As a political activist during the turbulent 60’s I had many personal ‘dealings’ with agents representing the FBI. I always referred to them as the Big Kahunas, as their major mission was to intimidate. They used the pretext of their ‘visits’ to get information on fellow activists, which was totally unnecessary as they had an entire network of ‘spies’ in our ranks. It was all about intimidation and fear…. nothing more, nothing less, the very tactics of the Big Kahuna himself. In some cases they were successful as we saw some of the weakest links run and hide with their tails between their legs. For the most part, it was a total waste of time on their part as no information was given to them and our activities continued.

Most of us saw these agents as representatives of America’s biggest crime syndicate. The very group that harassed our leadership (MLK), that took part in the murders of our fellow activists working in Mississippi. THEY were the criminals in our eyes, not us.

Yes, we stood up to the Big Kahuna then….. and the activists of today are doing the same! The following was written by an activist living in the Chicago area…..

FBI Raids will not Silence our Movement

I remember this feeling, I thought as I read that on
Friday the FBI raided the homes of peace and justice activists in Minneapolis and here in Chicago. It’s the same way I feel whenever the Israeli government decides it’s time to round up Palestinians nonviolent activists. In these situations I always find that I feel a little bit confused, a little bit scared, and very, very powerless.

The thing is – that’s exactly what a government trying to squash political opposition wants its citizens to feel. When the FBI raided the home of Joe Iosbaker and Stephanie Weiner, they didn’t make any arrests. They just took 30 boxes of papers and personal items. Some of those papers showed the labor activism and peace activist that Joe and Stephanie have been involved in for so long. The rest of it? Strictly personal items, like baby pictures and letters. That’s a tactic designed to scare Joe and Stephanie and their friends. And why does our government want to intimidate us? “All we ever did was work against U.S. military aid to the governments of Colombia and Israel and to support the peoples of Colombia and Israel in their struggle for justice,” said Joe.

We have a choice now. We can become scared and and stop talking about about how the United States and Israel are systematically violating human rights in the name of empire-building, or we keep moving forward with renewed energy. Yesterday, activists held a press conference calling this so-called terrorist investigation what it is: political intimidation. Tomorrow, we’ll be rallying again and I’m asking you to join us. Because speaking out is what it takes to maintain a democracy.

For myself, I keep thinking about the hundreds and hundreds of Palestinians who’ve been arrested for their nonviolent resistance: who was tortured for grazing his sheep on his land, Nasser who spent a month in jail for building a house, Hafez who was beaten and arrested for protesting the wall, the guys from Tuba who keep being arrested for doing farm work, the three boys who were taken by Israel soldiers and handed over to settlers who beat them. I’m thinking about all of the political prisoners, including Amer Makhoul, who are in Israeli jails right now. They are why I’m will not be intimated and silenced. I learned from Palestinians the meaning of “samoud,” steadfastness. We’re not going to give up.


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  1. Robin said,

    September 27, 2010 at 16:58

    There was a PBS series done called the “New Americans”, in that series, Hatem Abudayyeh whose house was also raided by the FBI was featured with his wife. Here is the link to that

  2. Robin said,

    September 27, 2010 at 17:22

    At 1:20 Hatem and his wife are shown

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