The same group that tried to destroy the NIF and lynch Naomi Chazan a few months ago has found a new target…. this time it’s Ben Gurion University.

In their own words…..
“Our aim isn’t to harm the university and we are not against academic freedom.

We simply believe that the views should be balanced. It’s all a question of measure. Just like there can’t be 100 percent males in the workplace. It can’t be that only one side is heard in the classroom.

We are willing to acknowledge that anti-Zionist sentiments are present in the university, but refuse to accept that it should be forced down the students’ throats.”

BUT…. of course it’s ok to shove their fascist sentiments down the student’s throats until they choke on them….

Right-wing group Im Tirzu threatens BGU donations

Ben-Gurion University: Efforts by Im Tirtzu “reek of McCarthyism.”

Ben-Gurion University on Tuesday released the contents of a letter in which right-wing student group Im Tirtzu threatened to try and convince donors to stop contributing to the university unless university president Rivka Karmi showed she was taking concrete actions to remedy what they perceive as a leftwing bias in the university’s Politics and Government Department.

The publication sparked a storm of public and media responses surrounding the issue of academic freedom and financial boycotts of universities.

The letter, which was sent to Karmi a month ago, stipulates that unless she met their demands within a month, Im Tirtzu would, “Use all the legal means at our disposal to bring to the attention of the present and future student body and especially to the university’s supporters in Israel and abroad, the severity of the situation and the ongoing disregard by university management that allowed things to arrive at their current state.

“We will request that all the donors submit their contributions to a trust fund managed by a lawyer, to be released to the university after it is factually proved that the bias that exists in the department, as expressed in the faculty make-up and the syllabus content, is remedied,” added the letter.

“The department has 11 faculty members, of whom nine are involved in political activities that present extreme leftist positions,” said Shoval.

“Six out of the 11 faculty members have signed a petition calling on soldiers to refuse to serve in the West Bank. Two research fellows are known to have anti- Zionist beliefs. Eight out of 19 external lecturers express radical leftist positions and our research shows that there is a sharp slant in the program’s syllabus, which is characterized by its anti-nationalist and anti-Zionist content,” he continued.

“Heading the department is Dr. Neve Gordon, who has repeatedly called for an international academic, cultural and economic boycott of Israel.

The full report can be read HERE


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    life imitates art: Monty Pythons terrorists issue their demands:

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