Following the letter from Rachel’s parents is a video bringing you up to date with the situation….

As many of you know, a civil lawsuit in the case of our daughter
Rachel Corrie is scheduled for trial in the Haifa District Court
beginning March 10, 2010. A human rights observer and activist, Rachel,
23, tried nonviolently to offer protection for a Palestinian family
whose home was threatened with demolition by the Israeli military. On
March 16, 2003, she was crushed to death by an Israel Defense Force
(IDF) Caterpillar D9R bulldozer in Rafah, Gaza.
The lawsuit is one piece of our family’s seven-year effort to pursue
justice for our daughter and sister. We hope this trial will illustrate
the need for accountability for thousands of lives lost, or indelibly
injured, by occupation—in a besieged and beleaguered Gaza and
throughout Palestine/Israel; bring attention to the assault on
nonviolent human rights activists (Palestinian, Israeli, and
international); and underscore the fact that so many Palestinian
families, harmed as deeply as ours, cannot access Israeli courts.
Download this letter: Call To Action: Corrie Trial in Israel
(pdf, 89.03 KB)

In order to deliver these interconnected messages as effectively as
possible, we are asking for large-scale participation in the trial
itself as well as in the events surrounding it. We hope you will join
us for all or some of the events listed below and help us to put the
call out to others.


9:00-16:00 – Trial Begins in the Haifa District Court (12 Palyam St.

A strong presence of human rights observers, legal observers, and
others on the first day of the trial will send the message that this
case is being closely monitored and that truth, accountability and
justice matter to us all. Other trial dates are: March 14, 15, 17, 21,
22 and 24. Supportive presence at all court sessions is both welcome
and needed!


13:00-15:00 – Film Screening at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque (2 Shprinzak
St. Tel Aviv)

Screening of the documentary film RACHEL followed by a Q&A with
filmmaker Simone Bitton and the Corrie family. RACHEL is a cinematic
inquiry into Rachel’s killing. It raises many of the questions that
should be asked and addressed during the trial.

20:00-22:00 – Memorial; Location TBA

March 16th marks the seven-year anniversary of Rachel’s killing. We
hope to mark this day as a “Day of Conscience” with a large gathering
that calls for truth, accountability and justice, in Rachel’s case and
beyond. There will also be events in Gaza (at the Rachel Corrie
Children and Youth Cultural Center in Rafah), possibly in the West Bank
(TBA), and around the world.

If you are not with us in Palestine/Israel, please think about how
you and your group/community can be visible/audible on March 16.
We expect this to be a challenging time, but we know the friendship
we have felt from so many of you over the years will help us navigate
the weeks ahead. Though the course and outcome of the trial are
unknown, we welcome the opportunity to raise and highlight many of the
critical issues to which Rachel’s case is linked. Thank you for your
continuing support.
In solidarity and with much appreciation,

Cindy & Craig Corrie

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