Conspiracy theories …. paranoia …. two attributes of a new brand of ‘warriors’ that are haunting the Internet. I have written about them, calling them Trolls…. basically, that’s what they are.

What is it they actually do? They troll the Net searching for a particular topic, in our case anti zionism or Palestine. They cruise through comments on our Blogs and try to dig up email addresses to add to their lists…. and wallah… you are the recipient of hate mail from various groups. Often, you might even find that your own Site or Blog was hacked by these people.

These trolls are part of a movement using the same methods that are used by CONTELPRO. The zionists are getting good at this themselves, reaching out to their youth groups and recruiting them to be a part of their ‘Internet Police’. In fact, these very zionist trolls often pose as anti zionists, or worse yet anti Semites in order to garner new contacts for their hate lists. Hence, me referring to them as the Modern Day Illuminati.

Iv’e given this advice many times before in posts…. be on guard against these groups…
DON’T ever post personal information about yourself on the Web.
DON’T ever post a real address or phone number.
DON’T trust ANYONE that asks too many personal questions or ‘over befriends’ you at the start.

The following video will give you an idea of how they work…. as they try to destroy you.


  1. ehswan said,

    September 8, 2010 at 01:53

    32 years ago I saw a bright shiny disk shaped object hovering silently about 10 ft above a field in front of a tree line. It was about 1/4 of a mile away, 30 ft in diameter and 9′ thick at its center. It was extremely alien, poised and graceful. It terrified me. Why do I start this comment with this bizarre observation? Simple, whoever created that thing got though what we are going through. They survived and thrived. They got over their differences. I don’t know what they went through to get there
    Evolution is an extremely complex process. Many fall by the wayside. There are many parasites that attack our bodies. We respond by creating antibodies. I think this article is about creating antibodies. Keeping the parasites at bay while we evolve. I think that in the end we shall also survive and thrive, in large part thanks to one of the greatest evolutionary tools ever conceived, the internet.


    September 9, 2010 at 08:09

    Your observation about ‘they made it’ would be relevant if there were not so much debris scattered across this ball that shows that we have had many predecessors in time here who should have matriculated out of the violence and mindless destruction, yet no trace of them exists, save their ‘ruins’ which are prominently scattered like old road signs on pieces of the ‘old’ now unused interstate highway system.

    The occupants of that spacecraft you saw hovering were, in-fact, quite ‘lucky’ they surmounted the greed and avarice that has so far destroyed every single civilization on this planet, and I mean, EVERY SINGLE ONE, right down to the one currently SELF IMPLODING as I write this. For what it is worth, if you look at the vastness of space, and the huge promise of worlds and civilizations who’ve gotten past this speed bump, there must be millions of planets all over the universe like this one. Burnt out cinders. Wastelands. Nothing left but the ruins left by their prior warring, greedy inhabitants.

    The aliens you saw hovering were probably watching us, and thinking; “boy, this is almost like PUBERTY, isn’t it??”, in that, nobody wants to remember the pimply faces and the acne and raging hormones, once they’ve gotten past that.

    But here on earth, this civilization will die. It will not matriculate into the stars like those in that craft, and they know it. They know it.

    and so do you. It’s hopeless here because for ‘paramecium’ to evolve into ‘intelligent life’ it can’t have so much genetic material that harkens back to salamanders and snakes in it. As humans, we have just enough bad DNA in us to guarantee we won’t make it as a species.

    But it’s nice someone out there did. It wasn’t us. It’ll never be us.

  3. September 9, 2010 at 11:04

    Go back to sleep Americans….Booga booga!!

    There is no illuminati….

    Only Israeliati….As they admit openly now.

    Israel and their global zionists run the governments, the buzzword they use to scare sheep is illuminati. It’s all a farce.

    It’s one big elite club and you ain’t in it!

    Who would want to be a zionist anyway, someone who desires nothing but an ethnically pure jewish nationalist state is just a bit disturbed. A super nationalist state? What?

    Only kind of state that would work, is a bi-religious state accepting the other religions. That’s no nationalist zionist state, no wonder they get nasty!
    Especially christian zionists…

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