The corporations and banks, currently being protested by the Occupy Wall St. movement, have launched a financial blockade on the
whistle-blower website, WikiLeaks.

The corporations and banks, apparently, don’t like the rabble hearing the truth. Especially if it’s about them or the the diplomats they own.

WikiLeaks is going to stop publishing secrets and may go dark all together with no funds to continue operations due to the blockade.

 WikiLeaks will have to stop publishing secret cables and devote itself to fund-raising if it is unable to end a financial “blockade” by U.S. firms such as Visa and MasterCard by the end of the year, founder Julian Assange said on Monday.

After releasing tens of thousands of confidential U.S. government cables, WikiLeaks needs $3.5 million over the next year to continue operating, Assange said.

Visa and MasterCard stopped processing donations for WikiLeaks in December 2010 after the United States criticized the organization’s release of thousands of sensitive U.S. diplomatic cables from its embassies all over the world.

In the 24 hours before credit card donations were blocked, the organization said it had received $135,000. Now, it is receiving on average about 7,000 euros ($9,700)a month.

Assange said there were no lawful grounds for the blockade by Bank of America Corp, Visa Inc, MasterCard Inc, eBay Inc unit PayPal and Western Union Co, which he said had cost Wikileaks 95 percent of its revenue.

“If WikiLeaks does not find a way to remove this blockade, given our current levels of expenditure, we will simply not be able to continue by the turn of the year,” Assange told a news conference.



  1. traducteur said,

    October 28, 2011 at 16:34

    Is there an address to which sympathizers can send cheques?

  2. Sandy Smith said,

    October 28, 2011 at 18:31

    Of course, the Banksters have the most to lose when the truth comes out. They set up the Dominoes for the Worldwide Financial Collapse. Wouldn’t want Wikileaks naming names would they? Here we are three years later and the “college educated” masses occupying Wall Street are just figuring out what they did and how long it will take to fix it (forever). Demonstrate Away. At least with information through private sources like Wikileaks we can know the way things get done. Then, go do something – for yourself and others. It takes no talent to destroy. Make something. Be something. Study. Work. Build. This has been a financial world war. Everyone has to contribute to dig our way out. For the kids and grandkids and greatgrandkids that will pay for it – Reinvent yourself – again. And stop wasting your anger! You’ll need it to get this country and world going again. Look in the mirror for help. And to heaven for guidance. Be prepared for hard times. Help others do so.

  3. amerikagulag said,

    October 28, 2011 at 20:11

    Beautiful graphic. Wish the world would wake up. Remember the Icelanders said NO!

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