‘rings’, but shaved heads and tattoos…. not unlike any skinhead one might see in Europe these days. This is the same downtown where the extreme rightwingers and the ultra orthodox protest every year during Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade, but remain silent at these everyday sights. Double standards or taking pleasure in what they see…. you decide.

Many of these youngsters ‘take a trip’ for a year after they complete their compulsory army service. They either wind up in remote parts of Asia or South America and become a part of the local drug scene or in malls in the United States where they illegally work selling beauty products from the Dead Sea or find employment in the various illegal locksmith scams that operate there. Their ‘stint’ abroad usually lasts a year unless they are lucky enough to ‘hook up’ with a mate willing to marry them in a ‘union of convenience’ (usually for a fee). This enables them to obtain a Green Card and stay as long as they like…. continuing to operate in whatever illegal business’ they are involved in. Some even stay long enough to obtain Rabbinical ordination which allows them to start up their own money laundering operation or get involved in the sale of human organs.

A newly exposed crime is the use of passports for the purpose of carrying out some of Mossad’s operations.

The list of criminal activities is endless…. But, let’s get back to the Holy Land itself….With innuendos such as the above it is no wonder that Israel has become the Middle East Capital of Sex Scandals… and crime.
The most recent in the rabbinical community itself.

Let’s have a look at some of the prominent leaders and former leaders of the Holy Land….. helps one understand what was discussed above, and how they assumed office…..

Let’s start with Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu. People here seem more than willing to forget that he admitted to having an extramarital affair. In fact, he was unable to marry his third wife, Sara, until his divorce became final from his second wife. Sara was quite pregnant at the time.

Then there is the former President of Israel, Moshe Katsav. He was forced to leave office after being charged with rape and other sexual offences.

Let’s not forget a former Defense Minister, Yitzhak Mordechai who was convicted on charges of sexual assaults.

Today, Ehud Olmert became the first former prime minister in Israel’s history to stand trial  as he arrived at Jerusalem District Court for the opening of his trial for alleged corruption.

There are others…. the above examples are the best known ones.

The zionists in America view Israel as the perfect place…. given to the Jews by God Himself… the following video is a good example of how they ‘think’…..

The moral degeneracy in Israel today is not much unlike what was reality during the decline of both the Roman and Greek empires. Perhaps we are about to see the self destruction of Israel as well….. to be replaced by a REAL DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST FOR ALL ITS CITIZENS!


  1. Anon. said,

    February 25, 2010 at 17:45

    Israel’s degenerate society: sounds like what we have here in US. Any common factors?

  2. Katz Freedman said,

    February 25, 2010 at 18:46

    This woman is lying thru her note cards. Every single thing that she says is a lie. Plus, she has the ugliest face, screwed up in hate, that I have ever had to look at. She is a shrew.
    How can people be that stupid? Israel? PLEASE. If it were not for Israel, we would not be broke, and we would still have our Towers.

    BTW, the biggest reason to Americans as to why they should notice that Israel is our enemy is that the Israelis took down our Towers, bankrupted us, and are running us into the ground. They are owning the media, the congress, and the executive. They are ruining the morals of this nation, as well.

    This woman better start apologising to the world, if she is going to lie like this. She doesn’t care what I think about her?? Then she should shut her stupid mouth, and quit thinking that her lies are worth listening to.

  3. February 25, 2010 at 19:11


  4. February 26, 2010 at 01:40

    This woman is completely off her rocker. I have Mark Twain’s writings but never read anywhere that he travelled through the areas called Palestine or Israel. He visited Europe as a freelance correspondent and later on when back in the U. S. A., when asked by a jewish lawyer his opinions about why the jews were not liked in Europe, he answered quite fairly to my opinion. You may read in his Essays: Concerning Jews.

  5. Brian Concannon said,

    February 26, 2010 at 13:04

    That brainwashed woman made me sick, l couldn’t watch the whole lot

    Israel is a racist, apartheid, false flag op specialist, terrorist state

    zionism is a cancer upon humanity

    It’s Great to finally see Mossad being exposed for one of their crimes, for the murder of Hamas freedom fighter official Mahmoud Mabhouh around the world
    l am outraged that this pack of murdering terrorist bastards had the gaul to steal, forge or have the sayanim consent to use 3 Australian passports, amongst others to yet again commit their crimes against humanity
    l just hope our government kicks out the Israeli embassy as a response to this treacherous act of callous disregard to Australians sovereignty
    although l won’t be holding my breath
    SHAME Israel – SHAME Mossad – SHAME the House of Rothschild and all your evil parasitic agents

  6. aufzuleiden said,

    February 26, 2010 at 19:10

    Why we should support Israel – the video – Joyce Kaufman
    #4 – Humanitarian Grounds. Israel has the right to exist on Humanitarian Grounds? #6 – It is a Roadblock to Terrorism. #7 – God said so.

    Aside from the fact that Ms Kaufman shouts throughout the video, her seven points are – for the most part – the type of pointless pap that one hears the Zionists spout, ad nauseum, until the believe they have won their argument by virtue of having either shouted you into submission or of having simply overwhelmed you with the sheer volume of those engaged in the attack against you (literally an attack – they do not argue or debate – they attack, sometimes physically – and then they blame God).

    In this case, as I’ve seen and heard (and read) before, Kaufman presents essentially the same theme – with slight variations – that have been offered before, though there are three that are worth highlighting for those who have never been fully subjected to the propaganda machine of the Zionist organ.

    Her fourth point sticks out a bit: we should support Israel based on the ‘Humanitarian Grounds’. Yes – you read correctly – Humanitarian and Israel in the same sentence … I know, it sounds sort of like Pedophilia Day-Care Centre – just what mom and dad were looking for, right? The idea is that Israel must exist because otherwise someone will try to exterminate the Jews (again). Okay, that’s fine …. is that why the Israeli’s are trying to exterminate the Palestinians? Oh – sorry … they’re not part of the equation, I forgot.

    Then there’s number 6: Israel is a roadblock to terrorism. No, seriously – stop laughing. STOP! Of course, she had to say that the U.S. is not presently prepared to ‘use’ the opportunities to prevent even more terroristic acts – but, she’s full of crap; given the recent captures of key terrorist figures and the ongoing debriefing of the Christmas day bomber, the present administration is at least as engaged in anti-terrorist activities as the three previous administrations. Fool.

    The final reason that we should be supporting Israel is also the same reason that anyone with faith should be supporting the Palestinians: because God said so. She referred to Genesis, but she did not refer to the disobedience that the Children of Israel fell into when they arrived at the Holy Land and completely and utterly ignored the commands of the LORD. No, that is conveniently ignored. The Children of Israel were given specific instructions before taking possession of the land and they decided instead to do their own thing – as usual – believing that their way was better than that of the LORD. Their disobedience was met with consequences – one of which being the LOSS of the land.

    Now they MUST share the land with whom they made a covenant – there is no second chance at genocide. Now they must accept that the ‘Holy Land’ is something that will only be realized after the revelation of Moshiach – having eyes to see and not seeing, having ears to hear and not hearing … gosh, I wonder why that could have been written.

    Is it any wonder that Jerusalem has been called a ‘cup of trembling’? It would probably be more beneficial to come up with seven reasons why we should be supporting the Palestinians and be opposed to Zionism.

    Wie viel ist Aufzuleiden!

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