Israel deports man from E Jerusalem after prison release

Jerusalem –  Israeli authorities issued recently-released Hamas lawmaker Mohammad Abu Teir with a deportation notice on Thursday, giving him until 19 June to leave Jerusalem.

Ma’an’s correspondent said the deportation order was issued on the basis that Abu Teir had lost his residency rights after participating in the Palestinian general elections in January 2006.


The decision could further affect other Hamas lawmakers with Jerusalem residency rights, including Mohammad Toteh, Ahmad A’ttun and former Jerusalem Minister Khaled Abu Arab.

Shortly after his release from Israeli custody, Abu Teir was summoned for interrogation at the Russian Compound in West Jerusalem by Israeli police from his home in Um Tuba, southern Jerusalem.

A spokesman for the Israeli police did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

Abu Teir, one of 65 Hamas officials detained shortly after Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit’s capture in cross-border raid in Gaza in 2006, urged Israel’s leaders to reach an agreement with the movement on securing a prisoner swap deal, Israeli media reported.

Abu Teir reportedly said that if it were “in his hands” he would expedite the prisoner swap deal, which could see the release of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails, the Israeli daily Haaretz wrote.

“All Israeli leaders are against the deal to release Gilad Shalit,” Abu Teir told reporters following his release. “They reached a deal a number of times, but never followed through. Just like I have a family, a father, mother and children, Gilad Shalit also has a mother and father who want him.”

“If only there was a deal, but it’s not in my hands, it is in the hands of the leaders,” said Abu Teir, the daily wrote. “Israel’s leaders must think about this. I don’t like that Shalit is being held hostage, just as I didn’t like being held hostage.”

When asked how he felt having been released from prison, Abu Teir said: “I feel good, thank God. I paid a heavy price.”

Of the 65 detained Hamas ministers, Israel has so far released nine.

Palestinians living in East Jerusalem do not possess Israeli citizenship, but rather residency rights, which requires the renewal of a multiple-entry visa every six years at Israel’s Interior Ministry. Jerusalem residents are often required to prove that the city is their “centre of life” or face the revocation of their ID card and residency rights.



  1. walter sarkis said,

    May 21, 2010 at 19:59

    A retro-active law. How wonderful! I wonder what’s next. A law that states arab wemen are not to get pregnant and then kill those and thier off springs retro-actively. What a wonderful world we live in backed by our most just USA too

  2. Holocaust Gaza said,

    May 22, 2010 at 00:55

    Operation Israel – or Satan at work.

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