'All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players'.... 
but the Palestinians are merely stage hands....

Anyone in his right mind knows that the present round of Direct ‘Peace Talks’ is doomed to failure. Anyone with an open mind can see that the parties involved in these talks represent the same points of view…. that of Israel.

Mahmoud Abbas represents the Palestinian people as much as Sarah Palin represents the Americans. Both are losers, both will remain as such.

Palestinians are angry, and justifiably so. The leaders they elected go unrecognised by Israel and the West, in fact also by those among themselves that were not elected. Inner strife between the factions gave Israel the perfect excuse to divide the nation even further than it was by creating two entities, the West Bank and Gaza….. BOTH under Israeli control despite the elections. Shortly after this division, when the Jewish settlers were removed from the Strip, followed by the Israeli backed factions ‘safely’ removed to the West Bank, the destruction of Gaza began by the Israelis, the siege, the blockade, and finally the blitz that continues to this day.

So yes, Palestinians are angry ….. but there are positive ways to vent this anger in ways that will benefit the entire nation. Events of the past few days are not the ways I speak of. The murder of Israeli civilians only serves the interests of the Israelis themselves as can be see in THIS post that I wrote. But now, Hamas itself seems to be issuing statements in support of this madness…

“The occupation is persistent in its aggression and it does not need any justifications to launch an assault; what we do is a reaction to these crimes,” he added. 

The spokesman also said that this operation took place on Palestinian lands occupied in 1967 and targeted Israeli settlers who kept savagely attacking the Palestinians lately, so it was legitimate retaliation to their crimes that reached intolerable levels.

Hamas lawmaker and official Mushir Al-Masri hailed this operation in his speech before thousands of Palestinians who rallied yesterday evening in Jabaliya refugee camp to express their support for the Palestinian resistance.

Masri described the operation as the best reply to the direct negotiation between de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and the Israeli occupation state.


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What is Hamas thinking?

David Samel

As the “peace talks” are about to get under way in Washington, Hamas has decided to remind us all of its vitality by executing four settlers. According to the New York Times article, Hamas claimed that the attack was “a natural response to the crimes of the Israeli occupation and its settlers” and demonstrates that the “armed Palestinian resistance is present in the West Bank despite the war to uproot it.” 

Hamas, and all Palestinians, have good reason to be pissed off. The Washington peace conference excludes any recognition of Hamas, principally because it has blood on its hands –– a tiny percentage of the blood on Israel’s hands. The Palestinian representative at these talks is a pathetic, impotent figure whose popular support among his supposed constituents is laughable. The sponsor for the talks is the most powerful country in the world, which has consistently given unwavering military, economic and diplomatic support to the other side, regardless of questions of international law and common decency. More generally, Israel is in its 44th year of imposing a military dictatorship over millions of people that has no signs of abating, and is engaging in its umpteenth maneuver to extend such control indefinitely while feigning a willingness to relinquish it.

But are any of these reasons to murder four people in cold blood? Was it necessary to prove that the Hamas-less conference in Washington was a charade? Couldn’t it collapse under its own weight?

What is Hamas thinking? It has shown that “armed Palestinian resistance is present” all right, but also that it can act as murderously and stupidly as the government it fights against. Apart from the moral unacceptability of randomly killing human beings, Hamas’s outrage seems doomed to backfire. The world’s view of the situation is finally changing.

The horrors of Gaza and the Mavi Marmara have focused much-needed attention on Israeli violence, and earned Hamas somewhat of a pass for its own past deeds.

Many are finally realizing that excluding Hamas from peace talks with Israel because of its history of violence is absurdly hypocritical. Now Hamas has placed its own murderous predisposition front and center, ceding the moral high ground to Netanyahu, a development that appeared nearly impossible a few days ago. And, if Israel reacts in its usual bloodthirsty and arbitrary fashion, innocent Palestinians, whose only offense is their ethnicity, will die.

American politicians will fall over themselves to get to the microphone to applaud Israel’s exercise of its “right to self-defense” and “deterrence” by demonstrating that “there is a high price to pay for Jewish blood.” The Jews of Israel aren’t going anywhere. They are there to stay, and the only question is whether they will insist on maintaining a cruel and unjust system in which they dominate and control, and dispossess and occasionally kill, the indigenous Palestinian population, or whether they accept true equality.

I think equality is inevitable, both morally and historically, but the time it takes to arrive at that resolution is dependent in large part on worldwide opinion. Hamas has just done its best to postpone that outcome.

Above taken FROM via Uruknet


  1. holocaust gaza said,

    September 3, 2010 at 00:21

    Funny times! A US president gets the Peace Nobel Prize and held as speech about the necessity of wars in front of Peace Nobel crowd.

    A PM of a none existing state Israel negotiates with the none elected PM of the Palestinians.

    What is to see – build baby build (more illegal settlements).

  2. Fran SA said,

    September 3, 2010 at 11:27

    Who is actually representing Palestinians?? Abbas has not been a president for over a year, now.
    Nothing short of a mockery!

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