That is the twisted ‘logic’ of the zionists themselves…. NOT MINE.
They say …
We say …
‘Harvard promoting anti-Semitic event’

Ivy League school to host pro-Palestinian ‘One State Conference’ next week amid growing protest by pro-Israel students, alumni who claim event promotes racism, negates Israel’s right to exist

*Read about the Panic in the Ivory Tower HERE


*What the ‘critics’ had to say ….
From our very own ‘Psycho Gal’….
Now, writes Glick, ”anti-Zionism” has replaced anti-Semitism among the fashionable, and the “embrace of the cause of Israel’s destruction by so many celebrity professors today is part and parcel of the destruction of the U.S. higher education system.” But Glick gives the most compelling rationale for the existence of Israel when she tells how she read about the one-state conference “as I was feeding my newborn son. I looked out the window at Jerusalem and all I could feel was thankful to be living in the independent, free Jewish state of Israel. I am thankful that these pseudo intellectuals no longer can determine the future of my people, as they could in the 1930s.”
From the desk of Abe Foxman….

“This conference goes beyond academic discourse about the conflict by promoting the elimination of the Jewish state,” Foxman said in his letter to Faust. “Although the conference organizers state that one of their goals for the conference is to ‘help to expand the range of academic debate on this issue,’ there can never be any legitimate discussion of a concept which, by its very nature, will result in the end of the Jewish character of Israel.”

ADL said in a news release issued Feb. 24 that Faust and Dean David Ellwood of the Kennedy School of Government in a phone call with Foxman acknowledged ADL’s concerns and said Harvard did not accept any policy that would lead to the elimination of the Jewish State of Israel. Following the telephone call, Ellwood issued a statement regarding the conference which said, in part, “We would never take a position on specific policy solutions to achieving peace in this region, and certainly would not endorse any policy that some argue could lead to the elimination of the Jewish State of Israel.”

Foxman said that “Ellwood’s statement reflects Harvard University’s effort to protect the cherished right of academic freedom and act responsibly by publicly rejecting odious ideas.”*

And of course, no condemnation would be complete without Dershowitz’s two cents…

Alan Dershowitz also targets the conference, with another bogus analogy, suggesting that anyone who calls for one state is denying Jewish peoplehood. There’s not really a connection:

What would Harvard do if a group of right wing students and faculty decided to convene a conference on the topic, “Are the Palestinians Really a People?” and invited as speakers only hard right academics who answered that question in the negative?…

They will claim that the “one-state solution” is a serious academic subject, whereas the question “are the Palestinians really a people?” is not. This is a pure rationalization. The question regarding the Palestinians was raised by a candidate for President of the United States and has been the subject of debate and controversy in the media and in academic writings. Both subjects are essentially political in nature and both have similarly phony academic veneers.

The Programme of the Conference can be seen HERE



  1. William Chandler said,

    February 29, 2012 at 17:48

    Anti-GENTILISM is the root of so-called antisemitism. HUMANITY did not sit around the fire and decide “hey, let us HATE JEWS — We have never SEEN one, but We will hate them — whatever THEY are” and then wait thousands of years for a Jew to come along, so We could all hate him for absolutely no reason. Jews codified antiGENTILISM, hatred of ALL NON-Jews all NON-Tribal members. The only way to “combat” antisemitism is for Jews to end THEIR antiGENTILISM. When Jews recognize and acknowledge the EQUALITY, HUMANITY, and SPIRITUAL ONENESS of the rest of Humanity, then “antisemitism” will melt away.

  2. Ponce said,

    February 29, 2012 at 18:14

    The American people have been brainwashed into believing what “those” people say it is, and not what really is…….Ponce

    Oi vey, oi vey, I am a Zionist…..why does everyone hates me so?…. And my answer is “Not for being a Zionist, but rather for what you do as a Zionist”

  3. mikael said,

    March 1, 2012 at 10:48

    Never forgett that in this War or Semantics and drivell, the proper way to see this present situation is altering your perspectivs.
    We are constant fed ONE perspectiv, the “eternaly and perpetual victim of perecution and holocoust”, helpless against alle surounding Evil.

    Not Once have I read anything, trying to realise the Palestinian perpective, from a “freind of Israel” or their pack of Hooligans.
    And I have read Israeli news for Years.
    Not once.

    All aspects of this conflict is absurdly onesided and lack credibility in every aspect, to take a stand for the Palestinians is a complet legitiate notion, in every way. Regarding International rights and treatys, in all the matters regading Land and Sea. Israel was created Inside Palestina from the late 1800 to 1948 when it declared it self as a Counrty.
    Thats the Facts.

    What is running the show is a perfect blend of wacos and criminals, their agenda is easy to behold, comfiscate land and build opon it, to Eretzh Israel manifetst it self.

    To opose them is and has never been about religion or race, its about plain evil and greed.
    And they have no boundarys nor land.


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