First it was the zionists that just about declared a Fatwā against Gunter Grass, shunned for daring to tell the truth about Israel being a danger to world peace. Banned from entering Israel (even though he had no immediate plans of doing so).
Had Grass been an Israeli he very likely could have met the same fate as one Mordechai Vanunu for blowing the whistle on Israel’s nuclear programme.
Now we are hearing echos from the very supporters of that danger. Could this be out of guilt for blindly approving every wrong move made by the zionist entity? Or perhaps out of fear of having a boycott declared against your works by the likes of an Abe Foxman or others connected with the evil Lobby. A report dealing with this is posted below, from HaAretz.
Gunter Grass is not the first or only target of the zionists, our very own Associate and resident artist, Carlos Latuff has had the honour as well. Most recent was because of false charges that he is a holocaust denier. His words on that matter … In recent days, pro-Israel blogs have been published articles accusing me (guess what) of being a Holocaust denier. This happened because in 2006 I participated in the Holocaust Cartoon Contest that had been set up by the House of Cartoon in Tehran. This contest was a response to the Prophet Mohammed cartoons that had been published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and was intended to testthe Western limits of the freedom of speech. This new smear campaign was launched by Zionist bloggers due to some cartoons I had made for the activist group Code Pink for use in theOccupy AIPAC protests. It was intended to pressure the group into not using the artworks which were made by me, a so-called “Holocaust denier”.

They say, among other things, that I am a Holocaust denier, but fail to prove their point. In the article, reproduced ad nauseam by them, there is not one article, opinion or cartoon made by me where I deny the existence of the Nazi Holocaust. It’s because I have never made such cartoons. These bloggers are trying to apply the old “a lie repeated many times over becomes a truth” tactic.
His work on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict made him a target of the Israeli terror machine; to the point that the Likud party in Israel (the ruling party today) openly called for his assassination just a few years ago. On the Likud party official web site they called for “Neutralizing Latuf by any means necessary”. When Carlos was asked about the open call to “assassinate him, he said “Of course, we can expect anything from IsraHell. If they can carry on “selective killings” of Palestinians, and carpet Beirut with tons of bombs murdering hundreds of civilians, what is the big deal about “neutralizing” one cartoonist in Brazil? Death threats, cheap attempts to terrorize me, however, will not prevent me from supporting Palestinians in their struggle against brutal Israeli occupation. The most that Likud creeps can do is silence me with a bullet, but they will never be able to silence my art.”
Aside from his unending support of the Palestinian people, in fact ALL the people of the Arab World, for a number of years he has been creating works dealing with Israel and America’s plans to wage war against Iran. Shown below is a sampling of them….
The above is an indication that Gunter Grass is not alone. He is definitely in good company.
Below is the report mentioned earlier… it’s a pathetic display of blind loyalty and a cheap attempt to publicise his own works.*

U.S. author shuns Gunter Grass award ceremony amid poem controversy

Dave Eggers says in statement he will not accept the award in person because the controversy over Gunter Grass’s poem criticizing Western hypocrisy over Israel’s nuclear program will distract from proceedings.

U.S. author Dave Eggers, announced he will not attend the award ceremony to accept a literary prize he has been awarded by the Gunter Grass Foundation following the controversy over Gunter Grass’s publication of a poem criticizing Western hypocrisy over Israel’s nuclear program.

In his poem, “What Must Be Said,” Grass labeled Israel a threat to “already fragile world peace” over its belligerent stance regarding Iran.

The Albatross prize, worth 40 thousand euros and won in the past by literary luminaries such as David Grossman, was awarded to Eggers for his 2009 novel Zeitoun, which tells the story of the experiences of a Syrian-American after Hurricane Katrina.

Through his publisher in Germany, the 42- year old author said in a statement that because the organizers of the awards ceremony had refused to postpone it in the wake of the controversy caused by Grass’ poem, he had decided not to take part.

“In the wake of Mr Grass’s recent controversial poem, I felt that the award ceremony should be postponed, so the controversy would not distract from the very separate work of the Foundation and the subject matter of Zeitoun,” the author said.

“The organizers chose to go on with the ceremony on the existing date, and thus I felt it best if I did not attend in person. The issues raised in Grass’s recent poem are not issues I am prepared to speak about, and I would have been expected to comment on them repeatedly. That said, I am happy that the Foundation has recognized my book and has brought attention to the issues of justice and interfaith cooperation I attempted to highlight in Zeitoun,” he said.

Eggers thanked the foundation for the award, and said that when he was originally notified of the prize in December, he asked that the money be passed to German organizations that work toward interfaith dialogue.

The Albatross prize is awarded to an author “is exceptional for its high literary quality and its cultural and socio-political relevance.” The judges said that Zeitoun “makes a powerful case for civic conscience and convictions.”


  1. Big Fish said,

    April 17, 2012 at 17:02

    The pen is mightier than the sword. Thanks Gunter for being a leader for the suppressed masses. You are heroic!

  2. Paul Merkel Jr. said,

    April 17, 2012 at 18:45

    Ditto Big Fish
    Kudos for Truth Seekers!

  3. Paul Merkel Jr. said,

    April 17, 2012 at 18:47

    President Jimmy Carter, also a Nobel Peace Prize winner has said Israel cannot exist without accommodating peace for all. Mr. Gunter also a nobel prize winner believes the same. Of course, we know these are fair minded people, not anti-semites (which is mostly now a synonym for truth.

  4. April 17, 2012 at 20:15

    […] NOW THE DEFENDERS OF WESTERN HYPOCRISY JOIN IN TO SHUN GUNTER GRASS « Desertpeace. April 17th, 2012 | Category: Uncategorized | Leave a comment | […]

  5. lancethruster said,

    April 18, 2012 at 22:31

    Powerful illustrations, indeed. Hats off to Latuff, Grass, and all those who see with a clear vision.

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