The stereotypical Jewish mother of yesterday was often heard bragging about …
“My son the doctor ….”
“My son the lawyer ….”
“My son the investment counselor….”
The list was endless….

Today one hears …
“My son the organ trafficker….”
“My son the extortionist ….”
“My son the drug dealer ….”
Again, the list is endless….

What’s gone wrong???
ISRAEL!!! That’s what’s gone wrong!

At one time Israel was not the haven for  criminals that it is today. In the mid 70’s, one of the ‘Godfathers’ of the Kosher Nostra fled to Israel to escape US Federal tax evasion charges… he (Meyer Lansky) was deported back to the USA.  Today, one of Israel’s prime exports to the United States is criminals. With the aid of members of the American Jewish community they have become quite successful in the areas of crime they operate in, that is until law enforcement agencies clamp down on their activities. In recent months, many a scandal has been brought to light… all involving Israelis, most involving illegal immigrants. Almost every big city in the United States has illegal locksmiths operating, undocumented young people selling their wares in malls, money launderers, drug dealers….. again, the list is endless.

From an earlier post…..
Many of these youngsters ‘take a trip’ for a year after they complete their compulsory army service. They either wind up in remote parts of Asia or South America and become a part of the local drug scene or in malls in the United States where they illegally work selling beauty products from the Dead Sea or find employment in the various illegal locksmith scams that operate there. Their ‘stint’ abroad usually lasts a year unless they are lucky enough to ‘hook up’ with a mate willing to marry them in a ‘union of convenience’ (usually for a fee). This enables them to obtain a Green Card and stay as long as they like…. continuing to operate in whatever illegal business’ they are involved in. Some even stay long enough to obtain Rabbinical ordination which allows them to start up their own money laundering operation or get involved in the sale of human organs.

A newly exposed crime is the use of passports for the purpose of carrying out some of Mossad’s operations.

Yet the Jewish community leaders stand by Israel, and continue to hide these facts. A once respected community is literally ‘losing face’ because of the friends it keeps. They have to learn that Israel is bad news. Their association with it in any way will only mean trouble down the line.

Let’s make mama proud of us again….. let’s be more selective in the ‘friends’ we chose.


  1. May 24, 2010 at 19:24

    Funny thing … when I was a kid I was taken to task for making generalizations about people. You know, things like ‘all Germans are bad’, because of the Holocaust. Of course, not all Germans were bad people at all, and one of my best friends as a kid was of German decent. When we make generalizations we demonstrate two things: intolerance and ignorance. These two things reflect the same attitudes that have led to the problems that we are supposedly battling by opposing what this ‘Kosher Nostra’ is doing.

    Just as it is an insult, and a racial slur, to assume that all Italians are involved in the Mafia so it is with this ‘Kosher Nostra’ and Israelis. How can I say this with absolute confidence? Well, quite simply, I have met several Jews from Israel over the past twenty years and not one of them was involved in the type of business that you describe in this article. Generalizations do nothing but hurt everyone; just as the generalizations about ‘Palestinian terrorists’, supported by the acts of the PLO under the leadership of Arafat, did nothing to garner support for them in the eyes of the west, these generalizations about Israelis will do nothing to help your cause.

    Anyone who reacts to this will have already been infected with the seeds of being a reactionary; they will already be the type of person that accepts the conspiracy theories and is willing to believe that the ‘Hateful Jew’ is preparing to take over the world and subjugate the white ‘race’ (would that there were such a creature) for their sinister purposes. Why would you want to pander to such an audience? To what purpose could this benefit? Are you trying to attract readers from the White Supremacist sites? If not, you are certainly providing the right materials to do the job.

    Are Israelis participating in illegal business practices in the United States? More than likely – as are people from countries across the world, including Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, the UK, India, Mexico (no, really), and more than I can think of … though if I put my mind to it I could likely name another thirty or so without much difficulty – the ones I chose were selected because they have appeared in news stories in the past several months and are fresh in my memory. The United States, by virtue of its laws and regulations, makes it easy for someone to operate a business illegally – including something as important as a medical supply business (operated illegally in Florida by a Cuban ex-pat).

    So seriously, in the presence of evidence, make all of the allegations you want against specific people, but don’t lump ALL young Israelis together in this new ‘Kosher Nostra’ – after all, at one point in time there was a reasonably young man from Canada that emigrated to Israel, served in the reserves and learned the language … some might say he became a member of this ‘Kosher Nostra’ as well – after all, he lives off the land, stolen from the Palestinians … doesn’t he? Nu?

    How many generalizations are needed before we get into specifics?

    Wie viel ist Aufzuleiden!

  2. John Davis said,

    May 24, 2010 at 21:09

    The young Israelis have proven to be a disruptive and particularity insidious element wherever they turn up. They are regularly accused of dishonest behavior in areas as diverse as Central and South America and Southeast Asia.

    They usually travel in large rat packs for self preservation. In Central America they are often accused of cheating hotel owners and restaurants. If the business owner raises a fuss or goes to the police, the young Israelis wreak havoc on the business owners’ property. They are particularly fond punishing these landlords by defecating in hotel swimming pools and defecating in hotel beds, thereby rendering both unusable.They also have a particular liking for throwing hotel furniture into swimming pools or nearby bodies of water.

    In addition they seem to love loud multi day drunken or drug fueled parties that end up driving away other guests.

    Then there is the little matter of the stealing. They often seem to have an affinity for stealing others belongings, especially things like electronics or cameras that can be readily sold to finance their continuing travels. They constantly accuse those that object to their misbehavior of anti-Semitism and call usually them Nazis or Gentile dogs (perro gentil).

    It soon becomes clear to the locals that the young Israelis despise them for being non Jews. In a word, they treat the locals like the Israelis treat the Palestinians, with utter contempt.

  3. Robin said,

    May 24, 2010 at 22:00

    Ok Peter, here are the specifics you are asking for. (in addition to the links given here) But first, let me tell you who is prosecuting this case

    The investigation is being conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Los Angeles Police Department, and the case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Kimberly M. Frayn.
    Now, one of the perps in this case, Barmuha, needed a translator in court. Does that mean that all Israelis who come here are non-English speaking criminals who threaten to kill people who they claim owe them money? Of course not.

    Now, this is what you need to read carefully, one of the victims, Moshe Ozana, a mall kiosk owner, himself is a criminal. These kiosk owners are rampant across the US and Canada-Australia as well and goodness knows what other countries. They are breaking immigration laws but they are also closely connected to and refer their employees to go onto other more sinister crimes. MANY go from kiosk on to locksmithing.

    But this case gets MUCH more complicated because it is all part of Israeli organized crime here, ranging from kiosk owners to drug dealers, with the locksmith scammers in there as well.

    Moshe Ozana’s corporation is called Basad I Inc. (Nevada incorporated by Ozana) Basad is out of Colorado and got busted for locksmith scamming last year. The owver of Basad, Froman Peleg,works for AMDOCS.

    Now, how do these “locksmiths”, “movers”, “carpet cleaners”, “duct cleaners”, you name it they do it operate to get more business? The flood the yellow pages with phony names which all go to ONE call center (there being multiple call centers throughout the country) So, you call one of the phonies you get off the internet or even local phone books, you are in Los Angeles, the phone call gets routed to another state, they contact their “man in the field” who shows up in a car of his own, one price is quoted on the phone, but when they arrive the price is jacked up. The price is jacked up because the difference in quoted price and what is charged is the WAGE for the “locksmith”. The “locksmith” then makes a money order out and sends it to the call center owner for the call he made. He keeps whatever the difference is between the quoted price and what he actually got away with charging.

    Now, Peleg, he works for AMDOCS. Just watch these videos, ironically done by FOX news. AMDOCS is doing things that the average person on the street who knows of the company may not be aware of. Watch the last video which covers AMDOCS

    As for criminals coming to the US from other countries, of course they do. But articles written about those specific countries I am sure don’t refer to criminal elements coming here from Israel as well. This post is specific to Israel-the point being made, as I read it, is that these CRIMINALS are bringing a bad name to Israelis/Jews. Peter, it is human nature, UNFORTUNATELY, to lump people in together. However, the best way in which to fight that is for people in that community to speak out and say, “Hey, you are giving us all a bad name”. In part, I agree with you, that discussing Israeli crime leads to a generalization. On the OTHER hand, if you post about these criminals being Israeli you get accused of being anti-Semitic! Let me ask you, if you talk about the Italian mafia is it not true they are Italian? If you talk about the Columbian drug cartel is it not true they are Columbian? The fact that this is true is due to the tribal nature of mankind. If there were Martians committing crimes in organized manner would it be anti-Martian to say so? Well. that’s where pure xenophobia could be measured.

    If Israel itself is concerned with anti-Semitism, as it most certainly should be, they would not hide behind the “anti-Semitic” apron every time a WORD is spoken about Israel or Israelis. They would be doing everything in their power to have their citizens act properly when abroad and they CERTAINLY would not be doing what they do regarding the Palestinians. But they are not concerned Peter, because anti-Semitism is their comfortable shield behind which to justify any and all criticism, INCLUDING criminal behavior because it’s hush hush, oh better not say they are Israeli, you know, they’re our best friends,

    BULL PUCKY! No other country in the entire WORLD gets off with this excuse for themselves!

    As an American who lived in the Middle East I know damn well why Arabs hate Americans. But when another American agrees with me I embrace them, because they REALIZE that America and AMERICANS have done so much wrong to their countries. As an American I am absolutely ASHAMED of what so many of my fellow countrymen have done. In that light, that is what I read this post as being, Steve acknowledging and saying that he is ashamed of this criminal activity by his fellow Israelis. That’s a GOOD thing Peter, not a bad thing. It is called standing up for what you see is wrong and saying it’s giving your country a bad name. I do it about my country, and I will never EVER stop because I want my country to be BETTER than what it has been, I want JERK Americans to stop being JERKS and heck if I’m going to shut up about it.

    Does it lead to anti-Americanism? NO, it leads people to see that not all Americans are like the bad ones. It is showing understanding, it is showing that your humanity is the same as theirs.

    On another note I am Catholic. That city in Rome has chosen to do some REALLY bad things. Does it lead to anti-Catholic sentiments, you betcha! But it’s not the talking about it that has led to anti-Catholic sentiments with every priest out there under suspicion, it’s their BEHAVIOR and shoving it under the rug which has caused the problem. The ONLY ones that can get them out of this mess are Catholics themselves.

    If you are concerned about innocent Israelis then the best thing to do is to encourage them to speak out as well. It’s called self-policing. Why do people hate lawyers so much? Because they don’t self-police! They show absolutely no moral fortitude in reigning in their own profession

    Now if white nationalists pick this post up, oh well! HeLLO white nationalists, this was written by a JEWISH man, Steve Amsel who stands up for what is right JUST LIKE his fellow JEWISH activists do. So go stew on that one you RACIST JERKS!

  4. May 25, 2010 at 01:26

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  5. michael mazur said,

    May 25, 2010 at 10:59

    About 3yrs back there was a comment which was allowed to appear in Ynet in which the writer stated that in a northern Italy camping ground that whenever a bunch of Israelis arrived, knowledgeable sorts knew to leave as their past experience told them that the swimming pool would be defecated in and residents’ possessions stolen to be hawked in the nearby town.

    Separate to this, in hotels in Poland hotel maids encountered the phenomenon of beds having being defecated in by Israelis, who had some imagined grievance, on the day of checkout.

    In Apr02 during the Israeli assault on West Bank towns the Palestinian Ministry of Culture administration building in Ramallah was completely gutted internally on its several floors by the grossest vandalism, but also with the obligatory bags of urine and feces left behind – including the photo copier defecated into, though the building had two toilets on each floor.

    Not just those Israelis who go to Central America.

  6. May 25, 2010 at 18:03

    Evidence, and I’m using the term with as much respect as I can muster under the circumstances, that comes from Fox Spews reports (from the time of the Bush administration) are hardly what I would call substantive – or, for that matter, conclusive of anything that could lead to an indictment – and now I feel as though I need a shower for having been exposed to Bret Hume’s dulcet tones of mirthless delivery (and whoever that babbling head was in the fourth video).

    Let me ask this question: has the United States never been guilty of spying on an ally in its entire history? Not even once? How about constantly – it is the foundation of our western system. The British spied on us, we spied on them, America spied on us, we spied on them, and they spied on everyone else – and that’s only within the NATO nations. To imagine that nations who are peacefully aligned do not spy on each other is, in a word, dangerously naive and displays a dramatic misunderstanding of how developed nations operate.

    The first Faux News report invokes the Pollard scandal – a long-time naval officer who, when his record is examined, should have NEVER been posted to anything sensitive given his history with drugs and inability to pass a polygraph test. Unfortunately (perhaps due to the fact that information was not ‘networked’ as much as it is today) Pollard eventually ended up in a sensitive position and, after meeting Aviem Sella, sold information to Israel.

    But what about another spy from the United States … say, Francis Gary Powers? He was spying on the Soviets when his U2 plane was shot down in May 1, 1960. This act of espionage almost triggered WWIII – a little bit more serious than the allegations in the press release from the U.S. Attorney, District of Nevada’s Press Release regarding the indictments against four individuals on non-capital offenses. While the maximum sentence may be 25 years (likely due to Nevada’s mandatory minimum guidelines in sentencing – oh, and for the racketeering portion of the charges of conspiracy to interfere with commerce – they take that very seriously in the Heartland of Capitalism).

    Spying is part of the culture of western society – not that this is a good thing, but it is there and nothing we can do will change that reality.

    Oh – I so loved how the ‘detaining of 60 Israelis’ in the first three videos by Fauxed Noise spontaneously morphed into ‘nearly 200 Israelis were arrested’ in the fourth video. That’s like the report of the 2,000,000 Tea baggers marching in the Mall in DC. The New Math, by Cluster Fox. You can’t beat that kind of logic.

    If you’re getting your sources from these paragons of ‘fair and balanced’ reporting there’s no doubt that you are going to believe anything that is shoved your way, anything that resembles a conspiracy or manifestation of psychosis, played out for the world to see. However – as the saying goes – when you hear hoof-beats think ‘Horses’, not ‘Zebras’. In other words, as enticing as it may be to take the exotic route to connect the dots – especially when it seems they fit – the magnitude of such lunacy should be apparent to anyone even remotely enamoured with the most minuscule expressions of logical reason: it’s simply not up to snuff.

    Other comments make the point of repeating the story of Israelis leaving deposits in hotel beds (and pools). I can relate that someone I know – someone who travels often and extensively – monitors a website called ‘flyertalk’ which is a members-only site for people who collect travel points from different programs. He has never encountered this issue in the several years that he has been traveling – both for business and pleasure (he’s been in all 50 states, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries). I won’t say this has never happened, but perhaps it isn’t an epidemic.

    It doesn’t even sound like the ‘Rock Star’ hotel treatment that I used to hear about when rockers used to trash their rooms after a concert in the 80’s. Of course, none of them were Israeli, so it was all choked up to sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.

    Again, generalizations hurt more than anything – and using Cluster Fauxed as a source, well, that’s like invoking the Nazis into an argument – the first person to be desperate enough to stoop to that loses (I still contend we can defeat Zionism without doing that – and I have used it in the past … Zio-Fascism is one thing, leave the rhetoric to a sub-boil level and retain the ability to be logical and … understandable?).

    Wie viel ist Aufzuleiden!

  7. Robin said,

    May 25, 2010 at 19:17

    Peter, you are missing the entire point. When individuals break US laws and they spy on us they should be ARRESTED and tossed in prison. Your cavalier attitude towards telling me that I am naive is just loony. When spies get CAUGHT in any country they go to PRISON. The fact that it goes on all the time doesn’t absolve spying activity from being ILLEGAL.

    The Israeli mafia is alive and thriving here in the US. Hell, there was a shooting at a North Hollywood synagogue last year that is connected to ORGANIZED CRIME. Los Angeles police authorities are FINALLY starting to crack down on this activity.

    But this is FACT.

    Locksmith scam is ORGANIZED CRIME.

    I have read what you have written here and am reading “red herring”, Oh everybody does it.

    NO, not every country has the privileged relationship that Israel does with the US.

    To turn around and USE that privilege to access ways in which to commit crimes here is NOT OK.

    Why don’t you have sympathy for the thousands of victims of this rather than say “oh everybody does it”

    That would be a good start. Just in the locksmith industry itself, heck, right here in my city locksmiths have suffered a 40% drop in their LEGITIMATE business due to these criminals. Let alone the thousands of consumer victims. Also not to MENTION these criminals are working with your KEYS and SECURITY.

    As for the accounts of young Israeli behavior being atrocious. Maybe I can ask.

    First off, compulsory military service at age 18 for a country committing the crimes against the Palestinians that they do is enough to screw with anyone’s brain. Israeli children are not BORN to do this, they are MOLDED to do this and REQUIRED. Then university is postponed and going abroad after military service is
    a time-honored tradition. It is Israeli society that is molding these kids that DO break US immigration laws and DO work in organized crime. Do all of them do this? OF COURSE NOT. But there sure are a hell of a lot that do!

    Two Christmas’s ago I got grabbed by a female kiosk worker. It was an “Italian” product which was EXACTLY the same thing as the dead sea salts but repackaged.
    So I bit. I let her rub lotion on my hand etc. She tried selling me high priced crap and then I asked the question, “you have a beautiful accent, where are you from?”


    You are from Israel and you are selling an Italian product that is just like the Israeli one? Sorry I don’t buy these products, Oh by the way, do you have a green card?

    She flew into a RAGE and grabbed the Jewsih Journal out of the drawer and said,

    “Our boss has told us all about this. Israel is America’s best friend, WHY YOU HATE ISRAEL”

    She raised her arm up in the air with the magazine in her hand and came down with it as I DUCKED and ran with her SCREAMING after me chasing me in her high heels, WHY YOU HATE ISRAEL.

    I went to mall security to report it, asked them if they knew that ILLEGAL workers were manning the kiosks.

    WITHOUT me saying anything the guard said, “Oh you mean the Israelis? Yeh alot of people have complained but the mall owner won’t do anything about it”

    I called ICE on that Monday. Are they still there? YEP! And I’m telling you, when they don’t make enough money at the kiosks the guys will go into locksmithing.

    So Peter, “everyone” may do it but it is AGAINST THE LAW and going on RAMPANTLY in the US, coming to your car or house to rip YOU off and messing with YOUR security.

  8. michael mazur said,

    May 25, 2010 at 22:57

    Aufzuleiden, you’re gonna have to `splain to us all about nano thermite and whether it was made in the US or in Israel, as there are clear advantages in making the 100tons required in a country where no one rats to outsiders – though Mordechai Vanunu was the solitary exception, currently once again being made an example of. . .

  9. Doug said,

    May 26, 2010 at 03:39

    As a famous wise-man once said, “By their works ye shall know them.”

  10. May 26, 2010 at 21:34

    Michael – the nano thermite is made in the same place made the stuff used to melt the metal in the mall in Thailand. A mall was burned to the ground after Molotov cocktails were used to start a fire – and the steel beams MELTED. Odd … I’d never heard of that happening in a steel structure before.

    Strange thing is, post 9/11 there have been other ‘never before’ seen occurrences – metal melting in buildings that shouldn’t have collapsed. That thermite seems to be endemic.

    As for the Kiosks and Locksmiths – the best solution … dare I say – don’t buy from kiosks in malls? I haven’t bought from one in over a decade. Aside from the fact that they generally sell crap, now that I know about this ‘conspiracy’, why take the chance? Don’t go near them. Boycott the malls they are in – tell everyone you know about the mall and why you won’t shop there (money talks … mall managers ‘may not care’ – but if they start losing customers, I guarantee, they will listen – and care).

    You missed the point of my ‘everyone does it’ argument – I’m not condoning spying at all; catch a spy, fine – send them to jail. Just remember, the United States is spying on EVERY NATION in the world, probably with the help of Israel (through the help of technology or whatever – I really don’t care at this point [you reading this, you Zio-Thugs? Bugger off and die!], I’ve got other things on my plate at this time).

    If you contacted ICE and they showed no interest – that’s weird. Greased palms.

    Bet if people stopped spending money at those Kiosks they’d have no reason to stay ….

    See, that’s my problem with this ‘conspiracy’ — a great deal of it relies on the ‘victim’ – the host nation’s citizens – to purchase products from the kiosks or whatever business it is. Temporary businesses would seem to be the perfect things to avoid in order to put a crimp in their wallets.

    As for locksmiths, the last time I had occasion to use one of these he was Vietnamese … I hardly think ‘Kosher Nostra’ fit into the equation at all.

    It reminds me of the saying ‘Caveat Emptor’ – buyer beware – make sure that none of your precious pennies are converted to Shekels by buying their wares and you have done as much as anyone can expect – tell your friends and you have gone further.

    … and keep an eye out for those random attacks of nano thermite … it’s a real bitch if it lands on your lap!

    Wie viel ist Aufzuleiden!

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