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It’s happening all over again…..

Roundup: “Don’t F*ck With Our Activists” – Community Responds to Raids

Over 150 people attended a community meeting at Walker Church Friday night, most on less than six hours notice, to begin to respond to Friday morning’s FBI raids and subpoenas to local antiwar and international solidarity organizers.  (See video of the meeting at right.)  At the church, activists confirmed that five homes and the Anti-War Committee’s office were raided.

Organizers also announced two upcoming events: a protest outside the Minneapolis FBI office, 111 Washington Ave. S., at 4:30pm on Monday; and a solidarity committee meeting on Thursday at 7pm, location to be determined.  The subpoenas ask activists to appear before a grand jury in Chicago, where a solidarity vigil was held last night as a raid was still ongoing in that city, on or around October 19, reported a Chicago Indymedia post.

Those following international news on Friday noticed an eerie coincidence–or perhaps not. On Thursday, the Colombian military assassinated the #2 leader of the guerrilla group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, or FARC. On Friday, President Obama met at the U.N. General Assembly to schmooze with incoming Colombian President Juan Manual Santos, leading to clear suspicion of U.S. involvement in the assassination. FARC is among the resistance groups termed “foreign terrorist organizations” by the U.S. and is listed in the warrant for Mick Kelly’s residence.  Another bit of interesting timing: just earlier this week, the FBI’s Inspector General criticized the FBI for lying to the Justice Department about raids and surveillence of peace groups after 9/11.

Videos: Friday Afternoon Press Conference | Mick Kelly Interview: Guns drawn, FBI raids peace activist’s apartment, “Don’t F*ck With Our Activists” (The Uptake)

More: Original TCIMC Story | Fight Back News: Activists Denounce Raids | Nigel Parry: FBI Raids of Pro-Palestine Activist Homes | CIMC: Activists Respond in Chicago | Twin Cities Daily Planet coverage | World Socialist Web Site coverage

Corporate Coverage: New York Times | Chicago Tribune Keep watching TC Indymedia for coverage of this ongoing story–receive breaking movement news text message alerts via @tcimc on twitter



Meanwhile …..  the following goes uninvestigated. As always, the REAL criminals get away ‘scott free’ while the innocents get harassed.

Did U.S. Soldiers Create Afghan Killing Club?


Viva Palestina 5 in Ancona, a photo essay

By Mary Rizzo
Palestinian flag made by an Italian activist's mother. It is being brought to Gaza
Palestinian flag made by an Italian activist’s mother. It is being brought to Gaza


Yesterday, the Viva Palestina 5 convoy arrived in Ancona to end the first leg of their land journey, and sail closer to the final destination. We all think the destination is Gaza, Palestine, but actually, it’s freedom for all of us. Nobody among us is really free if we allow the atrocities against the Palestinian people to continue, and breaking the siege, while not in our power, is just one of the most urgent things that needs to be done. Until that moment arrives, bringing aid to Gaza is a human duty. Those words are not in any way rhetorical. If Palestine is suffering such injustice in our day and age, we are all doomed. Yesterday, passing through our part of Italy was a convoy that will grow in size and strength, hopefully it will achieve its goal without a single hitch. If good intentions determined it, they would sail directly through and into Palestine. I’d like to share just a few of the many impressions I had as a witness to their passage.

ISM Italia spokesman with the organisers in front of RAI, (Italian Radio Television)ISM Italia spokesman with the organisers in front of RAI, (Italian Radio Television)

I personally have been wary of land trips, since so many borders must be crossed, and there can be so many mishaps. It seems to be an organisational nightmare for documents and things can change in continuation. Yet, I must admit that while I can have my personal reservations about practical / organisational things, I do not deny that there is a power and a beauty in a trip that is a journey passing through places with different cultures, languages and landscapes and it meets with new people along the way. It will bring not only aid, because even if the convoy reaches a million vehicles, it will still only be a drop in the bucket of the needs of Palestine, but it does have a very special side effect: it brings awareness to the public and this can help reach the real goal, ending the siege once and for all as a first step towards the total liberation of Palestine.

I arrived in Ancona in the morning on the train with Daniela, who spent the night at my flat, as she left at 4 in the afternoon from Rome, and my town is about an hour south of Ancona. We got to a town with a gorgeous port, one of the major commercial and passenger ports in Europe, and met up with the local activists who had organised a fantastic welcome. Particularly active was Francesca (Rough Moleskin in Facebook names), who managed to organise an event divided into two specific segments. They obtained permission to hold a press conference at the centre of Ancona, at the foot of the RAI (Italy’s BBC). This was genial, because not only did all the passers by in that very busy area stop to see what was going on, but the presence obtained the maximum attention also by the RAI, which later broadcast a five minute service on it in the evening news from the region of Le Marche, where Ancona is located!

Stefano from Offida, about to go on his third mission to Palestine. His brother in the background.Stefano from Offida, about to go on his third mission to Palestine. His brother in the background.

There were around 80 – 100 persons gathered in this central place (and on a workday morning, this itself says a lot. Were it a Saturday afternoon, I have no doubt there would have been five times as many) to listen to the speeches by the coordinator of ISM Italia as well as brief explanations by the activist groups of the huge boxes right there, and what was contained in them. These activists had collected locally over 5000 Euros of aid, including boxes and boxes of medicines that they had specifically bought from a list of aid that the doctors in Gaza had requested. Not only that, they had gotten an ambulance and two medical vehicles to donate. They named the many contributors and there were a few TV stations, local and national, to interview them and the Italians from our region who were joining the convoy. There were banners that were quite beautiful and original and… a flag measuring SEVEN METRES! One of the activists had asked his mum to prepare a flag, and she created a real work of art!

After the press conference / rally, we had learned the convoy was beginning to arrive, and we moved down towards the port to greet them. There were many who had to return to their offices or appointments, but still others joined us down at the port, men, women and children.

Welcome Viva Palestina! Banner by the Pro-Palestinian groups of the Ancona area.Welcome Viva Palestina! Banner by the Pro-Palestinian groups of the Ancona area.

The groups carrying the banners lead the march towards the vehicles arriving into a large car park, and the rest of us followed, a bit shyly at first, because the groups that arrived needed for a few moments to join each other in prayer and to check that their particular assigned groups were all safely arrived. In the meantime, the flag was attached to the gate and I am sure it could be seen from quite a distance in Ancona!

Members of the convoy and a local man gather in prayer.Members of the convoy and a local man gather in prayer.

Once the moment of reunion of the members of the convoy was finished, our group came to meet and welcome them. I don’t know if they expected a reception, I can only say that we intended upon giving to them our support, to show our thanks and solidarity, but in return we received a welcome from almost every vehicle in the convoy and were greeted with such friendship and warmth.

In the red shirt, an Anconitan from Belbak meets with the London and Ireland activistsIn the red shirt, an Anconitan from Belbak meets with the London and Ireland activists

It was really an astounding thing to personally see the composition of the convoy, because for the first time I realised how truly international it was. There were people from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada, the USA, as well as from closer places around Europe. There were many who were born in Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Jordan. There were French, Brits, Irish, Swedes…. It was simply inspiring to see them all there, all united in the common goal, all doing something important for love of justice. All taking time from their lives and loved ones to do this.

Part of the convoy with the Italians.Part of the convoy with the Italians.

Then, when the ice was broken, an impromptu rally began, a bit for ourselves, a bit to document what the purpose was and a bit to connect all of us in the same emotion. It was great, all the Italians gathered behind the banners, arm in arm with the people of the convoy, and as one we raised our voices and declared out intent with a shout-out and chanting, calling for the freedom of Gaza and the liberation of Palestine. The chants were lead by the unforgettable Irish group.

Two of the amazing members of the convoy. Spirits were high! Two of the amazing members of the convoy. Spirits were high!

After that, souvenirs were exchanged, t-shirts, posters, postcards, booklets, badges, and all the Italians began to individually meet with the folks from the convoy. It was really a moment to treasure forever. We gave them posters of the rally, and they asked us to translate them. They told us about themselves, their own personal histories, their interests, their backgrounds, their political ideas, and they wanted to know many things about us. There was warmth in almost everyone that was really strong, so much laughter, so many charming and interesting people. There was so much movement between everyone, it seemed more like a festival than the sober pre-boarding preparations that the car park must be used to.

Press TV's reporter, the steadiest camera in the world!Press TV’s reporter, the steadiest camera in the world!

It’s such a regret that we only had a little less than two hours to spend with them, because (and I am sure I speak for all the Italians) we would have liked to have met every single person, to have gotten to know everyone and spoken with those we met even longer, but it’s not possible. But those we did get to talk with were so lovely, so genuine and kind. Great sense of humour, optimism, intelligence. Just an extraordinary group of people! I have learned a lot from their conversations, and I will remember some of them forever. Almost all of them said that if we were willing to join the convoy, we would be welcome along. How wonderful that would have been, an experience that would have changed our lives completely and brought us to the land we love above all others and with people who we were bonding with almost as if we’d known them for so many years (sharing a struggle tends to do this at times)… but, children, husbands, dogs… they don’t take this kind of news without a bit of warning!

Mary and Daniela on the bus with Carole and Awad.Mary and Daniela on the bus with Carole and Awad.

At a certain point, the gigantic flag that was donated became a board for everyone to leave their message of love to take to Gaza. Felt-tipped pens were passed round, and this too felt like a very intense moment as hundreds were gathered around the flag. Then the news was given that all had to return to their vehicles, as the boarding procedure was about to commence, and the convoy would have to go the 1 Km distance to the ferry, and this meant that all of us would part ways until the next time to meet. In the meantime, I had been talking with someone so adorable, Carole Swords, who I knew from Facebook. I can understand why she is considered a sort of magnet, because she literally exudes warmth and kindness. At a certain point, before I recognised who she was (well, I didn’t recognise her, actually, because not expecting to see someone, your mind refuses to recognise them), I was so moved by her emotions. You could see she herself was feeling those same powerful feelings of joy and hope that are so rare in this world we live in, especially in the cause we are dedicated to. She just is the sort of person you want to embrace, and we did. You keep talking, but you know the words don’t communicate the feelings you have. And, I don’t know… she says she’s English, but I presume there is a lot of Italian in her, she is exuberant in showing her emotions and very earthy.

Hugh, graphic artist turned convoy driver! Waiting to board. Hugh, graphic artist turned convoy driver! Waiting to board.

And you begin to feel a new emotion, a bit of fear for them, because now they aren’t just the courageous folks who are going into the unknown to bring aid to those who need them, they are your friends going into the unknown, in a hostile place where they may be received as the enemy before they arrive finally at their destination. You worry for them, and you ask yourself how their families must feel. (And yes, I asked the Italians boarding how their mothers were feeling, and it’s understandable that they were frightened for their sons, who at the same time told me how they turned down the volume of the TV if the scene from Palestine didn’t look too positive).

The incredible KIWIS getting on the ferry!The incredible KIWIS getting on the ferry!

Since the flag was being folded, and Carole noticed that Daniela and I hadn’t been able to sign, she invited us to board the bus driven by Hugh and with Awad and Hasan, and go to the ferry with them. Not thinking twice, we boarded, and for 15 minutes shared conversation and very much laughter, they gave us even more souvenirs, and we tried to keep Hasan from losing his balance as he was filming the boarding for Press TV through the open door of a moving vehicle, and then taking pictures of all of us for our own mementos. It was a bit like accompanying your friends to their holiday, that was the spirit, full of energy and happiness. At a certain point, Carole noticed we were dreadfully close to the ferry and if Daniela and I didn’t step off, in a few minutes we’d be attempting to sneak our way out of the massive vessel or find ourselves clandestine cargo on its way to Greece! So we hugged our friends, hopped off and then saluted each vehicle as it passed, stopping to chat any time they stopped for a few minutes. We learned that the “Kiwis” raised 60 thousand Euros, an astounding amount of money in a place where there are more sheep than people! The smiles and laughter of the Malaysian van didn’t betray the few hours of sleep that they had been able to catch, the Italians were all smiles and promises to tell us everything when they returned, and so on and so on. And until disappearing into the belly of the ferry, the victory sign was visible from every vehicle, the flags of Palestine and their own countries flapping their goodbyes to us.

The ambulance the Irish from Belfast are donating, loaded with supplies and Irish love of freedom.The ambulance the Irish from Belfast are donating, loaded with supplies and Irish love of freedom.

It was really a special emotion to see them board safely, after so much road already passed, and so much more ahead. I can’t begin to imagine how they were feeling, honestly, because there was determination and optimism in the air, and boarding a ship is always something special.

We left the area, (the Greek members of the Ferry asking us many questions about what all of that was, when we’d be coming back, as if “we” were “them”). I tried to explain what the convoy was doing, but knew that the crew would be more interested in hearing it from the members of the convoy, so I gave them a few copies of the postcards that Hugh had printed, with versions in French and Italian so that wherever they went, they would leave behind awareness. Upon exiting, the three Italian State Police refused a copy, but I imagine they will ask the Port Authority Guard who took one what it said.

The Italian ambulance with health volunteers on board. The Italian ambulance with health volunteers on board.

Daniela and I joined our other friends and returned back to the centre, to an outdoor café overlooking the port. Suddenly, Francesca said, “they are leaving right now”. And we could see dozens on the top of the deck Palestinian flags proudly flying against the sky, the outspread arms of some saluting the shores of Italy, and from a far distance, we shouted goodbye and sent our kisses to them and to Palestine.

The ferry leaving Italy.The ferry leaving Italy.

Daniela and Francesca, glowing in the joy of a perfect day. Daniela and Francesca, glowing in the joy of a perfect day.

Written for Palestine Think Tank


The timing of the following seems too much of a coincidence to not be reality…. Just days after President Ahmadinejad made a speech at the UN pointing fingers of possible US involvement in the events of 9/11…. just weeks after speaking with the two major representatives of zion, Netanyahu and Abbas….

The above appears to have given Obama the inspiration to act as ‘Mr. Tuff Guy’….. just some thoughts to ponder.

FBI agents loading boxes of papers from activists’ homes (photo by Chicago Tribune)

US peace activists’ homes raided by FBI due to alleged support of PFLP

by Saed Bannoura

The US government conducted raids on the homes of at least three families in Chicago and Minneapolis on Friday, seizing property, papers and computers, and claiming that the activists had donated money to the left-wing group called the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

The peace activists called the raids a preposterous fishing expedition, adding that they had worked for peace and justice for decades, and that the government was attempting to silence dissent and quash legitimate protest in the US.

While the raids are legal under a 2003 law called the ‘USA PATRIOT’ Act, those targeted by the raids say that they have nothing to hide, but that the investigative branch of the US government, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, is trying to make an example out of them.

Previous attempts by the US government to delegitimize peace groups through raids and accusations have resulted in charges being dropped or dismissed, as in the cases of Sami Al-Arian and of the Holy Land Foundation, both of which were accused of providing material support to Hamas. After years of harassment and, in Al-Arian’s case, imprisonment, the charges were found to be without merit, and were dismissed.

In Friday’s raids, the targets included long-time Chicago peace activists Stephanie Weiner and Joseph Iosbaker, Hatem Abudayyeh of the Arab American Action Network, and six more homes in Minneapolis. The activists whose homes were raided were all involved in protests against the Republican National Convention in 2008 in Minneapolis.

The group they are alleged to have supported with donations, the PFLP, is a socialist political party whose leader, Ahmed Saadat, was imprisoned in Jericho and seized by Israeli forces in a 2006 invasion of the Palestinian prison, for alleged involvement in the assassination of Israel’s tourism minister. While the PFLP claimed responsibility for many armed attacks against Israel during the second intifada, its armed wing is small and most of its claims were disproven in court as mere statements of bravado.

The US government has the PFLP listed as a ‘terrorist organization’ along with hundreds of other groups all over the world. The Joint Terrorism Task Force, which includes the FBI and other government agencies, formed after the USA PATRIOT Act was passed, carried out the raids of the activists’ homes. The agency said the raids were part of an ongoing investigation of terrorist activity in the US.

Supporters of the activists, including neighbors and friends, gathered outside their homes for emergency rallies, as federal agents loaded trucks with boxes of personal and business papers from the activists’ homes.

Source via Uruknet


The latest round of Israeli terrorism has been unifying the people of occupied East Jerusalem…

Day and night, activists have been visiting families, filming the behaviour of the police and making a presence in the city to inform the residents that they are not alone and Israelis will stand with them.

Sheikh Jarrah in Silwan: Joint Struggle in Action

by Joseph Dana

Empty gas canisters, a day after the riots in Silwan (photo: Joseph Dana / +972)Empty gas canisters, a day after the riots in Silwan (photo: Joseph Dana / +972)

Since Tuesday evening’s fatal shooting of a Palestinian resident of Silwan by a private settler security guard, clashes have been erupting on the streets of the city. Activists from the SJ movement have been on the ground showing public support for the residents of Silwan. Day and night, activists have been visiting families, filming the behaviour of the police and making a presence in the city to inform the residents that they are not alone and Israelis will stand with them. The most significant element of the prescene of SJ activists is to force Israeli armed forces to change their conduct because Israelis are present on the street with the Palestinians.

Palestinians prepare to throw stones at Israeli police in Silwan.Palestinians prepare to throw stones at Israeli police in Silwan.

This small post is to shed light on the incredible work of SJ in Silwan. I have written critically on some aspects of the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity strategy especially in regard to the recruitment of additional Israelis from Tel Aviv. Outside of my constructive criticism, the fact is that the core of the movement is dedicated to direct action on the streets and creating joint struggle where it can flourish. Silwan, is a perfect example of this principle. In the face of extreme Israeli repression of Palestinian unarmed protest, members of the SJ movement have been tirelessly spending as much time as possible on the ground working to create joint Palestinian-Israeli struggle.


Also SEE


There is a flurry of activity these days of events that hopefully will help bring about the ‘change’ we have been waiting for.

One of the major demos of the day is still in its planning stages….. but you can join in.  Only you can make a difference.

On the 2nd of October….

We will march together as a group, chanting peace slogans through the streets of DC as we make our way to the Lincoln Memorial for the main One Nation Working Together rally.

One Nation Working Together Rally is taking place at the Lincoln Memorial from Noon to 4pm.

Additional Information:

DesertPeace adds its name to the following

The Peace Table


Officials estimated that 3,000 Israeli police and border guards were deployed across East Jerusalem on Friday, as the city remained on a state of alert.

Palestinian toddler killed by tear gas in East Jerusalem

JERUSALEM — A Palestinian toddler was reported dead late Friday after Israeli forces fired tear gas amid clashes in a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

Medics said 14-month-old Muhammed Abu Sneneh suffocated after the gas was fired at residents and their houses in Al-Isawiya.

Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said he had not received any reports of injuries and that police were using minimum force to respond to incidents in Al-Isawiya, Silwan and Ras Al-Amoud.

Clashes in the occupied city have been ongoing since Wednesday, when a settler security guard shot dead two Palestinians in Silwan.

The wife of 28-year-old Samer Sarhan, one of the Palestinians killed on Wednesday, was transferred to hospital on Friday night after inhaling tear gas, medics said. On Thursday, locals reported that Israeli forces fired tear-gas at Sarhan’s home in Silwan, sparking further clashes.

At Sarhan’s funeral on Wednesday, attended by over 1,000 mourners, violent clashes occurred and Israeli border guards fired tear gas canisters and rubber-coated steel bullets at the funeral procession.

Officials estimated that 3,000 Israeli police and border guards were deployed across East Jerusalem on Friday, as the city remained on a state of alert.

Checkpoints were installed at the entrances to several neighborhoods, sparking clashes as residents fought with Israeli forces in several areas, including Al-Isawiya and the Shu’fat refugee camp, where restrictions prevented any movement in and out of the area.



Images ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff

Written in part by Omar Barghouti

A true breakthrough in the academic boycott of Israel!!

A South African, long brewing, campaign at the prestigious University of Johannesburg to cut off academic links with Ben Gurion University due to its complicity and racist practices has won the endorsement of John Dugard, Desmond Tutu, Breyten Breytenbach, Allan Boesak, Mahmoud Mamdani and almost 200 other academics from 22 academic institutions in SA.

Here’s the Mail & Guardian report on it today:
Here is the petition  to sever links with Ben Gurion University

This petition was first disseminated on the 05th of September, within two days it was signed by over 100 South African academics from more than 12 SA universities. To date it has more than 200 signatories from 22 academic institutions.
Supported by: Professors Kader Asmal, Allan Boesak, Breyten Breytenbach, John Dugard, Antjie Krog, Mahmood Mamdani, Barney Pityana and Archbishop Desmond Tutu
As members of the academic community of South Africa, a country with a history of brute racism on the one hand and both academic acquiescence and resistance to it on the other, we write to you with deep concern regarding the relationship between the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU). The relationship agreement, presented as ‘merely the continuation’ of a ‘purely scientific co-operation’ is currently being reviewed owing to concerns raised by UJ students, academics and staff.
As academics we acknowledge that all of our scholarly work takes place within larger social contexts – particularly in institutions committed to social transformation. South African institutions are under an obligation to revisit relationships forged during the apartheid era with other institutions that turned a blind eye to racial oppression in the name of ‘purely scholarly’ or ‘scientific work’.
The Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories has had disastrous effects on access to education for Palestinians. While Palestinians are not able to access universities and schools, Israeli universities produce the research, technology, arguments and leaders for maintaining the occupation. BGU is no exception, by maintaining links to both the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and the arms industry BGU structurally supports and facilitates the Israeli occupation. An example of BGU’s complicity is its agreement with the IDF to provide full university qualification to army pilots within a special BGU programme. Furthermore, BGU is also complicit in the general discrimination at Israeli universities against Palestinians and Palestinian citizens of Israel.
It is clear to us that any connection with an institution so heavily vested in the Israeli occupation would amount to collaboration with an occupation that denigrates the values and principles that form the basis of any vibrant democracy. These are not only the values that underpin our post-apartheid South Africa, but are also values that we believe UJ has come to respect and uphold in the democratic era.
We thus support the decision taken by UJ to reconsider the agreement between itself and BGU. Furthermore, we call for the relationship to be suspended until such a time that, at minimum, the state of Israel adheres to international law and BGU, (as did some South African universities during the struggle against South African apartheid) openly declares itself against the occupation and withdraws all privileges for the soldiers who enforce it.
To view the signatories , click HERE


“We must be prepared for every possibility. The Palestinians have very sober expectations regarding progress, whereas in Israel, tensions exist among the Jewish population and the aspiration to end the construction freeze in settlements.”

Palestinians protest against the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, in the West Bank
city of Nablus, last week
(photo: AP)

Israel kills as it talks

Even while peace talks shakily resume, Israeli forces attack and kill unarmed Palestinians, writes Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank

Israeli occupation forces have killed a Palestinian man in the northern West Bank in what eyewitnesses and neighbours described as “a cold-blooded murder” and “extrajudicial” execution.

The murder took place at the Noor Shams Refugee Camp on 17 September in an area that is supposed to be under the control of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The family of Eyad Abu Shilbaneh said Israeli soldiers showered the 38-year-old Islamic political activist with bullets, even though he posed no threat to the soldiers.

“He was just waking up from sleep, he was unarmed and he showed no resistance; they could have arrested him had they wanted to,” said his wife. “They came to assassinate him, not to arrest him.”

Israeli authorities have not denied Mrs Abu Shilbaneh’s account completely. An Israeli army spokesman acknowledged that the man was unarmed and that he posed no threat to the soldiers. However, the spokesman claimed that the kept his hands to his back, which raised the soldiers’ suspicion. The spokesman was silent when asked why the soldiers didn’t just “neutralise” him instead of killing him.

Hamas castigated the “evil murder,” saying that the victim was an oblation, or kind of offering, to the resumption of futile peace talks between Israel and the PA. “This crime aims at eradicating resistance against the Israeli occupation in order to pave the road for carrying out a larger conspiracy against the Palestinian people,” said Sami Abu Zuhri, a leading Hamas spokesman in the Gaza Strip.

Abu Zuhri said Hamas would respond to the “the gruesome crime” which he said would never succeed in breaking the will of Palestinian resistance.

While PA officials, including Western-backed Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, denounced the assassination as counterproductive to the “peace process”, Hamas accused the Fatah-dominated Ramallah-based government of colluding with Israel in carrying out the killing. “The assassination of Shelbaneh also reveals the ugly face of the Fatah authority which is collaborating with the occupation in killing him,” said Hamas in a leaflet.

Similarly, the Jihad organisation made the same accusation, saying that the assassination was “committed under the cover of negotiations with Israel and amid PA efforts to harass the men of the resistance.”

Thousands of people from the Tulkarem area took part in Abu Shelbaneh’s funeral, which observers suggest showed that Hamas was still a popular movement in the West Bank. For their part, PA security agencies deployed dozens of agents to photograph and film participants in the procession, probably to arrest and interrogate them later.

On Monday, 20 September, the PA security apparatus detained and reportedly mistreated Abdel-Rahman Zeidan, a Palestinian MP representing Hamas’s political arm. According to reliable sources, PA soldiers raided Zeidan’s home, vandalised furniture and used abusive language during the raid.

According to Palestinian law, MPs are supposed to enjoy “immunity” from arrest and abuse by the security agencies. A PA spokesman admitted that, “No arrest warrant has been issued against MP Zeidan.” The “abduction” of Zeidan was strongly condemned by Palestinian Legislative Council Speaker Aziz Duweik, who called on Arab parliamentarians to condemn the harsh treatment being meted out to their colleagues in the West Bank at the hands of the PA that receives hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from Arab states.

The PA has lately stepped up persecution of Islamist MPs, mainly as a reprisal for the strengthening of Hamas’s rule in the Gaza Strip. Local and human rights sources spoke of “provocative raids” on Islamist MPs’ homes and unjustified arrests of near relatives. An especially ugly incident of this nature occurred recently in the small town of Shoyokh near Hebron when PA troops raided the home of MP Samira Halayqa, arresting her son and later her husband who were placed in solitary confinement for several weeks.

Ordinary citizens in the West Bank wonder why the Palestinian security agencies don’t face the Israeli occupation army or even protect themselves when attacked by Israeli troops. The latest killing at Noor Shams was the latest of a series of murderous crimes committed by the Israeli army against Palestinian civilians. Last week, the Israeli army murdered a 90- year-old Gazan and his teenage nephew who were tilling their land not far from the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Indeed, thousands of Palestinians, mostly innocent civilians, have been killed knowingly and deliberately by the Israeli army during the past few years. Only a few soldiers have been disciplined for the killings. Meantime, the outgoing Israeli chief of staff, Gabi Ashkenazi, has warned that violent “clashes” could break out between Israeli occupation forces and Palestinian resistance activists if peace talks collapse.

Ashkenazi, speaking before the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee, told lawmakers, “We must be prepared for every possibility. The Palestinians have very sober expectations regarding progress, whereas in Israel, tensions exist among the Jewish population and the aspiration to end the construction freeze in settlements.”

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Also see THIS report


There is absolutely no doubt that the occurrence of another military coup in Turkey  tops Israel’s New  Hebrew Year’s wish list.
Turkey : beware of the Israeli snake

by Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem

It is crystal clear that Israel, the arrogant, fanatical and belligerent Jewish state is trying hard to undermine Turkey. Israel feels that its hegemony in the Middle East is being challenged by Turkish efforts to reassert the country’s national interests by enhancing relations with Islamic neighbors and also by courageously opposing Israeli ethnic cleansing and other  manifestly criminal policies against the Palestinians.

In recent days and weeks, Israel has been quite furious about the recent referendum in Turkey which granted the government additional powers to assert real democracy and prevent the recurrence of military coups.

The Turkish republic had witnessed three military coups against democratically-elected governments the last of which took place nearly 30 years ago, when the military introduced draconian constitutional amendments making the anti-Islam military establishment effectively above the people’s will.

In the mid 1990s, the Turkish military forced the popular Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan to resign  amid  suspicions that the conservative premier was trying to  re-Islamize Turkey .

The Israeli media has been quite vociferous about “losing Turkey” as if that country of 75 million people were supposed to be a banana republic subservient to Israel. Moreover, Israeli commentators, affiliated with fanatical Zionist circles, have urged the Israeli government to envisage ways and means to “overcome” the “growing Turkish threat”!!!

Israel, a predator state based on religio-ethnic  racism, wouldn’t settle for  having  normal, dignified relations with Turkey,  e.g. relations based on parity and mutual respect. Israel always seeks dominance. Needless to say, the rationale for this psychotic way of thinking originates in the so-called “chosen people’s complex.”

Thus, Israel strongly believes that any state wishing to have friendly relations with the Jewish state must succumb to Jewish supremacy and support Israel’s criminal policies toward helpless Palestinians struggling despite all odds  to preserve their national existence in the face of the unrelenting Zionist onslaught.

Fortunately, Turkey under the premiership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan,  is refusing  to give in to Zionist hegemony and insolence which manifested itself first in the Nazi-like blitz against the Gaza Strip nearly two years ago and second in the murderous attack on an unarmed Turkish passenger ship sailing in international waters on 31 May.

Indeed, instead of apologizing to Turkey for the murderous  piracy in which 9 Turkish citizens were murdered by Israeli soldiers, the Israeli propaganda machine resorted  to sheer lies in a desperate  effort to  evade the truth.

But the people of Turkey and their government are neither gullible nor ignorant, and wouldn’t buy more lies from Israel.

President Abdullah Gul was correct when he remarked that the provocative deadly assault on Mavi Marmara could have been a casus belli for war had it taken place in the past. Moreover, his refusal to meet with Israeli President Shimon Peres in New York earlier this week was a courageous step that is highly consistent with Turkish pride and national dignity.

In the final analysis, how could the President of Turkey shake hands with the President of a  state on whose hands the spilt  innocent blood of Turkish citizens has yet to dry.

Besides, this  certified war criminal, Peres, deserves no courtesy. He not only failed to apologize for the innocent Turks , murdered  so arrogantly and so nonchalantly by Israel, as any normal state facing a similar  situation would, but also  had the audacity to tell the Turks to lick their wounds and  return to “business as usual” with Israel!

We, who live in this part of the world, know Peres too well. He is the hero of the Qana massacre in 1996, when he, as Prime Minister following the assassination of Isaac Rabin at the hands of a Jewish extremist, ordered the Israeli army to bomb Lebanese refugees who had sought refuge at the UN peace keepers’ headquarter at the village of Qana in southern Lebanon. The bombing transformed the premises into a huge slaughterhouse as more than a hundred men, women and children were massacred and many others maimed and mutilated.

Despite the passage of more than 14 years since the heinous crime took place, the irredeemable liar has not had the moral courage to say “I am sorry.” This is the very man who doesn’t stop lecturing the world about the virtues of peace and vices of extremism. His limitless hypocrisy and sanctimony may pass undetected by many in Europe and North America. However, a growing number of Muslims and non-Muslims alike, including Turks, are not willing to betray their senses and give the evil criminal liar and the state he represents  the benefit of the doubt,  that is if there is ever a doubt about his and Israel ‘s evil character.

Now, with Turkey refusing  to be tricked and bamboozled by Israeli bulling tactics, the Zionist regime will most likely embark on acts of subversion  against Turkey aimed at undermining the popular government of Prime Minister Erdogan.

There is absolutely no doubt that the occurrence of another military coup in Turkey  tops Israel’s New  Hebrew Year’s wish list.

This is something that the Turkish government must never take lightly. Israel believes that it can count on the tentacles of the Masonic Octopus to incite against the military establishment against the AKB  government.

Hence, thwarting Israeli efforts to transform Turkey into a satellite state orbiting Israel must be a top priority for the Turkish government.
In short, beware of the Zionist snake.

Martyrs of the Freedom Flotilla


Colleagues say remarks against occupation kept Ariella Azoulay, who teaches visual culture and contemporary philosophy, from promotion.

Bar-Ilan lecturer reportedly denied tenure due to views

Colleagues say remarks against occupation kept Ariella Azoulay, who teaches visual culture and contemporary philosophy, from promotion.

Bar-Ilan University’s appointments committee decided recently not to grant tenure or promote a lecturer, reportedly because of her political leanings.

Associates of Dr. Ariella Azoulay, who teaches visual culture and contemporary philosophy in Bar-Ilan’s Hermeneutics and Cultural Studies Program, and who has published books against the occupation, said: “The university has no germane reason to disqualify Ariella other than her positions. This is a political decision disguised as a professional one.”

Bar-Ilan University said it “rejected any attempt to attribute to it extraneous considerations in the promotion of its faculty members,” and that the matter was being dealt with and will be completed after the Sukkot vacation.

Azoulay has been teaching for 11 years at Bar-Ilan. She is also a director of documentaries and an art curator, and has published some 10 books and numerous articles in academic journals.

According to people familiar with the issue, Azoulay has been passed over in the past by university committees for tenure and promotion to professor, and now its supreme appointments body has ruled on the matter.

“Any decision can be validated by means of regulations and secret meetings,” an associate of Azoulay said. If the university was dissatisfied with Azoulay, “how is it that she has been teaching there for more than a decade? Apparently her activities were unseemly to senior university officials,” the associate said.

Among the books Azoulay has written is “Constituent Violence 1947-1950,” an analysis of some 200 rare photographs whose purpose, the book says, was to recreate the formation of the Jewish regime while destroying Palestinian society.

She is coauthor with Prof. Adi Ophir, who is her partner, of “This Regime Which Is Not One: Occupation and Democracy between the Sea and The River – (1967 – ).”

Among the films she directed is “I Also Dwell Among Your Own People: Conversations with Azmi Bishara.”

“Few people dispute the fact that Ariella Azoulay is one of the most important researchers in cultural studies in Israel today,” Prof. Yehouda Shenhav of Tel Aviv University, said. Shenhav also noted several recent cases of “persecution of lecturers in a political context” at universities, saying that “this is one of the crudest instances of preferring sectorial considerations over academic excellence.”

A response from Azoulay, who is currently abroad, could not be obtained by press time.



Living in America as a Jew was not bad, except when it came to holidays. Jewish Festivals were not paid holidays, but Christmas and Good Friday were. So, when it came to them, I was forced to be a good Christian and observe those special days.

When I moved to Canada, I lived in a small northern Ontario town that was dominated by the Catholic Church. Every Sunday was the official day of rest in that town, all public transportation came to a halt and all places of entertainment were closed. Again, I was forced to be a good Christian.

Whenever a Jewish holiday or Festival  occurs in Israel I am reminded of those days as the Palestinians are forced to be good Jews on those days. Those living under occupation in the West Bank are literally locked in. They cannot go to work, they cannot visit friends or relatives in neighbouring towns, they literally become prisoners in their own homes.

There was a difference, however, between life in North America and in Palestine. We still were able to worship, if we chose to, on our Festivals, but in the West Bank and Gaza this is not the case as the closure prevents the faithful from attending prayers in holy places outside of their towns.

The following short video gives you some idea how this policy affects the lives of those living in the besieged Gaza Strip…


Live and learn…. today I learnt a new phrase that I never heard before… S S D D….

It’s a bit rude, but very fitting to certain situations of the day (same shit different day).

As most of you know by now, I am a prude that doesn’t allow obscenities in my comments, but zionism itself is an obscenity…. so rules are bent at times 😉

OK…. time to let you know what I am rambling about…. comparisons, that’s what.

Abe Foxman has earned worldwide fame for his constant use of the word anti-Semite…. while at the same time teaching his cronies to use the term as well…

Any criticism of Israel for their crimes against the Palestinian people is referred to as anti-Semitism…

This includes any condemnations from world bodies or from nations…
Specifically regarding attempts to end the suffering of Gazans…

Hatred towards Muslims is allowed  by the twisted logic of zionism, possibly even justified… (after all, ALL Muslims are anti-Semites according to them)…

All the above brings back memories of another era….. and the reason for this post in the first place 😉
See the comparison?

And finally the solution as seen by zion…

click on all of the above images to enlarge


Murder apparently is not an act of extremism, neither is piracy….. but condemning them is…..

Cutting off an entire area from the outside world and denying the residents basic human needs is not an act of extremism ….. but attempting to end this blockade is…..

The Israeli Foreign Ministry responded late Wednesday by saying the Human Rights Council had a biased, politicized and extremist approach.

Israel has maintained that its soldiers acted in self-defense when they shot and killed eight Turkish activists and one Turkish-American aboard the Mavi Marmara on May 31. Israel Defense Forces released footage showing its troops coming under attack as they tried to board the boat.

Did anyone expect a different reaction to the Human Rights Council’s report on the Flottila raid?

Israel refused to cooperate with the panel, preferring instead to work with a separate UN group under New Zealand’s former Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer and Colombia’s former President Alvaro Uribe that is also examining the incident but has yet to publish its findings

“Israel is a democratic and law abiding country that carefully observes international law and, when need be, knows how to investigate itself,” the Foreign Ministry statement said.

“That is how Israel has always acted, and that is the way in which investigations were conducted following Operation Cast Lead, launched to protect the inhabitants of southern Israel from rockets and terror attacks carried out by Hamas from Gaza,” said the statement.

Full text (unedited) of the UN Report can be found HERE

The paragraphs in parenthesis were taken from THIS AP Report


Palestinians take to Jerusalem streets after killing
Joseph Dana writing from Silwan, occupied East Jerusalem
Palestinians prepare to throw stones at Israeli police in Silwan.
“At 3:30 or 4am I heard some noise outside of my window,” Silwan resident Abdallah Rajmi told me as we stood on a narrow street in the middle of a battle between young Palestinian stone throwers and Israeli occupation forces from the Border Police. “I thought it was a simple drunken fight but then I heard a lot of noise coming from the people involved and my neighbors began waking up.”

Silwan is a neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, near the walled Old City, and is the target of an ongoing Israeli government plan to demolish dozens of Palestinian homes and replace them with Israeli settlements and a Jewish-themed park.

Rajmi recalled the events as tear gas and rocks were being thrown from both sides onto the alley where we were standing. “At this point I went to my roof to see what was happening and I saw three settler guards with ‘small weapons’ approach a group of young Palestinian men,” referring sarcastically to the guards’ large Uzi assault riles. “The guards began shooting the men and everyone in Silwan woke up.”

At this point, we had to move to the entrance of Rajmi’s house because a storm of rocks started to rain down on us and the Border Police began to use rubber-coated steel bullets.

Israeli police fire tear gas at demonstrators.
Silwan residents walk past Israeli police.
“I could not believe my eyes. I saw a man lying in his own blood and dying. The settler guards had just shot him in cold blood and watched him dying. He was there, on the ground, for one hour until an Israeli ambulance arrived on the scene, of course they would not allow any of us to get near him. The Israelis did, however, bring over forty settler guards and Border Police to the scene before the he was moved.”

The dead man was named as Samir Sarhan, aged about 30 according to news reports, and the father of five children.

Rajmi spoke clearly while looking me straight in the eye but once could see the rage simmering over the killing. “This is not a good situation. This is an extremely hard situation and I think that chaos is going to break out here,” he said. “If another one dies from his wounds sustained last night, I think that Silwan is going to blow up. You just wait and see what happens during the funeral march.” The procession was to end at a cemetery near the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

Indeed, Rajmi was correct about the unrest in Silwan boiling over. I had been in the neighborhood since 8am, right when the protests of stone throwing at Israeli Border Police started. Silwan sits in a deep valley and the area has many small winding alleys. Thus pockets of resistance were surfacing all over the place as groups of young Palestinians would sneak up on Israeli forces and rain stones upon them with calls of “leave this place” and “this is not your place, leave now!” Border Police reacted with waves of tear gas which would cover the village including the houses where women and children were hiding from the street fighting. At points, the Israeli forces would use rubber-coated steel bullets from very close range, which has often resulted in permanent or lethal injuries. Tires were set on fire and trash cans overturned. It was hard not to think of images of the second Palestinian intifada as I was trying to get photographs.

Samir Sarhan’s funeral in Silwan.
This situation continued for five hours throughout Silwan. Pockets of stone-throwing here and there while tear gas covered the whole village as a form of collective punishment. Eventually, the funeral march began with calls of “God is great!” and every resident of Silwan came to the street to join the procession. As the funeral march wound its way through the narrow streets, people began attacking every settler house, car or bit of infrastructure in its path. Eventually, at the entrance of Silwan right next to the entrance to the al-Aqsa Mosque compound, which Jews refer to as the Temple Mount, and the “City of David” settler complex, the crowd exploded with rage and full-scale destruction began. Windows were smashed in the front of the City of David building and Israeli Border Police cars were flipped over and set on fire.

As the group moved closer to the al-Aqsa compound, a number of public buses from the Israeli company Egged were on the road. Angry Silwan residents expressed their frustration and began to destroy every window and surface of the buses possible. At one point, people entered the buses in order to rip out their seats. This happened while the bus driver was still inside. The procession reached the al-Aqsa compound and the tension died down but news agencies are now reporting that stone throwing from the al-Aqsa compound plateau began when the funeral was over and Israeli troops had entered the al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam.

Rajmi told me that the violence is only going to grow because of this murder. I have received word from him that one of the wounded victims from the shooting had just succumbed to his wounds. His name was not immediately available.

Surely this death could be a spark for further violence, which the people of Silwan seem to be prepared for. Unlike the “Fayyadism” — official Palestinian Authority cooperation with the Israeli occupation –that is taking over Ramallah, the people of Silwan are ready to resist and fight regardless of the price in occupied East Jerusalem.

All images by Joseph Dana.

Written FOR

Joseph Dana’s Site


Phillip Weiss (of Mondoweiss ) adds the following…..

In grief-stricken Silwan–contempt for politicians, and talk of a third intifadah

by Philip Weiss

Palestinians rioted this afternoon in Silwan, a village right outside the Old City of Jerusalem, following the killing earlier in the day of a Palestinian man by an armed guard at a Jewish settlement in the occupied neighborhood. Joseph Dana posted pictures of the “revolt” here.

An activist friend in West Jerusalem said that the riots were the start of the third intifadah, and with that sense of moment, I went to Silwan. It was 6 o’clock. Smoke rose from fires in the village center, and heavily armed Israeli forces were mustered at the walls of the Old City, in part to protect Jews who were flocking to the Jewish Quarter to celebrate the start of Sukkot.

I walked down the hill past the City of David settlement, a messianic Jewish colony on occupied land, with a big gold sign in English. I found my way to the Wadi Hilwah Information Center. A man with a limp– shot by a settler guard in both legs, I was later told–walked me back to Jawad Siyan, the director of the office. A thin, intense man of about 35, he vented his despair over Palestinian powerlessness as he fielded telephone calls and a teenager brought me coffee.

The 55,000 people of the village were “sad and shocked” tonight, Siyan said grimly. Villagers had continually complained to Israeli police that the settlers had taken the law into their own hands; but the complaints were ignored. Armed guards in the settlement– which has been spearheaded by a religious group called Elad– roamed the town freely, with the support of the Israeli border police. They threatened Palestinians with impunity.

The incident today began–Siyan said witnesses had told him– when Palestinians and settlers shouted abuse at one another, as they often do, and the guards had fired guns in the air. The Palestinians had run away. The guards had chased them, and shot at them. Two men were seriously injured. Israeli security forces had arrived within minutes, but Samar Sarchan, 35 years old, lay on the ground for an hour before an ambulance arrived. He later died of his injuries.

“It’s disgusting that Palestinian life is so cheap to the settlers, and to the Israeli police, and to Netanyahu himself, and even [Palestinian Authority president] Abu Mazen,” Siyan said with bitterness. “And we see that to Americans, too, we are a very cheap people.”

Siyan said he was not even reading condemnations of the attacks. He is “bored” by them. The only thing that matters is “banishing the people who make these crimes.” But the settlers won’t be banished. They have the support of the Israeli government, as they seek to turn this Palestinian neighborhood in the shadow of the Al-Aksa mosque into a Jewish one.

Is it the beginning of the third intifadah? I asked. Siyan said that the third intifadah began several months ago. It is rising in villages across Palestine that are affected by Israeli encroachment. This intifadah will not involve attacks in West Jerusalem, it will be like the first intifadah– only it will be met by greater Israeli violence.

I asked Siyan about a political solution to the conflict. He is in utter despair about a political solution. Obama’s Cairo speech sounded good 15 months ago, and “we said, let us be optimistic,” but Siyan and others in Silwan knew that Obama would not change American policy– and he hasn’t. “It is the same movie, the same song.” American leaders have done nothing to address the ongoing dispossession by Israel of Palestinian land.

“Golda Meir said, ‘No land, no nation. No nation, no land,'” Siyan said. “And today this means that what is Israel is Israel’s, and what is Palestine, they want to share with us. How can we share our land? Can we share Haifa also, and Tel Aviv?”

As for the current negotiations, he knew that they were a failure when official statements said that leaders would discuss the status of the City of David. Well the City of David is a recent messianic settlement on stolen land. Its status is clear. Why should this even be discussed?

I asked Siyan about whether the international solidarity movement gave him any encouragement. More pessimism. Yes it is a good movement, and the boycott movement is good, but–

“Unfortunately, they are very weak. These people who want change, they are weak. Palestine is not for them a subject that they take to the heart. It’s volunteer work. They do it when they have time. If you want to solve this problem, you have to take it on as a job, not as a hobby.”

Was he so discouraged because of the killing? Would he have said the same thing two days before? He would have felt it, Siyan said, but not said it. The killing has made him blunter.

I walked back up the hill past the evidence you see everywhere in this land of Palestinian powerlessness and Israeli power. Muscular armed guards stood outside the City of David settlement. Two of them were arguing in English about a legal matter– in American accents. At the top of the hill a dozen Israeli armored vehicles lined the road on either side, and soldiers walked about nervously, with semi-automatic rifles in their hands. Some ate their dinner on the hood of a truck. A group of commando-looking soldiers strapped on black bulletproof vests, as if preparing for a raid.

Siyan had said that Israel could wipe out the village easily, destroy it with rockets and grenades, and the world would condemn Israel for a week and then forget about it. The other option, he said, is that the world would grant Palestinians the only thing they have ever sought, political freedom. Who can blame Palestinians for thinking that day is very far away.


UN report unedited just out, Israel found guilty of breaking international law on flotilla and blockade is illegal due to humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

BUT…. don’t hold your breath, Israel has ignored EVERY UN Resolution condemning their crimes…. why would this one be treated differently?

Report of the international fact-finding mission to investigate

violations of international law, including international humanitarian and human rights law, resulting from the Israeli attacks on the flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian assistance

The entire report can be seen HERE in PDF form…
Bottom line is……

277. A distinction is made between activities taken to alleviate crises and action to address the causes creating the crisis. The latter action is characterized as political action and therefore inappropriate for groups that wish to be classified as humanitarian. This point is made because of the evidence that while some of the passengers were solely interested in delivering supplies to the people in Gaza, for others the main purpose was raising awareness of the blockade with a view to its removal, as the only way to solve the crisis.

An examination should be made to clearly define humanitarianism as distinct from humanitarian action so that there can be an agreed form of intervention and jurisdiction when humanitarian crises occur.

278. The Mission sincerely hopes that no impediment will be put in the way of those who suffered loss as a result of the unlawful actions of the Israeli military to be compensated adequately and promptly. It is hoped that there will be swift action by the Government of Israel. This will go a long way to reversing the regrettable reputation which that country has for impunity and intransigence in international affairs. It will also assist those who genuinely sympathise with their situation to support them without being stigmatised.


Two Silwan residents shot dead by settlement guards

Massive army presence as clashes continue in Baten el-Hawa, next to Beit Yonathan settlement.

Very early this morning in Silwan Village, a patrol of private armed guards stopped near a group of unarmed Palestinian men who were on the Wadi Hilweh Street. According to eyewitness reports, the guards spoke provocatively to the Palestinians, and an argument took place between them. It was during the verbal argument that eyewitnesses say the settlement guards opened fire on the Palestinian men. The two injured were brought to Ein Kerem hospital. One of the Palestinians, Samer Sarhan, who is a father of five young children, was pronounced dead immediately upon arrival to the hospital. The second man is now confirmed as having died.

After confirmation was received of the first Palestinian death from Silwan, clashes erupted in the village and are continuing. There are reports of numerous injuries, although the number of injured people is unknown. There is a massive force of police and army personnel in the village, and the entire street has been cordoned off by officials. Helicopters are monitoring the area from overhead.

SilwanIC will be posting updates on the story.

Taken FROM


It continues as I write this……

Settlers fire at funeral procession

Moments ago settlers were firing live ammunition from the settlements at the funeral procession of one of the martyrs killed this morning by the private settler security guards here in Silwan. As a result clashes have broken out between Palestinians and armed Israeli military forces,  empty Israeli buses have also been stoned. On the way to the cemetary an Israeli Police jeep was burnt, an Israeli Army jeep attacked and several Israeli cars destroyed.

The situation is  very tense, and there are reports of armed settlers physically attacking Palestinian civilians and by-standers immediately after the funeral parade had passed by.

Reported By


A non Jewish visitor to Jerusalem this week might get the impression that the entire city stands in solidarity with the homeless people of Shiekh Jarrah. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Tents have appeared (actually booths) in preparation of the Festival of Succot that starts this evening at sundown.

Unfortunately, the plight of the Shiekh Jarrah residents  no longer is a news item, except for the weekly demonstrations that take place there.

Family homes were STOLEN, they have been living in tents for over a year …. and neither the Municipality of Jerusalem nor the Palestinian Authority gives a damn. As winter approaches, a new meaning is given to the term ‘settlement freeze’ as these homeless literally freeze in their abodes.

Here you can see a report of what has been going on with the Shiekh Jarrah struggle…. and what you can do to support these innocent victims of ethnic cleansing. If you are one of those visitors I mentioned above, take a sidetrip to the Municipal Offices in the centre of town and register your disgust at this situation in this city. You are also invited to join in at the demonstration mentioned below….

What is in a name? ‘Solidarity’ and the joint struggle in Israel/Palestine

by Joseph Dana

From the standpoint of joint Palestinian-Israeli struggle, this Friday’s ‘solidarity Shiekh Jarrah’ gathering in Tel Aviv raises important questions about the direction of the Shiekh Jarrah movement and especially the use of the term ‘solidarity’. The movement is moving to the center of Israeli political protest and away from the joint character of the struggle which has typified it for the past year. In what way is “solidarity” achieved by moving what is labeled as a ‘joint Palestinian-Israeli struggle’ to Tel Aviv, the most ethnically pure Jewish places in the country? Why is the protest not moved to Nablus, Beit Umar, Iraq Burin, Nil’in or even Jaffa? In West Bank villages, Israelis can come and show ‘solidarity’ while in Tel Aviv, travel for Palestinians is something of a problem to say the least. Having a protest in Tel Aviv is not in itself a bad development. The problematic here is the term ‘solidarity’ when the protest is not moved Palestinian villages and only to Israeli cities. In our conflict, solidarity must be expressed in the places of occupation by invitation of those which are occupied.
Flyer for the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Protest in Tel Aviv Flyer for the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity gathering in Tel Aviv

The Shiekh Jarrah movement has become an Israeli demonstration which is using the term ‘solidarity’ for its own purposes of rallying new Israeli recruits. Again, this is not a bad development per se despite the obvious perversion of having an Israeli protest in the heart of occupied Palestinian land. Because of this perverse location, I think that Israelis are willing to show up in larger numbers complete with their own notions of cultural relativity. The psychological barriers that exist regarding entrance to the West Bank as a civilian are deep in the Israeli mind despite their relatively short period of gestation (even in the 1990’s Israelis were traveling in great numbers to the West Bank to hike and buy food, etc.). Thus, the effect of having a protest in Palestinian territory and even having some Palestinians involved provided a necessary spark to ignite something which could have been truly revolutionary in Israeli-Palestinian joint struggle. However, the desire to attract more Israelis has ultimately destroyed the joint Palestinian-Israeli element of movement. Protesting in Tel Aviv is the most profound manifestions of this sad development because of its isolation from Palestine and Palestinians.

The embrace for a two state solution by some aspects in the Sheikh Jarrah movement also raises a problematic linguistic questions about the use of the term ‘solidarity’. By definition, the two state solution seeks a split between Israel and Palestine. It is the ultimate realization of the Zionist dream to have a state of only Jews. It is hard to see notions of solidarity in what is a clearly racist platform for a creation of an ethnically pure state. Officially, the Sheikh Jarrah movement has not supported a two state solution but the common chants of “Shiekh Jarrah is Palestine” leave little doubt as to the platform of the movement.

Israelis have the unique position (read privilege) to support the popular non-violent struggle of Palestinians in the West Bank against the occupation, settlements and separation wall. Palestinians have extended an open hand to Israelis to join their struggle which takes place only one hour from Tel Aviv. Many Israelis have answered this call but it has only been a drop in the sea compared with the number of people that harbour ‘left’ opinions in Israel about the occupation and prospects for co-existence through grassroots work. Shiekh Jarrah had the opportunity to energize these people with ‘left’ opinions and lead them in the direction of genuine solidarity with Palestinians struggling against the crippling occupation. Yet, the movement has made the decision to focus energy on exhibiting ‘solidarity’ in places where Palestinians by and large can’t enter. It comes down to one’s definition of solidarity.



Israel has reached a new low in international diplomacy. They are basically saying to the US; ‘You release the man that spied against you for us and we will extend the settlement freeze for three more months’.

If that isn’t the epitome of chutzpah, I don’t know what it is…..

Danny Dayan, head of the Yesha Council of Jewish settlers, condemned any proposal to swap Pollard for an extension of the settlement freeze: “The very idea is an ugly form of blackmail. Should we also agree to give up the Golan Heights in exchange for Gilad Shalit [an Israeli soldier held by Hamas in Gaza]?”

Israel seeks release of spy in exchange for extending settlement freeze

Binyamin Netanyahu hopes release of spy will appease right wing but US intelligence likely to oppose the deal

Israelis demonstrating in 2004 for release of Jonathan Pollard, pictured in the poster,
jailed by the US for spying for Israel. Photograph: Oded Balilty/AP

Israel is seeking the release of an American jailed for life for spying for the Jewish state in return for concessions in the renewed peace process with the Palestinians, including the extension of a partial freeze on the expansion of settlements in the occupied territories.

According to Israel’s army radio, the prime minister’s office has approached Washington with a deal to continue the moratorium for another three months in return for the release of Jonathan Pollard, a former navy intelligence analyst convicted of spying in 1987. Binyamin Netanyahu, has long pressed for Pollard to be freed, but winning his release would help him sell concessions to rightwing members of his cabinet and the settlers.

Army radio said that Netanyahu had asked an unnamed intermediary to sound out the Obama administration on the proposal, but it is not known what response was received. Other Israeli media reported that the prime minister dispatched the intermediary to approach the Americans “discreetly, and unofficially”.

Netanyahu’s office initially said: “We know of no query to the Americans on this matter”, but later was more equivocal. Israeli officials dismissed the prospect of a deal for Pollard’s release over such a short time frame but, given that Netanyahu has attempted to attach the convicted spy’s freedom to earlier peace talks, it is likely that the issue is being broached.

Danny Dayan, head of the Yesha Council of Jewish settlers, condemned any proposal to swap Pollard for an extension of the settlement freeze: “The very idea is an ugly form of blackmail. Should we also agree to give up the Golan Heights in exchange for Gilad Shalit [an Israeli soldier held by Hamas in Gaza]?”

However, any deal is likely to meet stiff resistance from US intelligence which has previously scuppered plans to free Pollard. Netanyahu has said Israel does not plan to extend the moratorium on settlement building, and officials are not commenting on how the issue might be resolved, saying only that Israel “does not want people leaving the table”.

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, told a French news agency that peace talks would be over if Israel abandoned the settlement freeze. “The negotiations will continue as long as the settlement remains frozen,” he said. “I am not prepared to negotiate an agreement for a single day more.”

Pollard’s supporters in Israel and the US have tried to portray his actions as motivated by loyalty to the Jewish state. However, that position has been undermined because he was paid for the information and the FBI has claimed he also sold secrets to apartheid South Africa and attempted to pass them to Pakistan.

Pollard began passing US secrets to Aviem Sella, an Israeli military officer, in 1984 in return for cash and jewellery. He was caught the following year having passed tens of thousands of pages of documents. The full extent of the damage done by Pollard to US intelligence interests has not been made public but he is known to have given Israel comprehensive details of the US’s global electronic surveillance network. Pollard was jailed for life under a plea agreement and his wife sentenced to five years in prison.

For more than a decade after Pollard was jailed, Israel denied that he was on its payroll, saying he was part of a rogue operation, even though it granted him citizenship in 1995.

Israeli leaders have persistently pressed for Pollard’s release. At peace talks in 1998, Netanyahu told President Bill Clinton that “if we signed an agreement with Arafat, I expected a pardon for Pollard”. Clinton later said he was minded to free Pollard but US intelligence, including George Tenet, director of the CIA, was strongly against it. However, another former CIA director, James Woolsey, has endorsed Pollard’s release.

American intelligence was also angered by Israel’s lack of co-operation in recovering the material passed on by Pollard and by its promotion of Sella to head an air force base – they saw this as a deliberate snub. Sella was eventually removed from that position after the US Congress threatened to cut funds to Israel.

Source via Uruknet


The Zionists don’t stop surprising us with their sickening verbal theatrics. For some time lately, they have been trying to convince the international community and the peoples of the world that criticizing Israeli crimes amounted to anti-Semitism.  In other words, these sick thugs would want to silence every legitimate criticism of Israel regardless of what the Nazi-like state does to its Palestinian victims.

According to this despicable logic, Israel has a right to incinerate Palestinians with White Phosphorus, starve Palestinians to death, shoot at  and sink Palestinian fishing boats, and assassinate Palestinians suspected of resisting the Israeli occupation without charge or trial as it happened a few says ago in the northern West Bank.

Image by Mr. Fish

Advancement in science and technology does not give Israel the right to act like a Nazi state

From Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

Israeli hasbara officials are quite desperate these days trying to stop what seems to be a slow but definitive worldwide awakening to Israeli criminality and hateful racism. In the- not- too-distant- past, these officials used to deny the obvious, such as claiming that Israel didn’t murder civilians, knowingly and deliberately, and that the thousands of innocent Palestinians were merely killed by mistake.

Israeli spokespersons would also cite some isolated cases when Israeli hospitals “saved” the life of a Palestinian child or woman as if such a mundane deed would atone for the killing and maiming of thousands of Palestinian civilians by the Israeli killing machine.

I remember I once asked an Israeli military spokeswoman how a state that claims to be “the only  true democracy in the Middle East”  could allow itself to murder children in cold blood and then seek to cover up the crime. I was shocked when the same spokeswoman told me that the murder was justified since the victims might harm Jews if they were allowed to grow up.

Such evil arguments more or less caricatured the Israeli way of thinking which really differs little from the Nazi way of thinking. In the final analysis, the Nazis would have argued that they had to exterminate people they viewed as constituting a potential strategic threat to the German motherland.

Other satanic arguments made by Israel’s hasbara doctors would cite historical or present crimes committed by western countries, such as the American use of nuclear weapons against Japan, the French atrocities in Algeria and British colonial practices, to justify Israeli massacres against the Palestinians.

Israeli propagandists often seemed convinced that such arguments would silence human rights activists originating in these countries. They easily ignore the moral and legal maxim that the perpetration of evil in one place doesn’t justify or legalize the perpetration of evil in another place.

Unfortunately, several Israeli generations have grown up convinced that the world is a jungle and that one has to be either a killer or a victim. Israeli behaviors in the West Bank, South Lebanon and Gaza Strip have been a vivid expression of this morbid mentality. What else explains the murder of school children by Israeli soldiers, which often involves the despicable practice of “verifying the kill” by emptying the entire magazine of bullets into the tender head of a dying child to make sure that he or she doesn’t pose a threat to “the safety and security” of Israeli soldiers?

What else explains the dropping of two or three million cluster-bombs on Lebanese villages during the Israeli campaign against that country in 2006? For those who still don’t appreciate the gravity of such a crime, I would like to remind them that two or three million cluster bombs are enough to murder or maim at least two-to-three million Lebanese children. This would constitute at least half a holocaust by Zionist standards.

The Zionists don’t stop surprising us with their sickening verbal theatrics. For some time lately, they have been trying to convince the international community and the peoples of the world that criticizing Israeli crimes amounted to anti-Semitism.  In other words, these sick thugs would want to silence every legitimate criticism of Israel regardless of what the Nazi-like state does to its Palestinian victims.

According to this despicable logic, Israel has a right to incinerate Palestinians with White Phosphorus, starve Palestinians to death, shoot at  and sink Palestinian fishing boats, and assassinate Palestinians suspected of resisting the Israeli occupation without charge or trial as it happened a few says ago in the northern West Bank.

And when criticisms are voiced against such practices, the pathological liars of the Israeli hasbara would issue the same ready-made lies to justify their ghastly crimes, like claiming that the victims were seen walking suspiciously or that they were carrying a suspicious object or that they were believed to be members of an outlawed organization.

Predictably, when these lies are exposed even by Israeli soldiers themselves and human rights groups, such as B’tselem, the murderous thugs of Zionism resort to the so-called “red-herring tactics” by pointing out that the killing of innocent civilians is happening all over the world and that it was unfair to single out Israel as if it was the world’s chief villain.

Well, but Israel is the world’s chief villain if only because it is the only country in the world that has stolen the homeland of another people and been seeking to liquidate and eradicate the national existence of that people.

Crimes do occur elsewhere. However, it is also true that the Palestinian people have been   the most uninterrupted victim of Israeli colonialism, racism and genocidalism.

A few weeks ago, the Israeli minister for Diaspora and Public Diplomacy, Uuli Edelstein, tried to sound smarter than his fellow Jewish propagandists.

He pointed out that the best approach to “handling” efforts to boycott Israeli apartheid practices was to spread information about how relevant Israel is to the world and thereby change the atmosphere that makes boycotts accepted.

In other words the minister wanted to make the peoples of the world forget or ignore the children being murdered, nearly on the daily basis, in Gaza and the West Bank…because these victims “are not Jews” and their lives are not worth the world’s attention let alone active intervention.  Indeed, Edelstein wanted the peoples of the world to feel good about Israel and have no compunctions about the Palestinians and other victims of the genocidal Israeli criminality, the kind of which we saw in Gaza less than two years ago.

“In London,” said Edelstein, I was asked about boycotting Israel. I said I am in favor, but do it seriously. Don’t just stop eating cherry tomatoes, close your laptop computer, call the hospital and ask them to stop treating your relatives with Israeli medicine and medical equipment, it is so easy to boycott Israel when you don’t know what you are talking about.”

This manifestly  arrogant  Zionist minister  would want us to think that it would be the end of the world if people stopped eating cherry tomatoes produced in Zionist settlements built on occupied territories and if people stopped buying Israeli products.

Well, that thuggish official should have realized that a country’s advancement in science and technology doesn’t give it a license to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity. Nazi Germany was quite advanced in science and technology, but the Nazis didn’t use such arguments to justify their war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Unfortunately, Zionists are so self-absorbed and arrogant that they are not capable of bringing themselves to understand that no amount of scientific achievement could ever justify or whitewash  murdering children on their way to school or returning home from school, ethnically cleansing people from their homes in East Jerusalem, and shooting farmers tilling their fields in Gaza.

In the final analysis, criminals are criminals, even if they happen to be great inventors and geniuses. This is why criminals are treated like criminals, regardless of all other considerations.  Certainly, this is the way humanity ought to treat Israel war criminals, no matter how respectable they might appear in the eyes of some people.


Before the ‘direct talks’ are even over, Israel is planning to forge ahead with its own version of what Peace actually means…. in plain English, it’s the continuation of settlement construction and the strengthening of those already in existance. Nothing will change as far as the occupation goes and Abbas better learn to live with that.

That’s about it in a nutshell… the ‘peace talks’ are a farce. A ‘dignified failure’ as discussed in a previous post seems to be out of the question as far as Israel is concerned.

The reality of this ugly situation is the fact that despite appearances, the US is continuing to fund all of the obstacles that stand in the way of a permenant and lasting peace in the region.

Below you can see the plans for future US funding of the settlements….

While the US administration continues to pressure Israel for an extended construction freeze in the West Bank there are those who are already thinking one step ahead. Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov is planning to allocate millions of shekels to the West Bank Jewish communities for the development of tourism sites.

An internal Tourism Ministry memo suggests that the project, which will also include east Jerusalem, will receive a budget of NIS 9 million ($2.42 million). Minister Misezhnikov, who is firmly against the construction freeze, wants to enable local authorities to develop tourism within their jurisdiction.

The plan is obviusly geared to beautify the ugliness of apartheid and occupation as can be read in this article Ministry to invest millions in settlement tourism.

If the United States was genuinely interested in helping to establish a lasting peace, as well as a viable Palestinian state, the funding to Israel would stop immediately. Until that happens, nothing else will.


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