On Easter, mocking Jesus, and more

Prepared by Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

On Easter, Palestinian Christians and Muslims from the West Bank are still forbidden from entering Jerusalem (except holders of special permits, I am not one of those few). In Bethlehem, we still hold the religious observances but it is not a festive occasion since the economy is still devastated by the colonial occupation (Israeli apartheid system) and what is left of the tourism business is controlled by Israeli Zionists.

Mocking Jesus and the crucifixion on Israeli TV

[By the way: the Ashkenazim are descendants of European Khazars, the vast majority of them converted to Rabbinical Judaism in the 8th-10th century AD, see  and Shlomo Sand’s book and on the issue of genetic studies, see my analysis as a Medical Geneticist here: 

[Opinion] Recognising Palestine?: The efforts of the Palestinian Authority to push for statehood are nothing more than an elaborate farce, writer says.

Pressure on law conference threatens free speech by Cecilie Surasky (Jewish Voice for Peace): “Why were these mainstream Jewish organizations so troubled by the academic pursuit of legal approaches to securing Palestinian rights and freedom?”

Pictures of the killers of Vittorio Arrigoni: The lead terrorist it turns out was a Jordanian who tried to kill his partners with a grenade (killing one and injuring another) and then killed himself. He is believed by many to have once worked for Jordanian intelligence services and had arrived in Gaza recently, recruiting young people with a “Salafist” ideology (perhaps to discredit Hamas)

Take Action: House Resolution Provides Israel Impunity for Gaza Crimes
[I urge all people around the world to pressure their governments also on the now clear attempts to subvert and divert the Arab revolutions to serve Western interests. The call should be to end support for the regimes but also not meddle in the uprisings. Supporting the regime of Bahrain and Yemen while trying to interfere in Syria and Libya is not acceptable.]

Egypt girl that helped “incite revolt” (as the system described it) or promote freedom (as we call it). I shared this video before but it is worth sharing again to remind us (Arabs and non-Arabs) of what this is REALLY about. Watch it to the end.


  1. April 24, 2011 at 04:50

    I don’t even consider myself a christian, and I am offended by this. So shallow and so without a center. Really disgusting!

  2. Mouser said,

    April 24, 2011 at 08:07

    Human rights vs. zionist wrongs

    How apropå.

  3. Rothschild said,

    April 26, 2011 at 05:07

    Releasing Pollard, a man who should have been given the death sentence, would send a very wrong message. It would say “spying is okay if it’s for Israel even if Americans die”. We know that’s how they feel anyways. Take the 9/11 ‘conspiracy’ stuff for example. If you remove the fringe stuff you’re left with debate on the official story provided because there are some holes in it. You’re also left with Israel’s fingerprints (via Mossad) all over everything from close proximity to hijackers to airline security to all the scam LLC fronts for moving companies and locksmiths. Moving van arrests were reported on 9/11 and never properly followed up on. Some stories were done including by Fox news but Israel told them to retract it (the videos are on the internet). They also mentioned Palestinians as if that may have been an intent to blame the event on them. Then Mossad gets caught trying to start terror in Mexico and gets deported to Israel and nobody says anything. The arrested 9/11 Israelis get deported with orders from high up on the chain of command.

    You got Israel saying they know Al Qaeda is helping Hamas and then the “Al Qaeda” people get caught by Hamas and guess what – they’re Israeli Mossad. No follow up on the story. There is no proof they pulled off 9/11, but it’s not irrational to wonder if they did considering FACTS. So if that were true and all were deported, I can see them wanting Pollard. “Hey, you let us have the guys who killed 3,000 Americans in broad daylight live on national TV so why can’t we have Pollard?”

    BTW, I know the Khazars are related to modern day Turks and I’ve long heard that the Ashkenazim were Khazars who converted to Judaism. The only evidence that refutes this was conducted by Jews who say it’s a minor connection. But obviously they would be biased in coming to such a conclusion. I’ve long thought that many Turks and European Jews have had strikingly similar features, especially the eyes. So it’s not a minor connection. Israelis are not the sons of Abraham and are not the chosen ones. They have no tie to the Middle Eastern land they currently occupy illegally.

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