Not by Palestinians! By right wing illegal settlers.
Is this the thanks they get for their actions just a day earlier (see report below)?

Dozens of settlers break into IDF base in West Bank, vandalize property

Settlers acted following rumors IDF planning to evict West Bank settlement; no one arrested; earlier, right-wing activists arrested on Jordan border.

Some 50 settlers and right-wing activists entered a key West Bank military base early Tuesday morning and threw rocks, burned tires, and vandalized military vehicles.

The settlers were acting in response to a rumor that the IDF would act to evict a West Bank settlement in accordance with an August Supreme Court ruling.

The attack on the Efraim Regional Brigade’s base near the West Bank city of Tul Karm, included the pelting of the deputy Regional Brigade commander with stones, setting fires, and the throwing of paint.

The youths were repelled by security forces. No arrests were made.

Earlier during the night, the IDF and police rushed to the otherwise quiet border with Jordan after a group of 17 right-wing activists, three of them minors, occupied structures near the border. The activists said the action was intended as a message to Jordanian authorities to keep out of Temple Mount affairs.

The IDF and police surrounded the activists, who were hilltop youth, and prepared to evacuate. Four other activists were arrested before joining the group on the border.
The activists seized abandoned churches near the Qasr al-Yahud holy site, which is the believed site of Jesus’ baptism.

The activists, accompanied by television crews, cut their way through a fence that used to protect a minefield surrounding the area, before it was cleared by Israeli security forces. The activists danced near the structures, entered one of the churches and chanted songs. They were all arrested.

In another incident overnight Tuesday, a group of five Breslov entered Joseph’s Tomb in the West Bank to pray without permission. Palestinian security forces opened fire, but no one was hurt.   

A similar incident took place in September,  when unknown perpetrators infiltrated a base in the Binyamin region and snuck their way to a mechanics workshop on site, where they slashed the tires and cut the cables of twelve army vehicles.

The settlers were galvanized into action by rumors that the eviction of several West Bank settlements was imminent. The Supreme Court ruled in September that the state must destroy Migron, the largest outpost in the West Bank. Forty-five families live in Migron, which has a total population of 280 people.



Just a day earlier …. IDF protects settlers as they attack occupied village …

Hundreds of settlers attack Nablus village

An Israeli soldier stands guard near a Jewish settler during skirmishes
near the West Bank village of Immatin.(MaanImages/file)

NABLUS  — Hundreds of settlers stormed the Nablus village of Asira al-Qibliya overnight Sunday, causing damage to Palestinian property.

Witnesses told Ma’an that around midnight more than 200 settlers from the notorious Yitzhar settlement entered the village and threw rocks at Palestinian homes.

Local resident Ibrahim Makhlouf said that the settlers smashed the windows of a bus and tried to set it on fire.

“They were armed and wearing black uniform as if it was an organized militia,” he told Ma’an.

The attackers smashed the windows of three other houses belonging to Basim Salih, Jamil Abdullah and Khalil Mahmoud Salih, Makhlouf added.

Settler-related incidents resulting in Palestinian injuries and damage to property are up more than 50 percent this year, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, which documents violence in the Palestinian territories.

Last week, a mosque was set on fire by settlers in the West Bank village of Bruqin, near Salfit, local officials said.

A report released by The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees found that in October, over 53 percent of settler attacks had taken place in the Nablus district.



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