“I saw the whole beating, it’s a good thing that they beat the Arabs…”
Just days after a mob of Jewish Israelis beat and injured three Palestinian youth, one nearly to death, Israel’s Ynet news website conducted interviews in central Jerusalem’s Kikar Hahatulot [Cat Square], just a few hundred feet from the site of what was dubbed by Israeli police a “lynching.” The video is reminiscent of a controversial 2009 videomade by Jewish-American journalist/author Max Blumenthal and American-Israeli journalist Joseph Dana titled “Feeling the hate in Jerusalem.”

A roughly translated English-captioned version of the original video report is embedded below, along with a transcript courtesy of Shunra Media and the IMEU.

0:07 So were you there last week?

Yes, yes, the beating


It was nothing important, there was this one Arab, cursed parents and so forth, it was entirely inappropriate. And the state is entirely not ok. We have so many lynches done against us here, and the government doesn’t care at all. Gee, that guy who got beaten up deserved it. He cursed parents!

0:22 Were you here last week?

I was here last week, during the beating, I saw the whole beating, it’s a good thing that they beat the Arabs, [bleeped over the word death] to the Arabs, they should all die! [exits, camera right]

0:37 [Caption: Nissim, jewelry seller, Cat
If he were educated like a human being, he would not have said such a thing to any person.

Why not?

Because you’re drunk!

I’m not drunk!

Here’s the smell from your mouth! You’re drunk! If there were policemen here and they’d see you, they’d arrest you, because you’re drunk and you’re not allowed to drink. Full stop.

I’m not allowed to drink? Here, see my ID, bro.

There are Arabs who go to the army, you [idiot]. Respect that!

They’re Druze!

Not Druze – there are Bedouins, who are Arabs, there are Druze, who are also Arabs.

1:02 I had just finished working, I left my job, two-three minutes later, on Yoel Salomon Street some three-four people jumped me, [slammed] a glass bottle into my head, in my neck, my ear was cut here, behind it., I got hit with something sharp here, I don’t know what it was, maybe a screwdriver, [needed] stitches…

Do you continue going around this area?

The truth is that it’s very dangerous to go around here, because all kinds of [?] most of the time there are problems, almost every weekend.

1:28 They’re not supposed to be here in the country.

Not supposed to!

They should really leave here!

[pan to crowd]

Where do you bring this from?

That’s what they instill in us, where I come from.

Where do you come from?

I come from the Territories. Some people would say it’s racist [shrugs] but I don’t think so. That’s what has to be done.

1:46 I was there, it happened, like, right in front of my eyes. It was really horrifying, those kids need an education and so forth. It was really disgusting, like, they ran and sang a song that was, like, really disgusting about the Arabs, all over town, and then the came to Kikar Zion [Zion Square] and then some Arab dared to say, like, something back to them and – to curse them back, because they were singing, like, Arabs are construction workers, and so on, and so on, and it was really not ok, like.
2:17 Those children, they don’t have a mother, they don’t have a father, they don’t have anyone in the country to come and talk to them. They come, they drink, they do whatever they like. A person walks by, they go – some twenty of them – “Arab, son of a whore; Jew, has a soul.” They chase him and beat him up. Why? WHY? These guys are educated to hate and to hit. And in my opinion, they are terrorists.
2:42 [crowd chants]
I hate all the Arabs.

[policeman comes in, shakes his fist:]
go home!

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  1. Naeem said,

    August 29, 2012 at 17:26

    ! thing i noticed about israeli’s is it us always us we’re the victims, soon 300 million arabs will be free from dictators and then these guys will be begging for their lives. But i guess whats goes around comes around

  2. zon said,

    August 29, 2012 at 21:53

    isn’t it the norm for the abusers to have been victims before becoming abusers, though I think that in this case there might be more of them having been the abusers from the start.

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