Wikileaks is the only story in town

Compiled by Antony Loewenstein

The last month has been rightly consumed with Wikileaks. Its significance for the political and media elites is huge, challenging the overly cosy relationship between the two. US media academic Jay Rosen recently wrote an essay entitled, “From Judith Miller to Julian Assange“, in which he argued that “the watchdog press died; we have this [Wikileaks] instead.”

There are so many angles to the story and I’ve been involved as a media spokesman for the coalition to defend Wikileaks in Australia and the demand for a free and fair judicial process for Julian Assange. This strikes at the heart of modern democracies; the open flow of information and those powers who would rather not see that happen. Many in the media resent Assange as an outsider, a man who hasn’t played the game and challenges their own failings in holding governments to account in times of upheaval.

We are living through a profound, era-defining moment.

My work:

ABC Unleashed essay on media failures over the Wikileaks cable documents (and appearance on ABCTV News24 discussing the issues).

US website Mondoweiss article about the relationships between Israel and brutal Middle East regimes revealed in Wikileaks.

Signatory on major petition to Australian government re Wikileaks and Julian Assange alongside Noam Chomsky, Peter Singer, MPs and countless others.

Interview in Spanish Catalan publication about the Wikileaks controversy and the need to defend freedom of speech.

Interview with Sydney Morning Herald online over Wikileaks and the Australian government’s wrong-headed attitude towards the leaks.

Interview with BBC World Service on Wikileaks, censorship and the importance of whistle-blowing in a healthy democracy.

Article on ABC Unleashed about Wikileaks exposing the incestuous relationship between corporate media and governments.

News story in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph about the large Sydney rally supporting Wikileaks in which I spoke about the responsibility to protect freedom of speech (also in Al-Jazeera English, Australia’s Channel 10 TV News and Green Left Weekly.). Photos here. There was another major Sydney rally in support of Wikileaks the week after in which a number of us spoke in defence of publishing information. Police brutality was order of the day.

Interview on Russia Today satellite TV channel on Wikileaks.

– Asked to sign a US-based petition alongside Daniel Ellsberg, Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy and Glenn Greenwald in support of Wikileaks.

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