Over the years many parallels have been drawn between the American Civil Rights Movement of the 6o’s and the Palestinian Struggle of today. It was the hope of many that one of the Changes promised would be in favour of the Palestinian Cause…. as in all other promises, nothing has changed.

President Obama should be aware of the former…. but he seems unable to make a connection with the latter.. perhaps these Headlines Click on them for report) will help… followed by a Freedom Song that he is singing along to…. but obviously doesn’t understand.

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round……

Flotilla organizers say aid voyages legal, necessary
Largest Ever Flotilla And Land Convoy To Reach Gaza ’After Ramadan’
Two Iranian Aid Ships on their Way to Gaza, Israelis Announce Using Force to Prevent them
Freedom Flotilla Two

Gaza blockade: ‘We’ll Be Back – With Bigger Flotillas’


Jewish flotilla to break Gaza siege

There are more….. many more planned. Main thing is


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  2. Dante said,

    June 15, 2010 at 20:42

    aint gonna let them turn my flotilla around!!!!!

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  4. aufzuleiden said,

    June 16, 2010 at 17:04

    The sad fact of American politics is that foreign policy is always the smallest portion of the presidential portfolio in the sense that the average American (traditionally) is more interested in working out the domestic issues rather than having the eyes of the nation focusing on things that don’t affect the ‘man on the street’. Is this a myopic way of looking at things? Of course! We all live on this small planet and have a responsibility to each other, but if you tell an American that they should ‘downsize’ their lifestyle so someone they don’t know can have a better life … well, that’s ‘sharing the wealth’ – that’s ‘communism’ – it’s anathema.

    The idea that people around the world survive on what Americans throw out as refuse doesn’t seem to bother the average American, nor does it bother them to know that there are places in the world where, thanks to American consumerism, children die picking through poisoned heaps of trash looking for old pieces of technology with circuit boards containing precious metals that can be recovered (through toxic processes).

    Is there a civil rights parallel between America and the Palestinians? Yes, and no. Yes, obviously – how could you not look at the suffering of the Palestinians as a denial of basic civil rights, and yet, at the same time there are differences, not the least of which being that during the civil rights movement in the United States the blacks seeking their rights were already afforded the right of citizenship, possessing the rights and privileges thereof (including the rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights, particularly the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, but I digress). These rights had to be fought for, of course, and that was the battle of the Civil Rights Movement, but it was a battle that was, from its inception, destined for victory. They – the movement – merely had to convince those in power to catch up to the realities already presented in the law of the land, and to codify new laws to forever banish the institutional racism prevalent throughout much of the South.

    As for the Palestinian struggle, things are not quite so easy (yes, I called the Civil Rights Movement easy). There is a history of violence associated with this movement that some may find difficult to reconcile with renewed calls for ‘peace’, even when the Zionists regularly answer the Palestinians with brutality, many in the world remember that the Palestinians do not exactly have clean hands when it comes to the use of violence for the advancement of their cause. Under the leadership of Arafat the PLO carried out many acts of terrorism, making negotiations difficult – and yet, they happened.

    How many summits have to take place before the people – Jews and Arabs – Muslims, Christians, whatever – decide to lay down their guns and stones and live together in peace? Of course, some will say, ‘the Israelis come and steal their land’. Then you take up your guns, and you lose. You lose because you do not ‘look’ like the people that Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and those close to him trained to protest without violence. It would be so much easier to be supportive if you wouldn’t throw that rock, or fire that rocket – then, if they shoot at you or drop bombs on you the world will know: you were unarmed.

    That is the difference, and that is why it is easy for people like President Obama to turn away in your hour of need. Sometimes it looks like the Civil Rights Movement, to be sure, but at other times it looks like a pathetic parody of some civil war being waged with sticks and guns – with one side hopelessly outmatched, but nevertheless unwilling to surrender.

    I have been an opponent of Zionism for at least 35 years (it was difficult to understand as a child, otherwise I’d say 40 years), but at the same time, I cannot say that ‘supporting’ the Palestinians has been the easiest thing to do. Recently I was ‘accused’ of supporting Hamas, just because I supported the rights of Palestinians in Gaza and was opposed to the attack on the flotilla. ‘I didn’t mention Hamas,’ I replied. ‘Yes, but if you support the Palestinians you support the terrorist group, Hamas, and they’re connected to Al’Qaeda.’ WTF?

    Excuse me, but thinking like that got the United States into Iraq and, now, their longest engagement in history – in Afghanistan … and they STILL haven’t found Osama bin Laden (the tallest Arab in the world … well, not really, but come on; did you check Abu Dhabi?).

    I think many more Americans – and American politicians – will find it easier to support the Palestinian cause if they start using non-violent forms of resistance. If the world sees Israel attacking people putting up no overt resistance that will send a message that no propagandist will be able to defuse. Dr King understood this, the Palestinians must as well.

    Wie viel ist Aufzuleiden!

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