A reader from California, J.David, sent me the results of a marvelous project they were assigned to do…..

A religion and reporting class at the University of Southern California dropped a friend and myself into the middle of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The mainstream media has reported on the religious, economic and social issues plaguing the region but often lost in the issues are the very faces stuck in the conflict.  My friend and I focused on telling the people’s story as we traveled through the Old City and the West Bank.

“Checkpoint” was a demanding project moving us beyond our biases and media diet to listen to the stories of everyday people living as outsiders in an Israeli state.  These stories are their stories. Their beliefs. Their struggles. In their words.  To dismiss them would be disrespectful. To blindly accept them would be irresponsible. To let them drive you deeper into the story of the conflict and the people who deal with it on a daily basis would be all that we can hope for.

Project Summary:

Seven hundred checkpoints dot the state of Israel to keep one population in and the other out. But what about the folks that fall in between? The faithful who are neither Jewish nor Muslim. The citizens who are both Israeli and Palestinian. The elderly with five nationalities and the babies with none. These are their faces. Read on for their stories ….

Visit their Website HERE and click on the photos to see the individual reports.

Israel-Palestine Project

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