DISCLAIMER….. By posting the following I am in no way suggesting that Islam, Palestinians in particular endorse martyrdom by killing Israelis. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Only the zionists themselves benefit from such falsehoods being spread as fact.

When I posted THIS earlier today I made a statement that  ‘Needless to say, the zionists are ‘cashing in’ on the production of this vile video in question….

The ‘proof is in the pudding’ as can be seen here….. the only ones ‘advertising this vile video are the zionists themselves. They are the only ones to benefit from such madness. They would love to see all Palestinian children ‘self destruct’… it would facilitate their planned ‘final solution’.

And I must add, Shame on the Gulf emirate of Bahrain for allowing this on their airwaves. If they are in any way friends of the Palestinian Struggle they must know that this madness only aids the enemies of Justice. Where is the concern for their own children that might view this dangerous video?

Children’s song endorsing martyrdom gaining popularity in Arab world

A music video, available on the internet platform ‘YouTube’, with a song sung by a children’s choir endorsing martyrdom in the fight against Israel, is becoming increasingly popular in the Arab world. The children sing: “When we die as martyrs, we will go to heaven” and “Without Palestine, what does childhood mean?” The choir is reportedly becoming one of the most popular children’s groups in the Arab world.

The songs are broadcast over the ‘Birds of Paradise’ TV channel that began operating in the Gulf emirate of Bahrain in January 2008. It was established by the Jordanian-Palestinian businessman Khaled Maqdad, who formed the children’s band in 1994. He has since raised funds to set up the TV station, which specializes in broadcasting the band’s clips. In addition to the children’s songs, there are also an abundance of love songs to the homeland and songs praising “heroes like Ahmad Yassin,” the wheelchair bound founder of Hamas whom Israel killed in March 2004.

“This is a private low-budget project,” Maqdad said in a past interview with the Arab newspaper ‘Al-Shuruq’. “The channel has captured the hearts of millions of children. It succeeds where the educational system has failed, such as multiplication table songs. It helps teachers work on it with the children.”



  1. Jim said,

    June 24, 2010 at 00:51

    It is commonly thought in some circles that the mossad are actually responsible for a great deal of so called terrorist bombings.
    Please, all mothers of islam, don’t endorse the madness of suicide bombing. This plays greatly into the hands of your enemies.
    If fight you must then fight you will, but let your children’s blood count for more than another statistic on how “crazy” muslims are. I mean no insult when I say this. Suicide bombings are something that westerners are constantly being propagandized with.

  2. June 24, 2010 at 01:00

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Conspiracy, xXKelly82Xx. xXKelly82Xx said: THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING ~~ THE ZIONISTS WANT MORE SUICIDE BOMBERS: When I posted THIS earlier… #flotilla #israel […]

  3. Howard T. Lewis III said,

    June 24, 2010 at 01:31

    Nope. Still can’t get that Gulf oil volcano out of my mind. Several dozen people have earned a firing squad, with their families. This oil platform breakdown attempt at ‘satanic ritual’ is proof as to who has earned death and who should rule. The gulf disaster is NOT clever, even in some sort of diabolical sense. It is plain stupidity and a desperate attempt to regain lost status in some sick sense.Throw out Obama now and lets go. The earth is being destroyed and sane leadership is absent. Our president can take up the ass with the toufghest of them, but he can’t fight, and he is an idiot.
    Have a nice day. Love your mother earth. No money for Israel. No money for the Rothchilds. Sell off the queens.

  4. June 24, 2010 at 01:57

    yup Israel thrives on violence – thats why they are trying to push Palestinians and Muslims over the edge, so they don’t have to keep setting them up. dont have to get Mossad Fatah agents to fire rockets into the fields and Muslim homes of Israel

  5. michael mazur said,

    June 24, 2010 at 04:31

    A way to counter this would be for Palestinian schools to teach their young about a person who seems to be Palestinian, but is not, who might approach them to take a bag or a box or a parcel to a described man in shop x in a nearby shopping centre during peak hour who will give them some money for bringing the item to him.

    Even the dimmest kids will catch on, who, in reality are the objects of such instruction.

  6. Tod markter said,

    June 24, 2010 at 05:13

    It is a known fact in the intelligence community that the MOSSAD are the ones behind every Suicide bombing. They are arranged in a clever covert way. They hire a courier for a “parcel delivery” or to “deliver a vehicle” the poor person does not know that they will die when the package is remote detonated and they will also be set up for the crime at the same time. “by way of deception make war” That is the MOSSAD motto and that is what they do. They are extremely good at committing crimes and framing someone else for it. (Usually Arabs)

  7. ben benar said,

    June 24, 2010 at 12:38

    The idea of suicide does not come naturally to anybody, especially not to religious people, and certainly not to Muslims.

    The history of so-called suicide bombings is not that long and it is more than doubtful that they take place as claimed by the media.

    It is sad that there is a certain group of people who is hell bent on killing others, and they will never get enough. Yesterday it was the Iraqis, today as always it is the Palestinians, and tomorrow it will be the Iranians, the Pakistani and of course the Americans.

    According to Rabbi Rosen, as long as there are Jews there will always be people who the Jews do not like, and therefore, there will always be “Amalekites”, who should be killed to please God.

    Jesus warned us in John 16:2:

    “ fact a time is coming when everyone who kills you is offering a service to God”.

  8. TruthBeTold said,

    June 24, 2010 at 15:10

    Holy Qur’an Chapter 4 Verse 29

    O YOU who have attained to faith! Do not devour one another’s possessions wrongfully – not even by way of trade based on mutual agreement – and do not destroy one another: for, behold, God is indeed a dispenser of grace unto you! –

  9. robertsgt40 said,

    June 24, 2010 at 16:51

    Nothing new under the sun. The Hegelian Dialectic. Thesis-antithesis-synthesis. Cause a problem to solve a problem. Ya know like 911. Arabs did it. Attack Afghanistan and Iraq..all for a Greater Israel

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