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Israel’s ‘War on Terror Children’ continues. Hardly a day goes by without the murder of a Palestinian child in Gaza or the Occupied West Bank, either by terrorist gunfire by Israeli soldiers or by the denial of medical services due to the inhumane siege on the entire Gaza Strip. Either way, it’s MURDER.

The following reports deal with this situation….

Child Killed By Army Fire In Rafah

Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported Tuesday morning that a child was shot and killed by Israeli military fire in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

File - Reuters
File – Reuters

The child was identified as Mohammad Zeid Al Farmawi, 15, from Qishtat neighborhood in Rafah.

Local sources reported that the child was shot by Israeli soldiers after he crossed through the border fence, east of the Gaza International Airport.

Medics rushed to the scene but the child was already dead when they arrived; his body was moved to Abu Yousef Al Najjar in Rafah.

On Saturday, a 5-year-old child died at a local hospital due to the ongoing illegal Israeli siege on the coastal region.

The child, Fuad Swerih, 5, suffered respiratory issues, and Israeli prevented his transfer to hospitals outside the besieged and war- torn Gaza Strip.

Swerih is from Al Nusseirat refugee camp, in central Gaza.

The doctors were trying to have him transferred to an Israeli hospital but Israel rejected all applications.



Israel’s war against children

Shadi Salman AlQarra

Naseem Jawad Abu Dakka, 14, was playing in front of his grandfather’s house, under the lemon tree in the front of the house, 800 metres from the area where Israeli army the made an incursion, firing tanks shells and bullets. One medium calibre bullet entered his back and exited from his chest, leading to a fracture in the spine in the ninth and tenth vertebrae. The second bullet pierced his chest and has harmed him so much that his spleen had to be removed.

He is now in the intensive care unit in the hospital

His injury has also lead to blood poisoning

His spleen has been removed

His lung is damaged

He is breathing through a respirator

He is in a pharmacological state of coma

He is in critical condition.



Look into my eyes and tell me I have no right to live a life in peace and dignity……
Now tell me how you allow your government to support the murderous state of Israel? Your tax dollars are what allows this genocide to continue.

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