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I get many submissions and links to various articles from different sources. This is a natural for a Blog that deals with pro Palestinian rights and anti zionism.

Rebel News WAS one of the sources of these submissions…. at least until this morning. The site is administered by an Ausralian anti Semite and certified nutcase named Andrew Winkler. His former site was called ziopedia.

The names of sites he choses give the impression that factual information will be presented…. BUT, on the contrary, they are nothing but sounding boards for pure, unadulterated anti Semitism. The sites are also his vehicle to wage attacks against true activists involved in the Palestinian cause.

Below is his latest example of hatered…. in the form of an ‘editorial’ sent out this morning…. an ‘editorial’ that promted this reply from me…

Please remove this JEW from your list if this is the type of crap you have to send out.

Here is the ‘crap’ in question….
If this is not pure anti Semitism, what is it?

Not Zionism, not Judaism, Jewishness is the real threat



  1. aletho said,

    July 30, 2010 at 16:31

    While the praise for the Spanish inquisition IS way over the top, there is also a perspective expressed that most venues would suppress discussion of.

    I do agree that the piece is far too hostile and indeed counterproductive, but I’m not sure it warrants the type of reaction that it surely gets from many.

    I use comparison to commentary about the US as a litmus test. Many writers harshly smear American culture without bothering to identify the ideological or religious origins for the critiqued behavior. Rather than decrying militarism, imperialism or Christianity they level their complaints directly at American culture.

    Is that anti-American? Perhaps so. But it does not mean that it must be banished from discussion.

    He asks that you piss on the Talmud. So what? There are more important things to worry about.

  2. jmhanson said,

    July 30, 2010 at 17:45

    Yes! There is a difference in zionism and Judaism.
    The man or woman that wrote that Rebel editorial is a very sick person. It is those attitudes that got many ordinary Jewish people killed under Hitlers regime.

    I used to subscribe to ziopedia, but it was editorials just like this one that made me cancel (after if went into Rebel).

    I am suspicious of people that write stuff like that. It gets to the point that people that are trying to help with the Palestinian Cause or trying to wake up American’s to the fact that Israeli Zionism (or just zionism in general) has gotten hold of our government, are continually fighting an uphill battle, not only against the zionists, but also against those like this Rebel editorial guy who are responsible for loading up the comment boards and calling people Jews, Shills, etc, just for NOT saying enough bad stuff about Jews in general….I will not fall for their game. What would someone who is starting to question the whole U.S. and Israeli relations think when they see something like this?
    I did not know about what was happening to the Palestinians until about 10 years ago. I started wondering about it all because I kept seeing kids throwing rocks at Israeli tanks, yet the media was clearly siding with Israel. It sure was not editorials such as Rebels that made me aware and more determined to find the truth.

    It took a lot of reading and waking up to understand that it is the Palestinians who are the biggest victim, not the other way around as the Media would have everyone believe.

    This guy actually is counter productive. In fact he is harming and actually is providing the zionists, such as AIPAC and ADL fuel to fan their agenda.

    Because the US is bombing the Middle East, does this mean all Americans are bad? This is a totally emotional and rancid editorial. The guy may actually be part of the zionist agenda. Who knows?

  3. geo1671 said,

    July 30, 2010 at 17:55

    Wrong Wrong Wrong–I myself get regular emails from the rebel network. Compare that to any USA rabiid media–no differance in hatred. Obvious Ashkenazism cult members hate muslims and Gentile Americans are meedia trained to hate and want Muslims and perssians to be killed. What does it take for abused Americans to wake-up/ At least Winkler from Rebel news is a town Crier–wake-up fools.What if 9/11 attacks were all planned and done by Isreal–would the Rabiid media go after the monsters–no but rebel would and has a right to free speach–just as Fox and Washingtonpoop–to lie to lie :^/

  4. geo1671 said,

    July 30, 2010 at 18:01

    Here is an article that is a must read
    Even though most priests or sunday school teachers know it–will never ever reveal this.Rebel news sent it–would CNN or FOX have sent it? Not in my life time or yours :^/

  5. wrong criteria said,

    July 30, 2010 at 22:08

    This is certainly an impassioned screed of frustration and anger. But switch the word “jew” for “muslim” and you’ll find hundreds of screeds to equal or surpass it on a daily basis. And by very mainstream sources- usually jews.

    Cut the censorship and apply impartial standards to all sides. There are far worse offences than not liking jews. Murder, fraud, rape, coruption, grand theft etc etc. The man dislikes jews? Too bad. Each to his own. You cant legislate taste, even though it has now become fashionable to legislate morality-depending on who benefits

  6. antinazi said,

    July 30, 2010 at 22:45

    Define “Jewish.”

    If it’s a religion that teaches that nonJews are subhuman animals, then I hate Jews.

    If it’s a race, then I don’t hate Jews. However, it’s not a race. The only people who think it’s a race are Nazis and Zionists.

    If it means Zionist, then I hate Jews. It doesn’t mean Zionist though.

    If it means some vague collection of traditions and rituals that some secular person likes to continue because they think of themselves as a “secular jew,” then I would have would kinda chuckle and think “yeah right, but what do you think about Israel?”

    The fact is this. Any Jewish person can wake up tomorrow and say “you know what; i’m not “jewish”; i’m a human being!” A black person cant wake up and say they are white. A blue-eyed person cant wake up and be a brown-eyed person. But *anyone* can relieve themselves of the burdens of religion and culture put upon us by history.

  7. GT said,

    July 31, 2010 at 05:05

    AntiNazi is spot on. Nobody should hate anybody for things that are literally beyond their control – hating the retarded, for example, or women, gay people, blacks or Chinese.

    But Jewishness is a choice, and the Stone Age tribal-supremacist narrative that underlies the entire religion is reprehensible: anybody who was raised to believe that they are inherently superior to the rest of humanity by dint of their religious affiliation is obliged to slough off that vile thinking the moment they learn to think for themselves.

    Otherwise we are saying that if one is raised by a child molester, it is perfectly alright to be a chld molester as an adult: not that it is a MITIGATING circumstance, but that it is EXCULPATORY. That is just plain wrong.

    And as for that piece on RebelNews, I find it very hard to disagree with much of it: it’s strongly worded, and to an extent I think it’s tough on Neturei Karta and JewsAgainstZionism (both organisations whose work I have liked in the past)… but at bottom, if JAZ and NK want to retain a Jewish identity, then they are retaining an identity based on stupid Stone Age tribal racist dogma… and that should be dispensed with.

    In other words, RebelNews is refusing to adopt that old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.



  8. July 31, 2010 at 07:18

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  9. N2 said,

    July 31, 2010 at 08:45

    The comments are not working here. The ADL defines anti Zionism as akin to anti Jewish hatred. Are we to say that the ADL is wrong?

  10. michael mazur said,

    July 31, 2010 at 11:57

    If one stops being a Jew then there can be no more Zionists and Israelis.

    As there is no God why pretend there is by being either a Jew or a Christian or a Muslim or a Hindu or a Sikh ?

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