Netanyahu exposed and more

By Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

Young people do what is called ‘party hopping’: going from one party to another in the same night when the parties are held in parallel time.  You get to meet more people but you have the disadvantage of not spending enough time at one place to really get connected.  We decided this Friday to try a similar thing for the Friday demonstrations in Bethlehem area and hop-visit Al-Walaja, Al-Ma’sara, and Wad Rahhal. Maybe that was because we missed the action but in any case, it was not a good idea.  While we did meet more people, we missed the real actions (although we had a small dose of tear gas remnants in Al-Ma’sara!). Life here never has a dull moment.  Six homes were demolished in East Jerusalem on the 13th, we are giving lots of talks to internationals visiting here, there are many summer camps for young Palestinians, we meet new people every day who are interested in helping, popular resistance acts are everywhere, we have new projects and ideas that take work that are being launched….   The news around us (good and bad) give us fuel for further action.

In other news Meg Ryan and Dustin Hoffman decided not to attend the Jerusalem film festival after the Gaza raid and are added to the growing list of International artists boycotting the apartheid state.  We must intensify the demand for total boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against the apartheid state of Israel.

While the [Israeli apartheid] prime minister is dispensing promises about easing restrictions in the territories, Israel is expelling hundreds of shepherds from the Jordan Valley

But here is the real Netanyahu in a private conversation about how he stopped the Oslo accords (partial English translation at bottom of video):

Gideon Levy wrote about this in Haaretz earlier this week

Translated from Hebrew: Yediot’s legal affairs editor on “the emergence of apartheid and fascism” in Israel

Mark Barverman: Something wonderful happened

Inspiring: Children confront soldiers in Nabi Saleh

Beit Jala Demonstration 4 July 2010

AIC video: Al- Walaja Reality

Shooting a blindfolded Palestinian is ‘unbecoming behavior’ and only if caught on tape

In Spanish with English subtitles: Intifada


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