How many times have you heard that line LIE? Worse yet, how many times have you used it yourself?

A reporter at the Jerusalem Post wrote something today concerning a Playboy article that was published on Friday. It raises many questions…. and lies about what happened…

‘Sharon was Kahane killer’s target’

Exposé reveals counter-terrorism blunders and FBI memos.

The man who killed Meir Kahane in 1990 claims he did not carry out the shooting alone, as previously thought, but was part of a three-man terrorist cell with links to al-Qaida. Its original target was future prime minister Ariel Sharon, according to a newly-leaked US government document.

During his investigation for an article into alleged counter- terrorism blunders published in
Playboy magazine on Friday, freelance journalist Peter Lance uncovered official FBI memos which bring new information to light about the murder of the Israeli politician in New York.According to the documents, Kahane’s killer, El-Sayyid Nosair, told detectives in 2005 that he had planned to assassinate Sharon, who was then Israel’s minister of housing and construction.

“Nosair further stated that Ariel Sharon was his original target and that he went to a hotel prior to Sharon’s coming to visit, but decided against it,” the document read.

He added that on the night he shot Kahane dead, he was accompanied by two co-conspirators to the Marriot Hotel in Manhattan where Kahane was speaking – one of whom was also carrying a gun.

The men, Bilal al-Kaisi of Jordan and Mohammed Salameh, a Palestinian illegal alien later involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, have never been charged for their part in the slaying.

Nosair further stated that on the night of Kahane’s murder he was in the auto[mobile] with Alkaisi and Salameh three blocks from the hotel where Kahane was speaking that evening,” the FBI report read.

“Nosair possessed two guns and gave one of the guns to Alkaisi. He further stated that on the night of the murder, Kahane had just finished speaking to the crowd and Nosair said to Alkaisi that ‘this is the moment,’ (meaning they were going to kill him). Alkaisi told Nosair to ‘be patient, let’s take our time.’ Nosair further stated the opportunity to shoot Kahane presented itself, and he shot Kahane. At the time of the shooting Nosair did not know Alkaisi’s location.”

Salameh is currently behind bars in the US for carrying out the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which left six dead and 1,042 wounded. Al- Kaisi’s whereabouts, however, are unknown.

“In my opinion, [the FBI is] embarrassed because they let this al-Qaida terrorist go in 1994,” Lance told The Jerusalem Post on Friday. “He did a few months and now he’s out in the wind, as they say.”

Kahane was the leader of Kach, a right-wing political party banned by Israel because it incited racism against Arabs.

Nosair was tried in court for the killing of Kahane alone. The Egyptian- born US citizen was initially acquitted of the murder, but convicted of assault and possession of a firearm in a highly controversial decision by the jury. The ruling was overturned in a retrial after new information came to light regarding his membership in al-Qaida. He later confessed to carrying out the killing, and is serving a life sentence.


Links to al-Qaida? Is the FBI falling down on the job?? Surely Bin Laden and Sadaam Hussein were part of the ‘plot’ as well….

Newly-leaked US government document? If this is so, why has it been hidden all of these years?

One of whom was also carrying a gun? When is the last time you went to a public event in a hotel involving a visiting Israeli and were not checked to see if you were carrying a weapon?

Too many questions raised by this ‘FBI leak’ and Playboy…. Too many LIES in my opinion… just like the one the Post reporter will tell his family about his posession of the Playboy Magazine in question.

The original Post article can be seen HERE


  1. Robin said,

    August 15, 2010 at 22:39

    Not true that this “knowledge” of Nosair’s “link to AQ” was only learned of in 2005 after this newly leaked interview

    In 2002, Eleanor Hill, director of the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating intelligence failures prior to the Attacks of September 11, 2001, reported that Osama Bin Laden helped pay for Nosair’s legal defense for his trial for the murder of Kahane. Hill wrote that during that trial the FBI learned that one of Nosair’s relatives “traveled to Saudi Arabia to obtain money to pay for Nosair’s defense” and that “He received funds from a wealthy Saudi – Usama Bin Ladin.” Ron Kuby, one of Nosair’s lawyers in the 1991 state case, later stated that a cousin of Nosair’s paid for some of the legal expenses with money he said was raised by “family and friends.” However, Kuby stressed that “We never got any checks signed Osama Bin Laden. We just barely got paid. We barely covered expenses.

    The question should be why is this all being dredged up again with supposed “newly leaked documents” when this accusation was around in 2002?

  2. Vickie E said,

    August 16, 2010 at 01:25

    The FBI in reality admits they have zero evidence liking Bin Laden to 9-11

    The only people arrested after 9-11 were Mossad
    Think the 5 dancing Israeli’s

    Do you believe that a Bedouin in the Mountains of Afghanistan with a cell phone had the sophistication to carry out 9-11 and the most beat the most sophist aced air defenses in the world Norad?

    Al Qaeda in Arabic I hear means the toilet. Would you pick that name for your frighting “terrorist” group?

    The dead boogy man Osama in reality died in Tora Bora in 2001.

    9-11 was in fact I am sure led by Mossad/Al CIA’da

    This is Oceania’s never ending war spoken of in 1984

    We invaded the wrong country

    Afghanistan – Israel (what’s the difference?)

    Welcome to Orwells World

    If you hear of the non existent “spooky” Muslim terrorists – who are in fact if you follow the trails behind the scenes either patsy’s or Mossad or mention of the dead boogy man Osama, or Al Quada, or how God gave Israel back to the Jews ( I am a born again Christian believer by the way and right all the way down the line Jesus did not give it back – they stole and murdered and lied for it – Gift from God – Theft and Murder what’s the difference? ) . If you hear anyone propagandizing you with those literal lies. Tune them out.

    And so the lying game goes

    There will be literally hell to pay

    Signing out


  3. Jim said,

    August 16, 2010 at 13:39

    If one places a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death.

    Could it be that Israel hasbara has received that tiny drop of liqour on its carapace?

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