When we think of a Coup d’ Etat Latin America immediately comes to mind. In recent history we have read about them there, most of which were either backed or orchestrated by the CIA. In recent years we have seen these coups carried out under the guise of occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But, Israel remains the only country that has a ‘democratically elected’ coup (also backed and orchestrated by the CIA). The day the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin was assassinated fifteen years ago next month, is the day that Israel became a victim to a coup. It was not only Rabin that was assassinated that day, it was also whatever might have become a viable road to Peace in the region. It became, in actuality, the day any resemblance to Democracy was ended in the state of Israel.

This is what followed Rabin’s death….

Yithak Rabin - 11th Prime Minister of Israel
Yithak Rabin
1992-1995 Shimon Peres - 12th Prime Minister of Israel
Shimon Peres
1995-1996         Benjamin Netanyahu - 13th Prime Minister of Israel
Benjamin Netanyahu
1996-1999 Ehud Barak - 14th Prime Minister of Israel
Ehud Barak
1999-2001 Ariel Sharon - 15th Prime Minister of Israel
Ariel Sharon
2001- 2006 Ehud Olmert - 16th Prime Minister of Israel
Ehud Olmert
2006 – 2009         Benjamin Netanyahu - 13th Prime Minister of Israel
Benjamin Netanyahu
2009 –

Shimon Peres became the interim Prime Minister until an election could be held (which took almost three years). Followed by Netanyahu, and Labour for a brief period afterwards….. but then it got worse with each election since.

We have also seen the Labour Party sell out every one of its principles to become members in good standing of the extreme right governments. This was a necessary move in order for these vile officials to maintain power.

The photos of Peres seated next to Sharon were enough to make anyone lose their breakfast.

A Nobel Prize ‘Peace’ Laureate seated next to a man whose hands were still dripping of blood.

Sharon’s rule was cut short by a stroke. Anyone who thought nothing worse could follow were dead wrong.

Now it seems the government has finally achieved what it wants. The occupation of Palestine is under control, even assisted by what Israel wants you to believe is a democratically elected Palestinian President. Gaza is totally blockaded and cut off from the rest of Palestine and the rest of the world. All that remains in both parts of Palestine are under the complete military control of the IDF….. another aspect of a coup.

As far as Israel goes, we have witnessed the rights of the Israeli public disappear one by one…

New legislation will soon force new (non Jewish) immigrants to swear their loyalty to the above.

All of this under the guise of Israel being ‘the only Democracy in the Middle East’ ….. when in reality it is the only ‘democratically’ elected coup in the Middle East.

In the following video you can see who the supporters of the loyalty oath are…. it certainly isn’t Israelis…


  1. Sam said,

    October 13, 2010 at 19:32

    Actually there’s one other country that has a ‘democratically elected’ coup d’etat, and of course that would be . . . the USA! 9/11 was a coup carried out jointly by Israeli and American military and intel people, and we’ve been living under that dictatorship ever since, while still going through the motions of having elections. And of course 9/11 wasn’t the first American coup d’etat, it was the second, when you consider the Kennedy assassination for what it actually was. That was really when the military and intel people overtly took over, and those people have been in power ever since. Some of the people involved in the two coups were the very same people! (Bush Sr., for example.)

  2. robertsgt40 said,

    October 14, 2010 at 17:20

    Actually, a democracy is where three wolves and a sheep vote on what’s for lunch. There is a big difference between a democracy and a republic. Greek and Roman empires were founded on “republican” principles. That would be a set of rules for all. When Rome and Greece evolved into “democracies’, they shortly collapsed. There is NO mention of democracy in the U.S. Constitution..for a reason. Our founders knew the difference

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