Earlier today I posted an appreciation to Helen Thomas. It started off with the following paragraph….

A name emerged this week on all newswires, that of  Rabbi David Nessenoff. He was the man representing a group called Rabbilive. It was he that set up Helen Thomas, a set up that has been resounding throughout the world as anti Semitism. A set up that embarassed Thomas enough to resign from her position as White House Press Correspondent.

I tried to find some information about this so-called rabbi but found nothing on Google other than his smear campaign against Ms. Thomas. But, one of my readers came to the rescue by sending me a link about the racist background of this man. It is presented here with thanks to Hubris for linking it in his comment. We can see now that the set up was obviously intentional, the man is a master at turning racism into a joke. Racism is not funny!

Rabbi Who Recorded Helen Thomas Now Suffers From His Own Viral Video Past

Welcome to the second chapter of the story of Rabbi David Nesenoff. America first got to know this man as the guy who recorded Helen Thomas on his flip-cam saying what many believed to be offensive comments regarding Jews. But just just as a pendulum swings both ways, the nature of viral video swings back to reveal Mr. Nesenoff in what many will surely see as an offensive and stereotypical portrayal of Mexican-Americans in a hackneyed weatherman shtick.

This video was published three months ago, and is just now surfacing, thanks in part to the website Race Wire, who presents some background on Nesenoff and Thomas, then presents the comedy bit thusly:

Anyway, here’s a video from February of this year in which Rabbi Nesenoff dons a terrible Mexican impression and makes a lot of jokes about being detained by ICE. You’ve got a stronger stomach than me if you can make it past the one about being a dishwasher. What is it with these gotcha-guys and wigs?

It’s hard to get through the entire video, mostly because its just not at all funny. But there are plenty of ethnic stereotypes at play here, namely for the dishwashing jokes (Mexican laborers wash dishes? Hilarious!) To be clear, there is no comparison to the following failed attempt at comedy and the comments made by Helen Thomas (which lead to her sudden retirement earlier today.)

The source and the video can be seen HERE


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  2. Chris said,

    June 10, 2010 at 02:19

    Bravo Helen Thomas,
    it takes one gutsy old lady to speak the truth. Helen says Hell No I won’t sit at the back of the bus.

    Finally an American journalist says what the rest of the world knows and by that I mean the peoples of Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. We all feel sorry for you living in the USA, as your media is not unbiased or free.

  3. Amerikagulag said,

    June 10, 2010 at 05:53

    Thank You for the truth.

    Wonder if the guy moonlights organ harvesting.

  4. aufzuleiden said,

    June 10, 2010 at 17:29

    Is anyone really surprised that the Rabbi turned out to be a racist ass? Jon Stewart, on ‘The Daily Show’ had a moment of turning inside out when he played that weather report video and flipped out, while still mocking Helen Thomas, but it was Keith Olbermann of MSNBC that took the prize: he played an excerpt of the video after prefacing it with (something to the effect of), ‘What Thomas said, I can’t defend, it’s unforgivable’ – something to that effect – really? Keith is of German descent – if anyone can find it in his heart to forgive someone for having an OPINION about a group of hateful, murderous people, Keith Olbermann should be that man. I confess – I watch ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann’ regularly – it’s funny and I like his guests, but shit – if you can’t recognize that using white phosphorus against civilians is a nasty piece of work, and that – just maybe – someone as well versed in foreign matters as Helen Thomas just might know what the fuck she’s talking about, then maybe you’re in the wrong business.

    But seriously, this only proves what I wrote about in my post on this issue – Helen Thomas was set up by someone with a sick, offensive agenda. Of course they didn’t walk around with ‘Rabbilive’ emblazoned on their jackets – they were at a Jewish function at the White House.

    So, if asked ‘do you have a message for Israel’, what would you say?
    ‘Tell them to play nice with their neighbors.’ wimp
    ‘Tell them to stop killing civilians.’ wuss
    ‘Tell them to stop building settlements.’ yeah, that worked for Obama, who the fuck are you?
    No, ‘Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine’ is really a pretty good, concise message – all told, it’s boiled down nicely to a perfect message that says it all: if you can’t live in peace with your neighbour, what are you doing there?

    The real mistake that Helen Thomas made was that she shouldn’t have suggested that Jews leave Israel to return to their places of origin – they left those countries to seek a new life in Israel, it would be unfair to send them back where they would feel like outsiders. Instead, she should have suggested they go to someplace like Madagascar or Borneo – perhaps Easter Island or even Baffin Island in the Arctic – though that might be a bit … cool. If these Zionists are so adamant about not wanting to live with anyone but Jews, fine – send them someplace where they will be the ONLY people.

    Let the real game of ‘survivor’ begin.

    Actually, Baffin Island sounds better the more I think about it … frigid, barren and desolate – just perfect – nobody for the Zionists to kill.

    Wie viel ist Aufzuleiden!

  5. June 19, 2010 at 07:46

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