The Blogesphere, much like the cinema is full of fictional characters. One never really knows who is at the other end of your computer screen. Different people blog for different reasons, some merely keep a running journal of their day to day activities, others use the available tools to present news blogs where political opinions run rampant at times.

Among the latter, we can find the complete spectrum of political thought …. but not always presented in an honest way by honest people. We often find total frauds on the net whose sole intentention is to deceive their readership. This can turn into a dangerous situation as ‘friendships’ are often formed on blogs and much personal information is shared.

The following is a post taken from the Palestinian Think Tank which deals exactly with one of those situations…. a blogger presenting herself as a pro Palestinian, Muslim activist, reaching out to the activist community in a most unscrupulous way….. but alas, her ‘game’ has come to an end finally thanks to the following ….

Obviously, some bloggers are dummies that think the rest of us are as well…….

“Fourth Reich Israel” Blogger: Deceptive “Geneviève”

There can be much glass strewn along the path of activists. This is why integrity counts a lot. This is why most activists take the risks of being who they are, though it would be easier to just be a shadow or a pen-name: because they know that there is no integrity in anonymity and operating under their own names will cause them some grief, but it has the power of honesty behind it. In anonymity one can say or do anything. One can even change their identity when they want to, when the “game gets boring”  or make a series of identities to “spice things up” or when they need to attempt a new tactic or especially engage in unethical behaviour. What follows is indeed one of those things we hate to see. It is about a blogger of the blog “Fourth Reich Israel” and manager of the Ning site Peace for Palestine and the web of deception she has woven for whatever reasons she may have. Could be boredom, could be need to have sexual or romantic involvement, could be something sinister: a desire to disrupt the communities of people working for Palestine, to entrap young Muslim men in a “honey trap”, a need to find “radical anti-Zionists” and get their private contact information to threaten them or worst of all, to damage the Palestinian cause by bringing it to disrepute. Is she a Zionist? A few of us had suspected as much, due to the “over the top” blog name, but then again, it is hard to tell, but there are signs pointing towards the affirmative, and the damage this person intentionally does points VERY much in that direction. The post that follows, (one of two) was on Facebook, where a discussion ensues giving more detail and perspective, and where “Geneviève” (probably her most charming alias) participates. Far from answering a single question (other than claiming she is a Muslim, but not explaining the behaviour that would be very difficult for a Muslim to accept), she accuses others of being Zionists, being murders, being lonely even!  I was hesitant to publish this. After some reflection and advice seeking from a person who has studied in the most important Quranic school in Senegal, I reached the conclusion that it was necessary to publish about this deception in our community. The reason is quite evident. My friend told me that there is a consideration of morals and responsibility that must be assumed, and I believe the reason is convincing. “If a person puts a shard of broken glass where someone will be walking, that person is responsible for harming another. If instead, I do not put that glass there, but know it has been put there and do nothing to remove it or to warn you that it is there, I too assume responsibility for this harmful act, as if I myself had done it.”

This is why activists attempt to protect one another from infiltrates, from harmful persons, even just suspicious persons or situations. They seek to keep the persons and cause they defend safe from harm. There are activists who will walk down the path paved with shards of “Geneviève”‘s broken glass and deception. They should heed the warning, protect their privacy and beware. She certainly isn’t the only one out there, just one whose game has been discovered. – Mary

This is the link where you may read the comments The second post is even more explicit, and if you have Facebook, you can check it out yourself, following the link in the comments.

Written by Maik Finch

she’ll tell you this photo was taken a few years back when she was a model
but now she’s a 33 year old Parisienne who works in the editing business
_ except she isn’t

Genevieve runs a blog that she wants to become well known
she uploads the posts to her blog from her Paris apartment
and all the wonderful poems that she’s written
_ except she didn’t

about two months ago Genevieve created a new ning group
that already has 178 members
_ except there aren’t really that many

this afternoon Genevieve posted publicly on a social network
that she’s about to become the chief editor of Palestine Telegraph
she told people she deserves this exalted position
for “working 10hours a day 7 days a week for Palestine”
on top of doing her editing job where she travels around the world
to make a living in order “to take care of myself and also fund my charity work and activism”
_ except she doesn’t have a job
_ and there’s no evidence we can find of her charity work

in the past Genevieve has told people she’s a Muslim
_ except she isn’t

she has had people banned from groups and sites
accusing them of sending her pornographic pictures
_ except they didn’t

she has gained others sympathy and asked them to fight her corner
against unwanted sexual attacks and stalking of her which she never initiated
_ except she did

if we can believe Genevieve about anything
(we still don’t know her real name btw)
she’s actually a 56 year old Canadian who was born in Hungary
she lives with her Jewish husband in British Columbia, Canada
and though her son follows the Jewish faith she is adamant she isn’t Jewish herself
she boasts about wearing a $25,000 diamond wedding ring
and of “all the rubies and emeralds” that she owns
she makes fun and belittles her husband who she says does everything for her
(which might explain why she has so much time on her hands)
she says that she hates her real name because her parents gave it to her
she says that she doesn’t use it because her parents abused her _

is this the real Genevieve?

genev 2

since being discovered having concocted a series of the grossest lies
against a Palestinian man that many of us know
Genevieve has finally been called on to explain herself
and given several opportunities to provide even one scrap of evidence
for all the accusations she has made against Muslim men
she’s been advised that to make such accusations without evidence
causes suspicion in others _ especially when the accusations never seem to end
both past and present her response has always been the same _
to turn on her questioners and the people she went to originally for help
and to accuse them of anything that comes in to her mind
zionist _ sadist _ pervert (the actual list is much longer)
is provide the evidence to support these many claims

according to the experts
“a pathological liar is defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way
and who does so with little concern for others.
Pathological lying is a coping mechanism developed in early childhood
and it’s often associated with some other type of mental health disorder.
A pathological liar is often goal-oriented (lying is focused on getting one’s way).
Pathological liars have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others.
A pathological liar comes across as being manipulative, cunning and self-centered.

(http://www.truthaboutdecep ublic/pathological-compuls ive.html)

when Genevieve started her ning site
she asked others for help to create false accounts
because she wanted “to boost her numbers”
but there’s actually another reason for these false accounts _

This is the photo she sent to unsuspecting Muslim men…

here’s a message she made from one of them before admitting it was really her
i’m looking for a man like you _
i recently got rid of my ‘x’, not political enough
when are you coming to _____ so we can meet up

that looks a lot like initiating something ‘sexy’
and if you plan maliciously upon the response you might get
then the word for what you’re doing is ‘entrapment’

is Genevieve actually the enemy or someone we should feel sorry for?
does any of this really matter to any of us?
well it certainly does matter if you’re a Muslim male
and you’d be well advised to stay away from her group
because you would never know which members are really her!!
and in my humble opinion it matters a whole lot more
if you’re about to become chief editor of the Palestine Telegraph
(or was that just another lie?)

__________________________ __________________________ __________________

a question you might be asking yourselves
is why _ if so many have been affected by Genevieve’s lies
has it fallen on only me to tell you all this?
everyone in our activist community has their role to play _
and fortunately for all of us it doesn’t usually involve this kind of sordid situation
for me it’s maybe different _ if I have any role to play then it’s about ‘defence’
and i give a rat’s ass for others opinions of who i am or what i do_
this has been an embarrassing and dirty business for everyone involved
taken weeks to gather evidence and extricate the men who were affected
according to the experts pathological liars should be continually confronted by their lies _
Genevieve was told to clean up her act and remove the false members of her group
sadly _ as predicted _ she simply became abusive
but she was given many chances to avoid this public disgrace _


  1. March 17, 2010 at 16:46

    The problem you face – the problem anyone encountering this alleged Siren will face – is that this seems to go beyond a simple tale of deception and pathological lying. Based on what has been presented here this individual is deeply delusional, having developed a complicated online persona for herself that has nothing to do with her actual life. This delusion is further enhanced by her perpetuation of complex lies that can not only not be substantiated, but that can only rely upon themselves for confirmation. Self-confirmation is, by definition, not a reliable means of supporting or substantiating a particular piece of information. That is why in the news industry it is usually the practice to have at least two – or three – independent corroborating sources to confirm a story before it is published.

    While it may be appropriate to challenge the lies of a pathological liar, and doing so may actually accomplish something in the end, challenging a delusional individual is not an appropriate method for approaching the situation. When a delusional person finds their delusions challenged they can react in a number of ways, on of which being a complete breakdown of the psyche resulting in a psychotic break – a total break with reality that leaves the person literally insane and unable to deal with the reality around them at the time of the break. They may also lash out at the world around them, escalating their actions by taking their delusional acts to the ‘next level’ in order to ‘bring them to life’; this is done in order to convince others of the veracity of their stories. Of course, this reaction can prove to be as devastating as a psychotic break for reasons that need not be articulated at this juncture.

    Whoever this person is, whether she be a ‘Genevieve’ or ‘Gus’, if she is trying to lure young men into her web of deceit with fake photos she is anything original; it is a scam that has been practiced since the dawn of the Internet – and before – with its own name: Flirty Phishing. It is a recruiting technique that was used by cults as far back as the 1960s and ’70s to recruit lonely young men (and women) into personality cults that relied on an individual’s desire to be loved and accepted into a group – and a desire for sexual gratification – to keep them in once they had been found.

    It is obvious by what has been described that this ‘Genevieve’ person, or whatever she/he really is, has adapted the Flirty Phishing techniques of the past to suit her new warped agenda, though I don’t know what the payoff is at this time – and, quite frankly, I don’t really care. The best way to deal with someone like this is to simply stop engaging with them. So long as we pay them attention they will have something to feed on, an affirmation that what they are doing is effective and, therefore, worth continuing. It will only be after everyone abandons her/his/its site and refuses to feed the beast that they will wither up and return to the shadows from whence it came.

    You have sounded the warning – refine the message into something that can be submitted to the forums they post to and know that you have done more than is expected of you: you have warned of the glass shards in the path of those who were unaware of their presence. It is now up to others to watch for themselves to ensure that they do not step upon what they know to exist.

    Remember, no cause is bigger than one individual; no struggle is defeated by one casualty. Regardless of who or what this person is or what they have done for the cause of Palestinian rights, they are not the cause. Don’t lose the plot: The Palestinians remain a people without civil rights, without the right to return to the land from which they came; the cause has not been resolved and will not be, not because of anything done by this person nor by anything not done by them, it will only be resolved by the concerted efforts of REAL people – people with consciences and the guts to stand up to the lies and obfuscations of the Zionist aggressors in Israel (and beyond) who believe that it’s perfectly acceptable to engineer a social genocide while the world watches. The cause continues.

    Wie viel ist Aufzuleiden!

  2. mary said,

    March 18, 2010 at 09:29

    Very good comments and observations, CC! Another name for it is “Honey Trap”.

    I found it extremely interesting that you state that the only thing they can use for confirmation are their own statements. This is true, and any request for her to substantiate HER OWN statements, has been met with rage, threats and more accusations, including that the author of the paper that exposes her game is a murderer! However, this person has left a paper trail as long as a mile, and the deception has often been at the expense of those who have their own personal struggle and suffering and that is a double deception because it is wilfully harmful.

    Yes, I think she may do more nasty actions, indeed, she’s determined to do them. But, then again, creating a fake persona, an anonymous blog and ning where she can have access to all kinds of information about others without surrendering any of her own to her potential targets, is something anybody can do. The reasons for doing it appear self-evident. Zio Bio Bait?

  3. desertpeace said,

    March 18, 2010 at 14:35

    Is this not an admission of guilt?

    If you go to the NING group in question, this is what you will find….

    This social network has been taken offline
    by its owner.
    It’s likely that the owner will bring it back online shortly.

  4. mary said,

    March 18, 2010 at 14:42

    what will be the new identity? From what exotic place and with what beautiful face shall the phoenix rise from the flames?

  5. March 18, 2010 at 15:44

    You must also remember that there is no such thing as an ‘admission of guilt’ to a delusional individual. If they are faced with the mountain of evidence pointing out the wrongs of their ways, and it seems to be evident that they HAVE to change – or else – the only thing that will happen is that they will ‘recast’ their warped ideas into new expression, getting them to fit into whatever works in the new incarnation of whatever has sprung from the ashes of the previous incarnation of their plots and plannings. In other words: if plan A fails, move onto plan B, but never accept failure or defeat. Just because you could not succeed at plan A does not mean that it is invalid, you just need to work HARDER at making it work … now, you go with plan B and work all the more, making sure that you don’t make the same mistakes again.

    In short, the ‘mistakes’ will have been allowing some to see through the facade of her illusions – she won’t likely make such a sophomoric mistake again … or will she?

    It is asked whether her actions are, by definition, an admission of guilt – the only problem with this premise is that it presupposes the idea that she can differentiate between right and wrong which, quite frankly, is something that may not be possible given what has been outlined in the original post. Delusional thinking does not just ‘go away’ after a few days, it remains as an integral part of an individual’s character until such time as it is dealt with professionally. Until then it is going to affect every interaction that person has whether they are aware of it or not.

    Wie viel ist Aufzuleiden!

  6. Robin said,

    March 18, 2010 at 18:19

    CC, I agree with everything you have written if her actions are only confined to delusional thinking. Yes she will go to Plan B and resurface but it also will take a while to create another personna because “Genevieve” has been around for a while. Making all the connections she has doesn’t occur over night. Having said that, here’s some info.

    She sent out photographs claiming them to be “of herself” in inappropriate manner. You agree right? Whether it was delusional or she is using them in nefarious manner to trap Muslim men (who BTW are also responsible for their own “weaknesses” so better muscle up guys, you also shouldn’t be responding to such nonsense at ALL, or “chatting” in any suggestive manner with a SCREEN NAME or “Muslim woman” who would do such a thing), both are not appropriate.

    The pictures she sent out had the watermarks removed from them. The photographer has been made aware of the use of his photos as has Istock’s legal department. Again CC, I absolutely agree with what you have written here. But either way, this needs to stop. If it’s delusion, the Palestinian internet activists don’t need this diversion. If it’s something of a much more sinister manner, then everyone needs to be notified because it could really cause harm to them.

    Again, third time now, Genevieve are you there? The photos are being tracked down.

    DO you have any explanation for sending them out? Would you go on public record either at PTT or here or on Facebook to PUBLICLY state that they are your photos. The watermark was removed. That is illegal to do if they were not purchased AND the use of them is also restricted.

    What say you Genevieve? Is this something you have ANY regret over at all? Because a whole LOT of people are pretty damn concerned about your behavior for various and OBVIOUS reasons. Using this cause to promote your “pretty in pictures” self to men is SO far out there there just aren’t any words for it.

    OH, another question, that post you have about someone threatening to kill you. Why would you post a picture of a crazy wide-eyed person who did get prosecuted for doing this when he has no connection to you whatsoever?
    Was it for cause and affect again? Pretty girl in pictures, CRAZY internet killer.

    And how, if you are a journalist and need to earn some sort of living and do so much charity work do you have SO much time to be doing all this crazy stuff?

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