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It’s only been 63 years since Palestine was occupied …. why can’t they wait another year before asking the UN to recognise them as a sovereign nation? That’s the logic of the Obama administration as can be seen in THIS AP Report….
US presents plan for PA to defer UN bid for one year


Washington aims to salvage Mideast crisis aversion plan, suggests PA be allowed to deliver statehood bid to UN but defer acting on it for 12 months


Meanwhile, Netanyahu is on his way to thwart Palestine’s’ RIGHT to FREEDOM as can be seen in THIS Report from HaAretz….


Netanyahu to meet world leaders in bid to thwart Palestinian statehood

Prime minister heads to UN, will meet with U.S. President Obama; says Abbas turned down his repeated requests to meet, ‘road to peace through direct negotiations, not unilateral decisions’.

Does anyone give a damn what the Palestinians themselves have to say about all this? Here’s two opinions…

After Sixty Three Years of Occupation Israel still does not understand

By Ziad Khalil Abu Zayyad
Palestinians wave Palestinian flags at a protest in Ramallah, West Bank, to show solidarity with Egyptian anti-government demonstrators
After sixty-three years of occupation and conflict, Israel still does not understand what is the cost of its daily occupation of the Palestinian lands and continues to go in the wrong way to gain temporary security benefits.

The recent Palestinian efforts to bid for a Full Membership state at the United Nations resulted in a wide International diplomatic movement that most of it is in favor of supporting a Palestinian state declaration. On the other side a different kind of movement is going on; a movement that offered everything possible to prevent the Palestinian leadership from bidding for an International recognition of the Palestinians right of living in a state of their own. This declaration became a nightmare for some politicians and leaders who are acknowledged of the price of their rejection of it. They are dealing with this declaration as if it is a threat on their national security and stability of the region and forgot about the essence of the meaning of democracy, freedom and right of self-expression.

Israel from its side continued to deal with the declaration by asking one question and one question only: Will there be a new Intifada? How will the army deal with the possible demonstrations? Is Israel security forces ready to shut the Palestinians down? What about activating emergency laws that allow the Israeli security forces to imprison Arabs and put them in new isolated areas? These are the questions that the Political and army analysts were trying to find answers for.

Others in the Israeli Media decided to go to Ramallah and report from its streets trying to calm down the Israeli public opinion that the streets are empty and no one cares for the Palestinian leadership Diplomatic battle at New York.
This is what Israel have been doing since sixty three years; making sure that it can control the security situation and can continue in directing the conflict rather than solving it. The only difference is that Prime Minister Netanyahu failed in directing the conflict smartly and this caused a public international exposure of his governments will and desire in settling more and more in the Palestinian occupied lands and erasing the Palestinian legacy in Jerusalem.

Israel does not understand until now that with every improvement it makes in its army, economic and desire to bring more Jews to live inside it, it is also increasing its chances of losing everyone in the area. Israel’s government still does not understand that it lost all of its historical allies in the area and is causing real damage to the picture of the its other allies outside the area. Israel is still convinced that only by maintaining the occupied Palestinian lands and putting its army forces on borders it will continue to enjoy a “guaranteed” security. This kind of security is the one that was broken thousands of times on all the sides of Israel’s borders.

Israel still does not understand the reason that keeps the Palestinians standing everyday despite all the obstacles that they have to face whether while standing in line to pass through a checkpoint that is run by Israeli teenagers soldiers who come to live their instable teen life while oppressing the Palestinians, or while having to live in an economy that is ruled by the will of the occupier and does not assure that the salary will be paid in the end of the month, or while living under-siege as in Gaza with food and life needs coming through tunnels, or by staying apart from the 11,000 Palestinian political prisoners, or while having to remember the yearly memorial of those who they lost and scarified their life’s.

The reason that Israel does not understand until this day the secret of the Palestinians determination is either because of the naivety of those who lead it or because of a denial status that Israel is living. To my mind, it is a denial status because in the field everything can be seen. This denial is the reason why Israel shows as if it does not care for the Palestinians’ bid for a state or continue its peaceful people struggle every week in the West Bank.

This denial cannot be a reason to prevent the Palestinians from seeking their freedom. No nation under occupation showed true intentions and readiness to compromise as the Palestinian people gave in the last eighteen years and the only response was more settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem, a denial of the Palestinian right of return and responsibility of the occupation of expelling thousands of Palestinians who until now live in refugee camps and an Israeli determination to empower its war machines rather than investing in a real peace process.

For this reason, the International community must prove that it is a real authority that can lead in solving the case of an occupied people that has been suffering for sixty three years…For this reason the world must vote in favour of a Palestinian state and act to end an occupation that brought enough trouble for the world and will bring more disasters soon.

After Sixty Three Years of Occupation Israel still does not understand

Ziad Khalil Abu Zayyad

A Palestinian-Arab living in East Jerusalem, Ziad graduated from College Des Freres in Jerusalem in 2003. Ziad finished his major in International Relations and English Literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Ziad is a former President of the Watan student movement at the university. He is interested in Middle Eastern political issues and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Founder of the Middle East Post and MEL (Middle East Future Leadership Network), he represents Palestinian youth at several international conferences.



And from our Associate ….


If Israel acts unilaterally since 63 years, why shouldn’t we  

by Khalid Amayreh

Statehood Must Mean Liquidation of the Israeli Occupation

Palestine statehood UN chair


Palestinian Authority (PA) President, Mahmoud Abbas, has assured the Palestinian masses that a possible recognition of statehood by the UN won’t be at the expense of other fundamental Palestinian rights, including the paramount right of return for Palestinian refugees, uprooted from their homeland at gunpoint by Jewish invaders from Eastern Europe some 63 years ago.

Speaking during a speech in Ramallah on 17 September, Abass reiterated Palestinian grievances, reminding the international community that the Palestinian people were the only people under the sun still languishing under a foreign military occupation.

“There is not a territory, or an island, or a region that has not gained its freedom and independence, except us. Our freedom, independence and statehood are therefore long overdue.”

Abbas said the occupation was becoming anachronistic and it had to go by whatever means necessary.

The speech, described by PLO officials as land-mark, contained few surprises. Abbas said the PLO would remain the sole and only legitimate representative of the Palestinian people regardless of the formation of statehood. The statement is seen as a necessary assurance to those who are worried that statehood would be at the expense of the right of return for the refugees.

Mr. Abbas also exhorted the Palestinians not to be lured by violence “because this is exactly what the Israelis want.”

If all goes well, and the Abbas leadership does approach the UN, including the Security Council, it will be the first time the Ramallah leadership refuses to budge to American-Israeli pressure. In this case, a certain credit should be given to Abbas.

However, much attention ought to be given to political and diplomatic theatrics and other forms of wheeling and dealing expected to ensue a possible unbinding UN resolution recognizing a state of Palestine based on the pre-1967 borders.

First of all, the PA must realize that satisfying American demands would effectively mean contenting ourselves with a deformed state on isolated parts of the West Bank, probably with some East Jerusalem neighborhoods.

This should be absolutely unacceptable since liberating the land from the clutches of Zionism is far more important than statehood.

Moreover, the PA leadership should absolutely reject any American efforts, by Congress or the administration, to blackmail the Palestinians by way of financial or political pressure to make them reconsider or deviate from pursuing manifestly legitimate rights.

Congress, as we all know, is always at Israel’s beck and call and would go to any extent to prove its loyalty and cheap subservience to the apartheid regime in occupied Palestine.

More to the point, certain European states, such as Germany, won’t abandon the disgusting idea that the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims of the world must have to pay the price for whatever Adolph Hitler and his thugs did to Jews in the course of the Second World War. We must not succumb to this contemptuous stand on the part of the Merkel government.

It is probably premature to predict the ultimate net-outcome of the Palestinian bid at the United Nation. The Obama administration, always in the grip of the Jewish lobby, will most likely veto any draft resolution at the UN Security Council recognizing a Palestinian state based on the 1967-borders.

Moreover, a Palestinian achievement at the UN, such as gaining membership of the international organization, would have only symbolic importance, especially in the short run.

In the final analysis, a real success will depend on the ability, willingness and determination of the international community to transform diplomatic achievements into tangible facts on the ground in the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem. This would require more determined and concerted efforts, with the collaboration and coordination of our many allies on the international arena.

This is especially significant since Israel, which controls American politics and policies, can always fly in the face of the international community by seeking to abort and crush Palestinian independence efforts. Such a blunt disregard for international legitimacy would undoubtedly cost Israel and its guardian-ally, the United States, a lot of diplomatic and political capital.

So the question that begs itself is whether Israel would be willing to sacrifice her international standing for the sake of crushing aspirations, even for a temporary period.

Moreover, an extremist Israeli stand is likely to be strongly rejected by regional powers, including Turkey, Egypt and Iran. Even traditionally pro-western regimes such as the regimes in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates would come under internal pressure to display their rejection of Israeli insolence. Jordan in particular could face violent and sustained protests demanding the removal of the Israeli ambassador, the severance of relations with Israel and even the abrogation of the 1994- Wadi Araba Peace treaty between Jordan and the Jewish state.

As to the apartheid Israeli regime, it is quite apparent that the Jewish state will continue to play the role of the victim, mainly in order to blackmail the Palestinians and the international community for maximal concessions.

This is the reason Israel is relating to the Palestinian bid to seek UN recognition as if a Third World war were about to breakout or as if a superpower were threatening Israel with a devastating nuclear attack.Israel is reiterating the same old mendacious mantra that Palestinian “unilateralism” won’t bring peace and that negotiations were the only route that could lead to the materialization of Palestinian statehood.

This argument is, of course, bereft of honesty and truth since the PA-PLO has been negotiating with Israel in vain for close to 20 years, while the Jewish state Israel was exploiting all these years to build more Jewish settlements and obliterating the Arab-Islamic identity of occupied East Jerusalem.

Hence, the argument that only negotiations would lead to peace is a characteristic Israeli lie that is meant to confuse and mislead international public opinion.

Moreover, Israel, which has built hundreds of Jewish-only colonies on occupied Arab land and transferred hundreds of thousands of its fanatical Jewish citizens to live on land that belongs to another people, is the last country on earth that is qualified to complain about unilateralism.

Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu, a man notorious for his dishonesty, has also been repeating his many mantras about Hamas, urging the PA to terminate its partnership with the Islamic movement.

Netanyahu comfortably ignores and forgets his own alignment with Judeo Nazi groups such Gush Emunim, Shas and other ultra-fascist Jewish parties which advocate enslavement, expulsion or even outright physical extermination of non-Jews living in occupied Palestine.

This unholy partnership between the Likud and Judeo-Nazi groups explains the virtual silence and shocking inaction of the Netanyahu government towards the latest unprovoked wave of arson, vandalism and rampage carried out by Jewish settler terrorists against Palestinian targets, including mosques, all over the West Bank.

To conclude, there is a zero per cent probability that negotiations with Israel, even if such negotiations lasted for a hundred years, would achieve positive results.

Hence, the remaining alternative is that the Palestinian people must act independently, even unilaterally to achieve their legitimate goals. After all, If Israel acts unilaterally as it has been doing since its misbegotten creation 63 years ago, why shouldn’t we.

Besides, the Arab, regional and international situation appears to be more adequate than ever for pursuing Palestinian statehood even without sacrificing or compromising other legitimate rights, including the right of return, the soul and heart of the Palestinian cause.


  1. Lili said,

    September 21, 2011 at 16:28

    The Obama shuffle back at work. He is such a good house slave for Israel. Perfect really.

  2. MSMII said,

    September 21, 2011 at 16:45

    Obama has offered a hand to Iran. What Obama got back was laughter, derision, and the undaunted intention of Iran to have nuclear power. How much oil do we depend on these sanctimonious psychopaths for? How much of the worlds trade travels through their regions? How much are we going to have to pay in our own ransom before there is another knife at our global throat?

    My suggestion is to stand strong and respond to a bloody nose with a bloody nose and breaking of the knee.

  3. Ponce said,

    September 21, 2011 at 17:32

    This is the Palestinian people LAST CHANCE to get on the road to freedom and if they missed this chance then there will be no state of Palestine.

    I could say a lot about all this but the above should say it all.

  4. BJ said,

    September 21, 2011 at 19:44

    Isreal is waiting for the next war in which they will eliminate all Palestinians from the territory they stole.
    Elimination or Genocide is the Final Solution for Palestinians!
    They may as well die on their feet rather then to continue living on bended knees, genuflecting toward Isreal.
    Die with honour! Don’t continue in despair.
    Life on Isreal’s terms is not life as others know it!
    Go out declaring INDEPENDENCE!

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    […] US presents plan for PA to defer UN bid for one year Like I said, Israel sh*ts, America cleans up. […]

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