A post I wrote yesterday was fairly critical of Israel’s ‘Left’ newspaper HaAretz, accusing them of allowing McCarthyism to dictate what to print or not. They changed their tune a bit and finally got back to telling it as it is…..

Haaretz Knocks Haaretz On Israeli Coverage of Death of Bil’in Woman

by Alex Kane

Two days ago, the Israeli daily Haaretz added to the Israeli media’s shameful reporting on the death of Jawaher Abu Rahmah, a Bil’in village resident who was killed at last Friday’s anti-wall demonstration due to Israeli Defense Forces-fired tear gas.  Ironically, in a separate article today on Abu Rahmah’s death, the paper slightly knocks Israeli media coverage that repeated the IDF’s claims as fact–something that Haaretz did itself.

On January 3, 2010, Anshel Pfeffer wrote:

The Israel Defense Forces said on Monday that the medical report on the death of a Palestinian woman said to have been killed at a West Bank protest contains significant inconsistencies regarding the circumstances of her death…

Military sources said, however, that there was no evidence that Abu Rahmah even participated in Friday’s demonstration against the security barrier in Bil’in – nor that she died from inhaling tear gas.

The army’s claims have quickly been discredited by eyewitnesses who were at the demonstration against the separation barrier.  Haaretz catches on today with a stellar piece of reporting by Avi Issacharoff:

The Palestinian woman who died last weekend from smoke inhalation was indeed hurt by tear gas in Bil’in, according to new evidence provided to Haaretz. The evidence has also made it clear that the woman, Jawaher Abu Rahmah, 36, had been standing near youths throwing stones at Israeli soldiers on Friday.

This new information runs contrary to claims made in the media, which are allegedly based on military sources.

Haaretz should stop repeating the IDF’s claims as fact in articles until they do their own investigation.  What a difference two days makes.



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  1. Redpossum said,

    January 6, 2011 at 18:23

    Well, say what you will about Haaretz, they are more openly critical of the Israeli government than the mainstream media in the US dares to be.

    Now, this doesn’t mean Haaretz should be immune to criticism, it’s more of a sad comment on the extent to which the Zionist Lobby dominates the US media.

    It is at times difficult to be anti-Zionist without straying into the quicksand of anti-Semitism, when such a high percentage of US Jews seem to support Israel so unconditionally.

    I discovered this morning that Trader Joe’s, a hugely popular chain of semi-alternative food stores, has begun selling Sabra brand hummus under their own label, with no indication on the package of where it’s made, nothing about country of origin whatsoever. How does this happen? Because there are Zionists in vital offices of every government agency and every private business of any size.

    How does one address this issue without sounding like an anti-Semite?

  2. Sam said,

    January 7, 2011 at 16:18

    Sabra doesnt produce hummus for trader joes – all Sabra hummus is sold under the Sabra label only.

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