What about the BILLION$ being poured in via the US taxpayer?

Back from a whirlwind tour where she was this year’s ‘Honoree’ at the ‘Settlers Flotilla’ Fundraiser, the Jerusalem Post’s resident psycho, Caroline Glick, shares her weekly bitterness with its readers…..

In today’s column entitled  Why Latin America turned she attempts to analyse why Brazil and Argentina unexpectedly announced they recognize an independent Palestinian state with its capital city in Israel’s capital city. Needless to say, she omits the facts, but in their place gives reasons totally divorced from the reality of the situation…

Some examples;
Israelis can be forgiven for being taken by surprise by their move and by the prospect that Uruguay, and perhaps Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and El Salvador, will be following in their footsteps because the Israeli media have failed to report on developing trends in Latin America. (she was the only one taken by surprise it seems).

And this is not surprising. The media fail to report on almost all the developing trends impacting the world. For instance, when the Turkish government sent Hamas supporters to challenge the IDF’s maritime blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza coastline, the media were surprised that Israel’s ally Turkey had suddenly become Hamas’s ally and Israel’s enemy. (she seems to forget who boarded the Turkish Humanitarian Flotilla and murdered 9 of the passengers in cold blood).

The impression that Obama is completely committed to the Palestinian cause was reinforced this week rather than weakened with the cancellation of the Netanyahu-Clinton deal regarding the banning of Jewish construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. The deal was to see Israel banning Jewish construction for an additional 90 days, in exchange for a US pledge not to ask for any further bans; to support Israel at the UN Security Council for a limited time against a Palestinian push to declare independence without peace; and to sell Israel an additional 20 F-35 fighter jets sometime in the future. (I read this paragraph 10 times and it still makes no sense…. can anyone understand what she is trying to say?)

Her bottom line is: When we understand the trends that led to Latin America’s hostile act against Israel, we realize two things. First, while Israel might have come up with a way to delay the action, it probably couldn’t have prevented it. And second, given the US policy trajectory, it is again obvious that the only one Israel can rely on to defend its interests – against Iran and the Palestinians alike – is Israel. (pathetic, to say the least).

Surely there are medications that could help such a person cope with reality, Israel has a pretty good health care programme, I am certain she has medical coverage through her employment at the Post.

If anyone really wants to read her article in full, click HERE.


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  2. Amelia P Aremia said,

    December 12, 2010 at 23:33

    It is time the world sees Israel through open eyes and minds…

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