Peace or Pieces?

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How YOU can help to stop this madness……..

This campaign builds on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)
call made by the Palestinian civil society in 2005 and the
international BDS movement that followed. Inspired by the non-violent
struggle against the Israeli occupation and oppression of Palestine,
we acted when we heard that H&M were about to open seven stores in
Israel. To buy into the occupation and oppression is not fashionable
and it shouldn’t be profitable. Make your voice heard. Tell H&M not to
invest in Israel until Israel respects international law and human
rights! Visit campaign website here:


  1. Rachel Lever said,

    April 3, 2010 at 16:20


    Though it’s not been campaigned for, a single power-sharing democratic state has more support than you’d think: polls have found 70% Palestinian support, and 18% support in Israel. These substantial figures could swell if this were an either/or choice against a less popular outcome. And there’s a nucleus of twinning projects and “intentional co-existence” to build on.

    It would be much easier to negotiate than two states: a matter of agreeing a constitution giving equal rights and guarantees to both sides, so that irrespective of numbers, neither could take over. If in time alliances and votes followed issues, not ethnicity (left or right, secular or religious, liberal or conservative), who would worry about numbers and birth rates?

    This solution eliminates every difficult issue. Settlers who swear they will not be moved would indeed not be moved. There would be no complicated and unjust “land swaps” (a polite form of ethnic cleansing). Jerusalem and historic or holy sites would be for everyone. Land and property could be bought by anyone according to law. Fanaticism would be deflated and isolated, enhancing security.

    All internal walls, barriers and checkpoints would go, institutions including army and police integrated at all ranks. Discrimination would be outlawed. Human rights, civil rights, religious rights and mutual respect would legally underpin citizenship.

    Genuine self determination for both peoples was a worthy goal, but it is not likely. Instead, both sides would equally sacrifice ethnic self determination but would gain free access to the whole country and an equal stake in a nation based on its citizens’ common humanity.

    For Zionism’s supporters, its end would be weighed in the balance against many benefits, not least peace and international acclaim. The country would remain a unique homeland and refuge for Jews; free of insecurity at home it could fight fascism and anti-semitism worldwide. Secular Jews would gain many rights at present denied them under Israeli law.

    The two-state “solution” is now a dead end. If it happened at all, it would not be stable or secure. Without viable and stable states, Federation is not possible either.

    We need a culture shift from blame and counter-blame in order to write a new chapter. We are at a historic turning point: it’s time for a leap of imagination.


  2. April 3, 2010 at 19:21

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