Deceit — Destruction — Denial


What is referred to as ‘The Holocaust‘, lasted 12 years from beginning to end. This does not include the number of years of the ongoing holocaust against the people of Palestine. Next month it will have reached the 62 year mark…. and continuing as I write this.

It started on the day that Israel’s Independence was declared by the United Nations, the 14th of May, 1948. On that day, the nation of Palestine ceased to exist. The Day of the Nakba is what that day is commonly called by Palestinians as well as by Progressive Israelis. It is the day that millions of Palestinians faced forced expulsions from homes, their towns and villages in the face of Jewish and later Israeli troop advances. Millions of these refugees eventually wound up living in refugee camps built by the very world body that was responsible for their displacement. Sixty two years later, millions still languish in those very camps. They are the lucky ones in a way, those that remained behind have systematically been slaughtered by the State of Israel. Sixty two years later Palestinians are still forced from their homes and properties as illegal settlements are built on lands belonging to them.

In many European countries. including Germany, it is illegal to deny that the holocaust took place. Violators of these laws have served prison terms for as long as seven years.

In Israel, it will soon be illegal to admit that the Nakba took place. The Israeli Parliament is in the process of passing a Bill which would outlaw the teaching of these events in Israeli classrooms, including those in the Arab sector.
Among the activities forbidden by the “Nakba Law” are marking Independence Day and the founding of Israel with mourning ceremonies and vandalizing or physical disdain towards the flag and State symbols. As in the case of the holocaust deniers, there are many Israelis that are prepared to risk all by publicly mourning with the people of Palestine.

Denials of FACTS does not negate them. THIS photo essay shows the similarities of both holocausts. The resemblances of the horrors are frightening, the only difference is the ones of the ‘holocaust’ came to light after the fact…. the ones in Israel are presented while the atrocities are still being carried out.

In many Eastern European cities the Jewish areas were walled off to keep them from being a part of society. In Israel today most Arab areas are walled off, the excuse being to prevent terrorist attacks. Yet those attacks continue on a daily basis and hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinians have been murdered by the Israeli terrorists I speak of. When the Jews resisted these measures in Europe they were referred to as resistance fighters. The Palestinians are simply called terrorists. If you looked at the photos presented in the link above you can see a contradiction to this terminology. Palestinians are fighting for their very lives as well as their homeland just as the Jews did years earlier.
Three years after the holocaust ended Israel was declared a state. Many say this was a direct result of the holocaust itself. Does Palestine have to wait till their dead reach the total of six million to get the same homeland they deserve, a homeland that belonged to them in the first place. Why is it that after 62 years the scales of justice are still tilted  against the victims of the ongoing holocaust?

Recent events have brought the struggles of the Palestinian people to the front pages of the mass media. The UN sponsored Goldstone Report put on display the horrors suffered by the Gazan population at the hands of the zionist oppressors. The last few months of continued settler expansion has brought angry responses from officials in the Obama Administration as well as from the leadership of the European Union. BUT, nothing is being done about this. Again I ask, do the fatalities have to reach the six million mark before anything is actually done about this?

As of this writing the proceedings at AIPAC’s convention are making news on all American airwaves and media outlets. Israel is rejoicing at the US governments position that ….
” America’s support for Israel was “rock solid, unwavering, enduring, and forever.” That position, along with the 3 BILLION dollars a year they give to Israel is the go ahead for Israel to continue it’s aggressive policies against the Palestinians.

That same US government is doing everything in its power to insure that the Palestinian position not even be heard. Are they convinced that the truth will set the Palestinians free?

The valiant people of Palestine are putting up a brave fight against the oppression, but they must not struggle alone. ALL people of conscience throughout the world must stand up in their defense. Their struggle is a just one, their struggle is ours. Despite efforts by the US and other European governments, the facts will not remain hidden from the public eye. We, at this site, as well as on others, will continue to bring you those facts until the day Palestine is free.



On the 14th of May please light a candle for the people of Palestine…


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