Why would a supposedly Pro Palestinian Blogger devote herself to the defamation of Jews involved in the Palestinian cause?

They wouldn’t!

The person’s aim is openly to disgrace the entire cause and make it appear as if Palestinians and their supporters are anti Semites. This is not the case at all …. only the zionists themselves attempt to make that an issue. The aim may not be to openly disgrace the cause, but in many cases that is what is accomplished. The problem is a confusion of issues to the point that one doubts what the aims are, because if they don’t have real arguments, they effortlessly fall into the same exact traps that the zionists do, using the same racial profiling techniques, and focus on the messenger and not the message.

OK…. at this point you might be wondering what I am rambling on about, here’s what….

The other day I posted THIS piece about Cyber Attacks. In it there was a section devoted to a site called Ziomania. I wrote the following …

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that an email was circulated to activists (and others) citing a new page at a site called ziomania. The site itself is exactly what it claims to be, a zionist maniac hangout. It is supposedly run by a woman named Sophie, a woman that loves to namedrop, yet never posts her own name on the site. You can see the type of hatred she spouts out in the comment section at THIS link. In the section ‘About’, you can see what a confused individual she is. The email that was sent out yesterday came from the following address…. XXXXXX …. you might have received it.
The subject of the email was Who is ‘desertpeace’?;Norman Finkelstein needs to get a day job

Normally  I would ignore such nonsense, but once others are involved as recipients of the email in question, I felt it necessary to bring attention to it. The email brings you to

THIS post on ziomania, in which DesertPeace is listed with at least 3 other ‘good Jews” whose works have appeared on these pages. But why DesertPeace? Read THIS section… be sure to read the update that she added at the end.

Today, the last link I provided has been removed, and such haste is a bit unusual, just one day after its author attempted to circulate it into the inboxes of activists. One can only wonder what brought on such sudden second thoughts BUT…. since the person is an old acquaintance whose idea of action is to write about other activists in haughty tones of disapproval, I decided to see if there was anything on her at all, if she has become as popular and famous as she aimed to do in her communication with me, as hits were a high priority to her. I was able to use her name to look, as she has surrendered her surname on occasion, and activists who are active writing should have quite an archive of material. All I managed to find was a blurb from several years ago referring to her within the British Zionist trash rag Jewish Chronicle, written by a self-absorbed journalist who mentions her in one of his pieces; Sophie Allem — from context, a black American woman — who wrote to me over the weekend from the US telling me how outraged she was that I should be persecuting the bonkers jazzman, Gilad Atzmon, and permitting the stealing by “European Ashkenazi Jews” (or Khazars) of Middle Eastern lands belonging to “people of color”. Sophie helpfully added a link to her website, where her recommended reading list turns out to include the Protocols and Mein Kampf. The article this is taken from can be read HERE….

Protocols and Mein Kamph???? Recommended reading for pro Palestinian activists??????
OR perhaps a feeble attempt to discredit those very activists, which is it?

In my view, flipping through sites like ziomania, with so little real content that has much to do with Palestine and Palestinians, it seems to me that the sole purpose of sites such as it may be to discredit those of us that are genuinely a part of the Pro Palestinian Movement and who live, work, cooperate constantly with Palestinians in harmony and mutual respect and esteem. What happens is that folks like our Sophie directly feed the zionists their vile lies and other kinds of information that reflects only on themselves, but which they want the zionists to believe is the common practice among activists. It looks like they are busy and dedicated to giving zionists all sorts of ammunition to discredit us as well, knowing that some self-aborbed journalists can’t resist writing about the pet topic of ‘activist extremism and anti-semitism’, and thus, all of this will make the rounds in the rabid zionist circles. This can be seen in the JC article that I linked to above.

But if you think she wants to stop only attacking Jews, you are on the wrong track. Her targets include some of the most dedicated and active writers living under occupation. She did not lose any sleep to attack one of the most renowned Palestinians who provides millions of us with his reports in the most difficult of conditions… here is what she said to one of the most distinguished and respected journalists from Palestine, Khalid Amayreh… and why? For being my associate and not being an anti Semite. You can see her tirades in the comment section on THIS post…


As far as Khalid Amayreh’s comments to the settler Jew about ‘anti-Semitism’, all that I can say is that I do not appreciate people like Khalid Amayreh who would say one thing to me and another to another. So I will make it short and sweet and say that this concludes of any connection with Amayreh. It just ended! But I do wish him well.

So, if it’s the Aaronovitchs’ and other zionist henchmen she wishes to arm with ‘ammunition’, so be it…. it only strengthens our cause in the end.


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    The War by Deception brigade get’s desperate.

  4. rachamim ben ami said,

    July 31, 2010 at 13:56

    It is comforting to see the Jew hating rabble so fixated on nonsense…hmmm…just like their raison d’etre, a non-existent People in a non-existent “nation.” A lot of “NON,” par for the course. Please do keep up the great work.

    Best wishes, Rachamim Ben Ami

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