This man speaks for many Jews throughout the world who have so far remained silent…

Not in My Jewish Name

By Rob Kall *

I am a Jew and I am outraged and ashamed by the acts Israel has perpetrated. I am not a self hating Jew, not an anti-semite, as some religious extremist Jews have accused me and other Jews who criticize Israel.

I am a Jew who knows right from wrong, who can see that the band of evil idiots in Israel who are making decisions are doing the wrong thing, doing things that are bad for the Jewish people. I stand up now declaring that Israel does not act in my name. AIPAC, the lobbying group for Israel does not act in my name.

I was ashamed and outraged when Israel attacked Gaza, killing over 1000 innocents. I told my son it would be like him throwing a balled up peice of paper at me and me coming back with a hammer smashing him in the head and face repeatedly.

There’s no other way to explain it. The Israeli leadership have become psychopaths, without conscience. I know that there are Jews who are bigots, who see the Palestinians as less than human. These are usually the same racist haters who listen to Rush Limbaugh like the Christian racist haters who treat all Muslims and blacks the same way. It’s not a Jewish or Zionist thing. People who like to hate Jews tend to think that way. Sorry, It’s not the case.

Israel is now controlled by a small minority of extreme, ultra-orthodox Jews. They have the power because they have small minority power bases in the Knesset that they use to help larger groups to gain power– as long as these fringe groups get specific things they want. These ultra-orthodox are extremist fundamentalists, just like the crazy, rabid right wingers we have here in the USA.

It is time for the US to deal with Israel, facing the reality that these extremists are controlling too much. The US should tell AIPAC that the curtain has been lifted, it no longer will be paid attention to and it should go away.

There are a few million Jews in the US. They’re a powerful voting bloc and they tend to vote liberal– about 75-80 percent. An awful lot of them are very unhappy today. If you know any, talk to them. If you are one, speak out, as a Jew, that you refuse to allow Israel to act as though it represents the Jewish people. Demand it. NOT IN MY NAME!! Tell them.

The members of congress are terrified of Israel’s main lobbying arm, AIPAC, and jump like frightened puppies when AIPAC barks. I’ve written about this before, thatAIPAC IS Bad for Israel, but it is also bad for the Jewish people. Israel’s crimes against humanity have done more to increase anti-Semitism in recent years than any other cause.

AIPAC’s reign of fear over congress must stop. It will only end if constituents show that they care. Whether you are Jewish or not, tell your representatives that Israel’s actions against the Palestinians and Humanitarians aiding the Palestinians must not stand. I wrote some ideas on how to fight back against AIPAC here. One thing that is still true, attacking Jews and going into anti-zionist rants will only help AIPAC. This is about Israel, not Zionism. Attacking Zionists or Israeli Jews in general does smack of anti-Semitism and serves the Israeli propagandists, even if it may make some who hate Israel feel good. If you want to help the people of Gaza talk Israeli crimes. If you want to vent your spleen and help Israel and AIPAC, talk Zionists and Zionism.

We are facing terrible times, with the possibility that Gulf could become a dead zone and a president who does not have what it takes to call what the Israelis did wrong.

That must change. We need to go to the local offices of the members of the House of Representatives and show them, with big numbers, that Israel does not have a blank check. It is time to pull the plug on the bottomless money we’ve been sending to Israel. Force them to change their policies by voting out the insane leaders who believe that they can commit the CRIMES they’ve committed and the US will do nothing.

It is time. It is past time.

*Rob Kall is executive editor, publisher and site architect of, Host of the Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show (WNJC 1360 AM), President of Futurehealth, Inc, (more…)


  1. wixif said,

    June 2, 2010 at 19:35

    Rob, thank you for speaking out. I have been trying to maintain an even keel, but Cast Lead and the flotilla attack have been too much. My first reaction was to rise up in disgust and anger, ready to lash out at the evil represented by the Israeli government. I’m also enraged that everyday Jews stay quiet. Thank heavens, it’s people like you who help keep me and others sane. I hope you’re right about “many” Jews feeling the way you do. A couple of years ago I attended a talk by Liberty survivors, and the jews in the audience deliberately ruined it for everyone else by constant yelling and screaming accusations. Didn’t do a whole lot for maintaining an equilibrium.

    All in all, it seems like the rabid zionists are out to destroy Israel. What in the world is going on here?

    I guess the next question is: who among the Jews who feel like you will step up and become leaders? I hope and pray someone does.

  2. June 2, 2010 at 19:49

  3. Firebird7478 said,

    June 2, 2010 at 20:03


  4. Adam Zettler said,

    June 2, 2010 at 23:37

    Thank you Rob for recognizing the poison that is extremist Zionism.

  5. Cassandra said,

    June 2, 2010 at 23:38

    Rob, You say, “Israel is now controlled by a small minority of extreme, ultra-orthodox Jews.”

    Perhaps, but 95% of the population, brainwashed by their successive govts have been told that the world is out to exterminate them, just like the Israeli govt has had no shame in saying the same about their plans for the Palestinians.

    There is a great many number of Jews who have for a very long time spoken out against Israel. In our rage, let’s those of us of sane mind and cool blood remind the hotheads that by offering an extreme solution we have just fallen into Israel’s trap.

    Jews are people with a specific way of worshipping; they are not mass killers, intent on destroying the planet. The latter is the path being paved by the Israeli government.

    Knowing and acting on the difference may yet convince the Israeli Jews sitting on the fence, which side is the one with a future.

  6. Per Jensen said,

    June 3, 2010 at 01:36

    How can anybody be an anti-semite, if he’s critisizing zionism??? I myself took that word (anti-semite), and stuffed it back into the throat, where it came from on my Facebook-page, because it is an hassidic, orthodox and self-loving mantra excuse made up by israeli right wing politicians nowadays, who can’t stand critisism…. Nazis hated jews like the westerners hate moslems today, just because they were/are different. But zionism is an political movement, that wants to control and occupy more land for its people like Hitler, when he wanted Böhmen/Mähren (Sudeten-Land) from the czechs. Original zionism was a movement of freedom, and searching for an own country for a haunted people. Like the palestinians today. My grandmother taught me to love Israel, but it is hard to love right now. The israeli government doesn’t deserve peace, but reaction… South Africa was boycotted, and Israel deserves to be isolated in the same way, so they’ll come back begging for a two state solution. The United States, other countries and my own semi nazi state of Denmark should send the israeli ambassador home, and cancel every trade with Israel, because poverty makes you thing about your life so far.

  7. Jesse Canaan Greene said,

    June 3, 2010 at 03:11

    As a spiritually minded, humanitarian hearted person of mixed jewish and christian heritage.. I deeply respect where you’re coming from and appreciate your having said it because I often feel caught between the current divisiveness that relates to my state of judaism.. I also deeply respect and agree with the majority of what you’ve suggested as a solution.. However, I honestly don’t understand the “orthodox jews are in control” part either.. Israel is becoming increasingly secular.. if the orthodox jews really had control, logically, this would not be the case.. I’d say it’s the “pseudo orthodox” SECULAR ZIONISTS that are in control because that is the political philosophy that best reflects the actual military and political policies that are being enacted and strengthened in Israel.. In fact, there are many ultra orthodox people in Israel that believe that the expulsion of the jews from the holy land was by the will of God and thereby are strongly against the very existence of Israel as a nationstate as they thing it is a rebellion against god’s will and a violation of the jews need for atonement.

    Here is a video of some Haredi Jews that contradict your theory that Zionists and Zionistic policies are ‘not the problem’ and that the Ultra Orthodox Hasidic Jews are NOT the ones pulling the strings.. It IS the ideological beliefs of the zionists that ARE the problem if you ask me.. and what needs to be separated is the false belief that judaism and zionism are the same thing!

  8. Hampar Tokatlian said,

    June 3, 2010 at 04:26

    Thank you, Rob, for your courage in speaking out. Just people are recoiled by the inordinate level of violence perpetrated on peace activists. Like Ghandi we shall help the people of Gaza out of the trap of being held hostage for Hamas’ errors.

  9. Sandra in Ireland said,

    June 3, 2010 at 09:28

    Well said Rob. People like you give the world hope. And you are not alone. The Jewish MP in the UK condemns these actions in no uncertain terms.

    We must never forget what happened to those brave people who were trying to make a difference to an oppressed suffering people and we must never forget the results of Cast Lead.
    I ask that people force themselves to look at this link. Those images are horrific but for too long we have turned away our gaze while the slaughter continues.

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