Tragedy has once again struck as innocent children were gunned down outside their school in southern France. When ANY innocent person is murdered it is a tragedy, no matter where, no matter when, especially if the victim is a child. 
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman leveled harsh criticism Tuesday against EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner Catherine Ashton over her comparison of the terror attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, to the situation in Gaza, calling them “inappropriate.”
Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting of Palestinian youths in Brussels on Monday, Ashton said: “When we think about what happened today in Toulouse, we remember what happened in Norway last year, we know what is happening in Syria, and we see what is happening in Gaza and other places.”
Above taken FROM ….. FM: Ashton’s Toulouse-Gaza comparison inappropriate
Lieberman blasts EU’s foreign affairs commissioner’s remarks equating attack on Jewish schoolchildren in France to IAF operations in Gaza; says she should ‘worry about Israeli children who live under constant fear of Gaza rockets’*
Are we to believe from that racist doubletalk that the lives of Jewish or Israeli children are more precious than any others? I beg to differ!*

Are we also to believe that every whim of the Israeli government must be supported by the rest of the world even if it wrong? That’s what is happening today making Israel the number one enemy of the Jewish people throughout the world.

Presented here are two VALID points of view, the first from HaAretz ….

Thanks to Netanyahu’s babble, an attack on Iran will inflame global anti-Semitism

The State of Israel, which was established as a haven for Jews from those who hate it, may instead wind up becoming a threat to Jews.

By Akiva Eldar*

The murderer who shot students in a Jewish school in Toulouse yesterday, like the one who shot black-skinned French paratroopers a few days earlier, required no motive other than hatred of foreigners and those who are different. Chronic sufferers from anti-Semitism and xenophobia need no special pretexts for their racism.

Nevertheless, an Israeli attack on Iran that sent gas prices soaring would be seized by by right-wing extremists like those who support Marine Le Pen. Thanks to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s babble in Washington, even if the United States is the one that ultimately attacks Iran’s nuclear reactors, the bill will (also) be submitted to Jewish communities abroad. The State of Israel, which was established as a haven for Jews from those who hate it, may instead wind up becoming a threat to Jews.

What do you do when the polls show that a solid majority of Israelis refuse to risk being among the 500 casualties of retaliatory Iranian missile strikes on which Defense Minister Ehud Barak is prepared to gamble? The Prime Minister’s Office takes comfort in polls showing increasing American support for military action against Iran. Netanyahu’s spokesmen managed to sell this dramatic headline to several important media outlets as a personal accomplishment by their boss.

Indeed, a Wall Street Journal/CNN poll published the day after Netanyahu’s address to the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC showed that 52 percent of Americans favored a military strike on Iran if the only other option were standing idly by. But when the respondents were presented with a larger range of options, a completely different picture emerged.

Fully 49 percent said the United States should either “take no action unless Iran attacks the U.S. or its allies” or “take stronger diplomatic and economic action to put pressure on Iran but should take no military action.” Only 21 percent supported direct military action to destroy Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons, while 26 percent responded that America should support an Israeli attack. The Wall Street Journal chose to headline the report on the poll with the unequivocal statement, “Americans Prefer Diplomacy Over Military Action To Prevent Iran From Acquiring Nukes.”

American Jewish peace activists say the poll also reflects the prevailing mood in the Jewish community. They advise us not to be led astray by AIPAC’s enthusiastic response to Netanyahu’s calls for war, and propose that we instead heed the voices emerging from the J Street Conference that will take place this week in Washington.

This young pro-peace organization is warning about the effect of efforts by Netanyahu and his conservative friends in the Jewish community to drag President Barack Obama into a new war in the Middle East. J Street leaders support Obama’s policy of sanctions and diplomacy. But the American president – like the Israeli president, not to mention the Israeli prime minister, all of whom lined up to speak at the AIPAC conference – is shunning the conference of an organization that seeks to promote negotiations on a two-state solution and even protested the Palestinians’ application for UN recognition as a state. If they had just one billionaire like Sheldon Adelson on their list of donors, everything might look different.

Stop sowing panic

For over four years, an eye-opening position paper on the Iranian nuclear threat has been on the desk of senior defense officials and politicians. The paper was written by Maj. Gen. (ret. ) Herzl Shafir, a former head of the Israel Defense Forces’ headquarters, GOC Southern Command and police commissioner. In recent years, Shafir has served as a consultant to the defense establishment on home front issues.

Following Netanyahu’s aggressive speech in the Knesset last week, in which he recalled times when Israeli leaders defied American positions, Shafir updated the document and decided to increase its circulation. Here are the document’s main points:

* Declarations that Israel is weighing a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities help the government in Tehran convince its citizens that nuclear development should continue despite the sanctions and threats, in order to deter the Israeli and American aggressors. Israel must therefore stop threatening. Instead, it should make it clear to Iran’s citizens that it is not an enemy, remind them of the good old days when it helped Iran, and demonstrate a sincere desire to open a different kind of dialogue.

* Even though the Iranian leadership makes no secret of its wish that Israel would disappear from the map, there has never been a direct Iranian threat to use force or nuclear weapons. Iran’s primary reasons for wanting nuclear weapons are to achieve regional military and diplomatic hegemony, to protect the regime against external threats, and to establish a balance of fear with other countries in the region that possess nuclear weapons.

In July 2008, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad responded to the question of whether Iran would destroy Israel by saying, “Iran will not act militarily … The Zionist regime in Israel will bring itself down in the end.” When asked if he would support a two-state solution, he said, “If the Palestinians accept this, legally and of their own free choice, we will respect their decision.”

* A military attack would turn Iran into Israel’s permanent enemy. In the current era of the Arab Spring and regional uncertainty, this might alter the strategic balance in the Middle East to Israel’s detriment.

* Israel has no way to prevent Iran from retaliating in the Gulf region if its nuclear facilities are attacked. Therefore, Israel must act responsibly and refrain from an independent attack. It also shouldn’t contribute to an American attack. Only the United States is capable of paralyzing Iran’s ability to inflict punishment on Israeli civilians in response to an attack on its nuclear facilities.




Our Associate Khalid Amayreh presents a related point of view …*

Netanyahu: Israel’s mouthpiece of lie*

In his reaction to the tragic shooting incident outside a Jewish school in France Monday, Israeli Prime Minister invoked “Palestinian terror.”

“I haven’t heard any condemnation from the UN, but one of its bodies, the human rights council, invited representatives of Hamas who condemned the US for killing Osama bin Laden and kills Jewish men, women and children. This is who UNHRC invites today. I have one thing to say to the UNHRC: What do you have to do with human rights? You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Netanyahu is elaborate about the death of a few Jews in occupied Palestine, for which nefarious Zionism is solely responsible (responsible because Zionism brought these Jews into Palestine from their original homelands in Eastern Europe elsewhere to live on a land that belongs to another people), but quite dismissive or completely silent about the pornographic killings of non-Jews at the hands of the “holy tribe” or “Master race.”

In fact, as the pathological liar was speaking about the regrettable incident in France, his dirty hands were being stained with the innocent blood of Palestinian children.

Netanyahu and other Israeli political and military leaders got accustomed to giving Israeli Jews a “present” on major Jewish holidays in the form of killing Arab civilians, particularly children, in cold blood.

This happened last week in Gaza when Israel’s war machine wreaked havoc on Palestinian homes throughout the coastal enclave, killing farmers, workers, school children and women.

The Palestinians are mostly helpless and defenseless people, and ganging up on them using state-of-the-art of the American technology of death is analogical to the Third Reich embarking on the extermination of Jews during WWII.

It is also an expression of ultimate cowardice to attack people, especially innocent people, who don’t have the means to defend themselves and protect their children.

During its genocidal onslaught against the people of Gaza four years ago, Israel massacred, maimed and incinerated thousands of innocent Palestinians. The mini-holocaust killed hundreds of children and babies and destroyed thousands of homes, mosques, hospitals, and other public buildings. Children and women fleeing the Dresden-like fire storms over their neighborhoods were mercilessly killed by sadistic Israeli soldiers who were told by their rabbis that non-Jews were actually animals and that one didn’t have to harbor a guilty feeling upon killing a “goy”

The United Nations put the number of Palestinian children killed during that genocidal blitz, knowingly and deliberately, at more than 360.

Just imagine 360 Jewish children getting killed in 21 days and how vociferous and hysterical the shipyard dogs of Zionism would be.

Hamas has killed Israelis, including civilians, but it did this in the context of a national liberation struggle against a Nazi-like colonialist occupation that seeks the annihilation of the very existence of the Palestinian people.

Throughout human history People didn’t throw roses and chocolates at invaders and foreign occupiers. They threw hand-grenades and petrol bombs, they fought them with all the means at their disposal. Didn’t the Russians lose 20 million people defending their country against the invading Nazi armies in the course of the Second World War? Didn’t the French do the same to liberate their country? Didn’t Patrick Henry say “give me freedom or give me death?”

Besides, Hamas has not gone to UNHRC in order to wage a crusade against Jews or anyone else. The truth of the matter is that a small Hamas delegation went there in Switzerland in order to brief the world community on the pornographic oppression being meted out by Israel to the Palestinian people, including the open-ended detention of Palestinian citizens for years without charge or trial.

Let me ask Netanyahu the following question: where in the world, especially in a democratic country worthy of the name, a university professor, a medical doctor or an elected lawmaker is napped from his home and family at the middle of the night and dumped in detention camps and dungeons for 10 or 12 years without charge or trial? As far as I know, this happens only in Israel, the nation that calls itself a light upon the nations!!!

Netanyahu calls Palestinians terrorists for resisting their tormentors and children’s killers. But he ignores the fact that the Jewish wehrmacht, the Jewish SS, and the Jewish Gestapo have murdered and maimed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, Lebanese and other Arabs that whatever the Palestinians have done seems absolutely negligible in comparison to the slow-motion holocaust Zionist Jews have been carrying out against the native people of Palestine .

Mr. Netanyahu, you have stolen the Palestinians’ homeland, you have destroyed their homes and towns and villages, you have expelled the bulk of their people to the four winds; and now you have the chutzpah to call them terrorists?

We don’t know the identity of the attackers in Toulouse , but regardless of this, the attack is outrageous and must be condemned in the strongest terms.

But having said that, it should be made clear to all and sundry that Israel ‘s murderous behaviors make such attacks on Jews, probably by some fanatical groups, inevitable.

I say inevitable, not justified.

Just imagine someone whose entire family has been exterminated by Israelis, how he or she would behave when seizing the chance for revenge? Did Jews behave like angels would vis-à-vis the Nazis following the downfall of the Third Reich? Haven’t Jews been scouring the entire world ever since, hunting for Nazi killers?

Whether you like it or not, Israel is the Palestinian people’s Nazi Germany. Yes, Zionists control much of the western media, control the American government and congress, and are quite influential in today’s world order. But this doesn’t mean that they are clean or kosher. In the final analysis, when Jews think, behave and act like Nazi Germany thought, behaved and acted, they become full-fledged Nazis even if they carry Jewish names and don kippas on their heads.


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