By Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD


The news about the tragic “wildfires” in Northern Palestine is a reminder of several facts:

1) the areas was forested by non-indigenous conifers after uprooting indigenous trees and destroying the terraced landscape and ethnically cleansing over 50 villages from the area that is now supposedly “forested”. Ecologically very destructive behavior done for political purposes to wipe out the ancient landscape and make the area Jewish European. Few people remained from one village but rebuilt a new village nearby and are prevented from going back to their own village which is now an Israeli “artist colony” (see)

2) Over the past few decades Israel acquired hundreds of the most advanced fighter aircrafts with no aircraft to fight wild-fires.

3) Most countries ask and receive help from their neighbors and most countries have sympathy of the world community.  Apartheid Israel by contrast is despised by most people and the only support comes from governments in the west (under Zionist pressure) or those dictators in the Arab world who believe (erroneously) that they must depend on Western support to stay in power.  Such an artificial situation cannot last.

4) Even amidst this tragedy, the racist and most right wing government of Israel refuses to admit any culpability for its failure to protect its citizens and wants to merely advance Zionism (hence the bizarre statement of Netanyahu that the tragedy will bring Turkey and Israel together!).




The whole world is talking about the Wikileaks leaking of previously classified US documents.  Now I personally am skeptical about the selective leaking of documents that show only a tiny whiff of scandal for Israel. Most US foreign policy communication with world leaders and diplomats has been about protecting Israeli war crimes and strengthening Israeli positions.  This is known to be true of both public communication and secret communications (e.g. already declassified material from the Truman era).  So I would be excused to be skeptical when 300,000 documents are released and only few of them deal with Israel.  Much of them deal with how various actors (especially western leaning Arab dictators) dutifully tell their masters in Washington (themselves beholden to the Israel-first lobbyists) that Iran is indeed the new Nazi Germany or the new Soviet Union.


There are really two possibilities here 1) That these “leaks” are a form of psy-ops engineered (selected) to benefit Israel’s plan of confronting Iran. See for example and and


2) That they are psy-ops that are calculated by the US and Israeli
governments to do a small amount of exposure of sensitive material but a lot of confusion among public opinions in the world (in Europe and Arab
countries) to change the focus from the disastrously failing policies in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. (I saw such analysis in Arab
media e.g.but little of it in Western progressive media).


Here is another analysis by Jonathan Cook: Wikileaks and the New Global Order “At work here is a set of global forces that the US, in its hubris, believed it could tame and dominate in its own cynical interests. By the early 1990s that arrogance manifested itself in the claim of the “end of history”: the world’s problems were about to be solved by US-sponsored corporate capitalism.   The new Wikileaks disclosures will help to dent those
assumptions. If a small group of activists can embarrass the most powerful nation on earth, the world’s finite resources and its laws of nature promise a much harsher lesson.”


I disagree with many aspects of Fisk’s analysis below but it is witty and worth reading.  Now We Know. America Really Doesn’t Care about Injustice in the Middle East.

By Robert Fisk

Political fires are raging and spin doctors in governments are trying hard
to contain the fires and change the subject but the real solution for most
of our problems remain obvious to most people: free Palestine — end

Come visit us in Palestine this Christmas season.



  1. tom dee said,

    December 4, 2010 at 17:31

    It is amazing you often one hears about how much smarter the present masters of the area are than those dumb people before. The problem is the area is presently out of water and apparently on fire. There is not a neighbor who has not been attacked by the smart master so I am sure the only wetness that they want to provide would be first passed thru a kidney. My understand is they planted the trees to hide the many arab villages that they destroyed and now the entire world will see in prime news the wrecks of homes that happened when they declared their ownership. I wonder how useful the $98,000,000 stealth fighter jets will be to the smart people without water. Lets hope this is a wake up call to those with some sense in that nation who apparently has a fire that has to be heavenly sent. Did the God the almighty send a message that he did not give this land to the present occupiers?

  2. paddy said,

    December 4, 2010 at 17:34

    I believe that wikileaks is used to distract people from thinking for themselves on the real causes for the mess that the world now experiences.
    9-11 was the recent event used to create massive changes, yet people do not look at basic facts that show the official story to be lies.
    The most important thing to know is that steel does not behave as your TV stations say. I have put links at whatisknown.com/video.html to some videos showing how a blacksmith can hold steel with a bare hand only about 4 inches from the white hot part of the steel. I also link to the math proving that WTC could not have collapsed. My own video explain that sprinklers were present and that plumbing joints should have broken at temperatures far below those required to affect steel.
    We must not be distracted from known facts.

  3. mikael said,

    December 4, 2010 at 19:39

    What recognises a god lie, is it always is 95% truth. To me, wikkileak, is orcestrated and run by the Vestern main streem media, and sametime wthey, wount alow coments. That alone is a god indicator, ond the fact that they dont whant to have contradicting inforamtione. Its a one way report.

    And a salute to Brazil, for showing the way, and we all hope that other countrys follow..

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
    — Martin Luther King Jr.

    free Palestina

  4. Jessica said,

    December 4, 2010 at 20:13

    Thanks for the reminder of the political purpose served by the “trees for Israel.” A brief pitch: The Carol Chomsky Memorial Fund is raising money to benefit the Al Mezan Human Rights Center which assists the victims of home demolitions and the Israeli legal system. Please consider donating to http://www.chomskyfund.org Thank you.

  5. LO PHATT said,

    December 4, 2010 at 20:40

    It seems unnecessary to comment but, here goes: The “wildfires” are an excellent distraction brought to you by your masters. “Pity us”, The Chosen, how could this happen to US?
    The Wikileaks thing is entirely psyops. Any way you look at it only a moron would buy into this. “International Man of Mystery”! Bullslhit. We’re to believe that he travels freely even though the US and others have established a system of control that would make the former USSR blush? Trillions for “security” and they can’t shut down information? Any disparaging comments about Israel conspicuously absent? Sudden emphasis on Turkey after they had the temerity to get upset that the Zionists murdered their people?
    No, this is what Nixon called a “limited hangout”. It is an attempt to keep the lid on by lulling the sheep into the belief that their (ha!) government isn’t out of control and a fully owned subsidiary of USrael.
    They are plucking us like chickens in every way imaginable with complete immunity. I guess this Assange character is supposed to be some sort of Robin Hood. I hardly think so. Some of us in the “reality based” community can’t swallow it.

  6. Richard Vineski said,

    December 5, 2010 at 00:16

    Another possible reason for the small number of Wikileaks memos about Israel, is that Israel has a much better system of security on such memos. Since they essentially control the Internet, they can make sure anything mentioning Israel is kept from people they don’t want seeing it. Including emails. Of course, it is also possible that the people releasing these memos to Wikileaks are pro Israel, as most U.S. diplomats have to be. We don’t really know their motives.

  7. Fran SA said,

    December 5, 2010 at 01:06

    So Israel would like to conquer the world but they forgot about basic services for their own community. How thoughtful!!!!
    They would like to ‘obliterate’ Iran? Is this a kind of a joke?

  8. Gilda said,

    December 5, 2010 at 01:15

    The world would be better off without this criminal state poisoning everything it touches and with a people so corrupted by the Talmud that they are criminal sociopaths, can we evict into space?

  9. Geltmeister said,

    December 5, 2010 at 08:41

    Israelis are dicks and nothing shows that better than their reaction to this fire – please send help, we have no fire-fighters. And they want a war with Iran? They are truly insane. I’m sure that Iran is now re-arming some of it’s considerable missile fire-power with incendiaries knowing that Israel has only one fire-fighter per 5,000 civilian.

  10. GT said,

    December 5, 2010 at 20:08

    HI DesertPeace,

    When celebrated ANTI-zionist Israel Shamir visited with Wikileaks recently, he was left in no doubt that WL is not a ‘front’ for anything. The ‘WL is a front’ trope is being touted by folks who seek to divide our side of the arc of history – in particular, they seek to exploit exploiting chagrin that 911-Truth activists hold towards Assange for statements attributed to him. And while it’s perfectly possible that he holds strident anti-Truther views, I have never seen any original footage or audio in which he says what has been attributed to him; and I have seen PLENTY of interviews’ that he simply could not have given… journalists make shit like that up all the time. If Wikileaks received original source material from testable sources, that showed that the official 911 narrative was bunk, they WOULD publish it – however some 911-Truthers think that they ought to be able to get their own work, or that of folks they like, onto Wikileaks as a distribution mechanism (and imprimatur).

    For the moment, WL has only released 0.27% of the cables; in it we already find such gems as the cable that formed the basis for Justin Raimondo’s story about the growing influence of Israeli mafia within security companies – AND how that was known about by US diplomats.

    Wikileaks’ core is being very careful to ensure that this time it controls the narrative arc: this is why the material is being released slowly; as time passes, the material will shift from the ‘get the public interested’ salacious claptrap of the first few days, and into the meat. THAT is why the US is doing a full-court press right now (and is why everyone with a site should mirror and folks should download the insurance file).

    You might be aware that Tableau (tabulation software) withdrew access for Wikileaks – precisely because there were a VERY large number of searches for ‘Israel’ in the ‘by country’ search mechanism.

    WL has classified inter-agency material dating from the 6-day war, through the Golan Heights seizure, Jenin, Sabra-Shatila… just bear in mind that there are an AWFUL lot of folks dragooned into the IDF who are much more opposed to Zionism than Bradley Manning was to US empire. Eventually they will get hold of material covering Deir Yassin.

    This idea that the IDF, Shin Bet and Mossad are impervious to leaks is ludicrous: any country with National Service is, in effect, dragooning its own internal enemies into its ranks. And Mossad and Shin Bet, like the CIA, are both full of seething low-paid not-very-bright folks whose superiors treat them like shit, too. Most leaks happen NOT because of ideological differences, but because the leaker has the shits with an overseer.

    WL is changing history: it is all very well to be skeptical (obviously I’m not, but I have fewer ‘degrees of Kevin Bacon’ than most people) but at some point folks like Mike Rivero have to accept the weight of evidence, rather than trying to see a false flag on every pole.



  11. GT said,

    December 5, 2010 at 20:24

    Oh – and one last thing that I forgot before… Wikileaks policy for only unreleased content means that they won’t digitise and release the US Embassy Teheran cables which were reconstituted after the overthrow of the Shah. That’s because that material had already been released by the Iranian government (“Documents from the US Espionage Den”) – and thus the only reason people can’t access them by themselves is that they are too lazy to do so.

    And it goes without saying – if you haven’t read it, go and read it – you can get it for free at http://www.archive.org/details/DocumentsFromTheU.s.EspionageDen.



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