I’ve always maintained that if I don’t receive at least one hate mail letter a day or one attack on the Internet, then I’m not doing my job well…. Since the start of this Blog, that has been the case, proving, at least to myself, that I am doing a damn good job.

It seems ironic that those who attack me personally or this Blog claim to be pro Palestinian activists, yet use the same terminology in their attacks as the most vicious zionists. On the kahana site, the notorious SHIT List, the very fact that I live in Israel is the main focus of the atttack….    Izzy has three citizenships. He was born in America, moved to Canada and now lives in French Hill (Givat Shapira), Jerusalem, which, according to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO and all other Jew-murdering Arab gangs, is “occupied territory.” Perhaps Izzy is merely preparing for the future… “Despite being Jewish and despite being an Israeli citizen I have never lost the ‘Global Outlook’ that makes me who I am…  When Palestine gets its statehood, I intend to get my fourth citizenship, then I will really be able to say that the world is my village.”

Vera The Troll that was recently ‘outed’ on these pages has been using that same line in a Blog that seems totally dedicated to me, Mary Rizzo and Haitham Sabbah. She has been trying to discredit my efforts merely by pointing out to her two readers that I live in Occupied Jerusalem… a fact that I never denied. Why is Steve Amsel from desertpeace at wordpress hiding the fact that he lives in Occupied Jerusalem? She has also attempted to create a NING Page, but it was shut down by the administration for using false personas in it.

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that an email was circulated to activists (and others) citing a new page at a site called ziomania. The site itself is exactly what it claims to be, a zionist maniac hangout. It is run by a woman named Sophie, a woman that loves to namedrop, yet never posts her own name on the site. You can see the type of hatred she spouts out in the comment section at THIS link. In the section ‘About’, you can see what a confused individual she is. The email that was sent out yesterday came from the following address…. XXXXXX …. you might have received it.
The subject of the email was Who is ‘desertpeace’?;Norman Finkelstein needs to get a day job

Normally  I would ignore such nonsense, but once others are involved as recipients of the email in question, I felt it necessary to bring attention to it. The email brings you to THIS post on ziomania, in which DesertPeace is listed with at least 3 other ‘good Jews” whose works have appeared on these pages. But why DesertPeace? Read THIS section… be sure to read the update that she added at the end.

Again, the same old, same old….Jews such as ‘desertpeace’ and other Anglo-European-American Jews who made the choice to leave the West to live on stolen Arab land….

Just over a year ago, DesertPeace and What Really Happened were the targets of an attack in the Jerusalem Post itself… once again proving that we are doing a good job! These are the attacks that give us the strength to go on….

So, bottom line is that if the Sophies and Veras of this world are happy to be in the same company as the most vicious of zionists, so be it. I am happy being attacked by them 😉


  1. LG said,

    July 18, 2010 at 14:10

    You english-speaking people DO have a HUGE problem. You just do not seem to be aware of others cultures. We, for instance, in the french speaking world have also our anti-zionists blogs.
    You are also victims of your lack of culture as you do not learn other languages !
    A big blog anti-zionist blog like “Les intransigeants” (wordpress) has just been banned. We also have goys and girls like Boris le Lay, Hervé Ryssen, Dieudonné, Emma La Luce, Anne Kling…and not even a word about them. It really is a shame !

    Cordialement, (du moins j’essaie de l’être !)

  2. desertpeace said,

    July 18, 2010 at 14:22

    Sorry LG…. but there is no possible way to reach out to all other languages. Your work is appreciated, don’t have any doubts about that.

  3. July 18, 2010 at 16:43

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Michael Rivero, xXKelly82Xx. xXKelly82Xx said: CYBER ATTACKS THAT GIVE US STRENGTH: I’ve always maintained that if I don’t receive at least one … #flotilla #israel […]

  4. Urod said,

    July 18, 2010 at 20:24

    Kudos to Desert Peace and Mike Rivero for keeping us informed !
    Think about it , how many of us have the courage , emphaty and determination to change this world for the better by maintaining such Patriotic web sites ?
    And so , by the cyber attack , they got the approval for their effort from their enemies , which proves the IQ of the adversary …
    If we’ll go back to dust one day might as well spent our lives in Style , by being strong , united and Pro-Active , never letting the Elite ruin our lives .
    See how is done at , future shocking , where Mike Rivero , Alex Jones , Desert Peace are Heros that changed our lives for the better .

  5. July 22, 2010 at 18:58

    I have mentioned before that there is a simple solution. Palestine lies in the region which supposedly lies in the cradle of the births of the three major religions, christianity, judaism, & mohamedism. In those regions there should not be any established national states. It should be a protectorate where all three religions can live in harmony with one another. All pages in their holy scriptures that teach hate should be burned and as communication Esperanto should be taught in all their schools which should be fully integrated to eventiually make the whole region a melting pot of all the people resing in the area.

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