Thanks to the senility of the dear Queen, Israeli war criminals are now welcome to visit Britain without fear of persecution.
Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni met with British Foreign Secretary William Hague in London on Thursday morning, in her first visit to the U.K. since 2009 when an arrest warrant was issued against her over her role in Operation Cast Lead.

Livni was invited to the meeting by Hague following an amendment to British law that prevents private citizens from seeking arrest warrants against Israeli officials in Great Britain.


A full report can be read HERE


Livni visits U.K. for first time after war crimes jurisdiction amended

Opposition leader meets U.K. Foreign Secretary Hague following Britain decision to prevent private citizens from seeking arrest warrants against Israeli officials in U.K.; warrant issued against Livni in 2009, forcing her to cancel visit at the time.

Meanwhile, after a court battle, a Palestinian activist was awarded compensation for being wrongly arrested after pressure was mounted by Britain’s zionist lobby. A report on that can be read HERE
Sheikh Raed Salah awarded compensation
War criminals get the royal treatment while Palestinian peace activists are treated like criminals…. Justice or zionism?
The only foreign port that should be welcoming the likes of Livni is in the Hague!


  1. navedz said,

    October 6, 2011 at 17:39

    On Sunday night (2-Oct-11), the mosque in the small village of Tuba suffered an arson attack. Unknown agitators entered the building and set the fire, causing damage to carpets and the structure itself. Before leaving, they sprayed messages on the walls outside: “price tag” and “revenge”, in Hebrew. Until this weekend, these attacks seemed to be confined to the West Bank. And it isn’t just mosques that are targets. Olive groves, villagers, solidarity actions: all are “fair game” to the wild West Bank settlers.

    The attack in Tuba should not be viewed as something new, as some sinister development in right wing Jewish Israeli society. It is just a continuation of the decades-old aggression against Palestinians. Following the declaration of Israel as a state in 1948, and the armistice in 1949, those Palestinians who remained in Israel—many of whom were internally displaced—have been continually targeted, harassed and subject to accusations of being a fifth column.

    Today is but a continuation of the Nakba; 1948 is ongoing, it was never finished. The policies of the Zionists are not new, their tactics are not new, and their aims are not new. In 1948 the international community failed to protect the majority Arab population of Palestine. There is now an opportunity to make up for that failure, but are any of the Western powers capable of taking such a stand? The signs, so far, are not favourable. The signs point to 1948 not just continuing but increasing in intensity. While the burning of the mosque in Tubas was nothing new, it does herald the darkest of times to come.

  2. Deborah said,

    October 6, 2011 at 20:57

    I am disgusted that my country hosted that war criminal. Livni should be at the Hague not having morning tea with the extremely offensive man of the same name.

  3. October 6, 2011 at 21:04

    Cameron is just another zionist arse licking politician.

  4. David G said,

    October 6, 2011 at 23:55

    That Britain has feted another Israeli war criminal fills me with disgust. Australia does the same thing.

    There is a conspiracy between Israel and some Western Nations (the colonialist kind). It is an unhealthy conspiracy, one that encourages Israel to conduct even more war crimes.

    Of course, America is the main conspirator and enabler, you know, the one that talks the talk about freedom and democracy but not for the Palestinians!

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  8. October 7, 2011 at 10:52

    It doesnt surprise me one bit. After all, there are war criminals living the good life in Britain. Tony Blair being the most famous (infamous) of them.

  9. Dr Goldstein said,

    October 8, 2011 at 01:31

    It is just as bad here in Canada, under the Apartheid-supporting Regime of Warmonger Harper. The King of Torture Dickhead Cheney was recently allowed to speak in Vancouver. The police failed in their duty to arrest this heinous war-criminal, and instead harassed the peaceful citizens protesting his evil presence in our city.

    Britain – yuk – It makes me nauseous to see the queen’s horrific mug-shot on our currency. They are also guilty of war crimes, torture and crimes against humanity..

    All of them will burn together in the hottest part of hell after Jesus passes his judgement upon them. They will not be allowed to look at God’s face when he passes his judgement on the queen and her loyal cult of warmongers.

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