Following the report are two videos showing life in the real Ajami….

Ajami directors Yaron Shani and Scandar Copti.

Ajami co-director ahead of the Oscars: I don’t represent Israel

Ajami co-director Scandar Copti on Sunday said that he does not represent Israel, hours before his film competes for the best foreign film Oscar at the Academy Awards, Army Radio reported.

“I am not Israel’s national team and do not represent her,” Copti reportedly said. “It is an extremely technical thing and that’s how it works at the Oscars – it says ‘Israel’ because that’s where the money comes from.”

He added that the film, which is co-directed by Copti and Israeli director Yaron Shani, features a mixed cast.

“There’s a Palestinian director, an Israeli director, Palestinian actors and Israeli actors. The film technically represents Israel, but I don’t represent Israel. I cannot represent a country that does not represent me,” he said, according to Army Radio.

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Below are ‘scenes’ not shown in the movie…..

Video posted by Iben Ezra
Another view of the real Ajami…..

The Oscar-nominated film Ajami is centered on a neighborhood in Israel with the same name. It takes a snapshot of life in this rough Arab-Jewish neighborhood.

The makers of the film find themselves in a real life drama when one of the producers Tony Copti, and his brother were arrested, beaten and later released without charge.

Tony Copti says this has become a common phenomenon for many of Ajami’s Arab residents.

According to him Israel is trying to push Arabs out of Jaffa by using scare tactics due to increased property prices in the city.



  1. March 9, 2010 at 17:24

    […] EASY pick NOT to win the award was Ajami, the nominee for Best Foreign Language Film when on Sunday it’s co-director Scandar Copti had stated the truth. It was sure to choke the […]

  2. Annie said,

    March 22, 2010 at 09:49

    “I cannot represent a country that does not represent me.”

    I really like this quote. Thanks for posting it.

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