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Anti-Islam Film’s Jewish Tie Crumbles

Film’s Creator Claims Israeli ‘Producer’ Doesn’t Exist

Plot Thickens: Initial reports identified the maker of the anti-Islam film, ‘Innocence of Muslims’ as an Israeli living in California. That story is falling apart.
Plot Thickens: Initial reports identified the maker of the anti-Islam film, ‘Innocence of Muslims’ as an Israeli living in California. That story is falling apart.

WASHINGTON — An alleged tie between Jews and a film that sparked violence in the Arab world by insulting the prophet Mohammed, put Jewish activists on alert following the killing of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans during riots against the film.

Jewish activists feared a widely reported role of Jews in funding and producing the film, which contains crude attacks on Islam, could stain the community as a whole as anti-Muslim.

But a search for a person presenting himself as responsible for the film who said his name was “Sam Bacile” led to a dead end. Eventually, another man involved in making the movie admitted Bacile’s name was a pseudonym and said that the alleged producer of the film is not Israeli and is probably not Jewish.

The claim that Jewish money was behind the film also lost ground as the partner, California Christian anti-Muslim activist Steve Klein, stated the movie was a low-budget project which he himself described as a “bad fifth grade production.”

An actress who appears in the film said she was duped and never knew it was about Islam or the prophet Mohammed.

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He doesn’t exist BUT…
Report: Anti-Islam film director a convicted felon

ABC News says Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, is a convicted drug manufacturer who claims film’s funding came from wife’s family in Egypt

That report can be read HERE
HaAretz adds its two Shekels to the madness …

It wasn’t the Jews this time

False reports that an Israeli made the film that sparked the violence across the Middle East raises questions, and emphasizes some uncomfortable facts.

A screenshot of the film
A screenshot of the film ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ which incited an attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya that left 4 dead. Photo by Screenshot

On Wednesday afternoon a collective sigh of relief could be heard in cyberspace. Enterprising reporters from half a dozen newspapers and websites had finally done the research and reached a conclusion: It wasn’t the Jews.

The shadowy “Israeli-American real estate developer” who had supposedly received $5 million from “100 Jewish donors” to produce a movie portraying the Prophet Mohammed as a violent and stupid child-molestor was actually a convicted scammer from California belonging to another faith with a grievance against Islam – the Coptic Christian Orthodox Church.

So far, all those who have been identified in helping him produce and distribute the movie are not Jewish either. So there you have it, another blood libel against the Jews exposed in less than 24 hours, thanks to the power of the Internet.

We are left with a long list of factual and moral question marks. Who translated the film to Arabic and made sure that it would be seen by at least 1,000 times more Muslims than the number of Americans who had watched it a couple of months ago in a nearly-empty California movie theater? And why? Was it simply out of journalistic interest, was it for the purposes of rabble-rousing? Or was this all the work of Al-Qaida or another terrorist organization interested in creating a diversion that would enable it to carry out the fatal attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi?

And what of the movie’s producers? Why did they add inflammatory anti-Islamist remarks to the soundtrack? Were they trying to make money out of it or use it to raise funds for anti-Islamic activity in America? Are they connected to a wider network? And in a democracy, should we stand up and defend their right to disseminate whatever stupid and offensive material they produce?

The answer to the last question I hope is clear: we limit freedom of speech at our peril.

Salman Rushdie was protected by the British government and defended by a large part of the cultural establishment in the west when the Iranian regime issued a fatwa calling for Rushdie’s death over the blasphemous “Satanic Verses” (though there were those who would claim to be democrats who, to their shame, placed the blame on Rushdie ).

Taking potshots at the prophet

The shyster Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, AKA Sam Bacile, has every much right as celebrated prize-winning author Rushdie – setting aside for a moment the comparative merits of either man’s artistic output – to take potshots at the prophet.

There is another question which should be asked of those media organizations, originally the Associated Press and the Wall Street Journal, that swallowed Bacile’s story of Israeli citizenship and Jewish backing: Why were you so quick to run his version when reporting such a highly sensitive story, without first performing some elementary corroboration? The moment it was out there, the Jewish and Israeli angles were reproduced on 10,000 websites and established as facts. But there is a wider issue at play here than journalistic practice and ethics. (To their credit, AP and the WSJ made major efforts, after their initial reports, to pick apart Nakoula/Bacile’s story and to set the record straight. )

What if Sam Bacile’s real name was Shmuel Berkowitz, originally of Herzliya, Israel? What if he had received funding from a neo-conservative foundation bankrolled by Jewish billionaires? And let’s be honest now – for the few hours during which this was the accepted version, we either believed it, or if we harbored doubts, we at least thought it could be true.

The straight and simple answer should be that it doesn’t matter. Rushdie, Nakoula and Berkowitz – Muslim, Christian and Jew – should all enjoy the same rights to sling mud at Mohammed, Jesus or Woody Allen. But it never is that simple. Rushdie was forced into hiding for a decade and will forever be looking over his shoulder, until his last day. The Copts in Egypt certainly didn’t need this, as the second-oldest religious community in Egypt struggles to hold on to their precarious existence under the new Muslim Brotherhood administration. And as for us Jews, many of us haven’t abandoned the shtetl mentality of fear of being held to account for what one tribe-member may or not have done. A fear that is often justified.

There is another Jewish dimension at play. While AP is a fully respectable organization and no one in their right mind would even begin to accuse the Wall Street Journal of even a hint of Judeophobia, there were Jewish readers who felt there was something sinister about the way the first reports seemed perhaps to emphasize the “Israeli-American” angle. Not that there was anything in it; that is just the way our brains are wired – we immediately spot the Jew in every picture, and then start asking why he is there? Why has he been made to stand out?

And another uncomfortable fact. Jewish filmmakers have been heavily involved in producing the films “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against The West” and “The Third Jihad: Radical Islam’s Vision for America.” And prominent Jewish philanthropists have financed some of these films’ production and distribution costs. What the far-right views as necessary, truth-telling documentaries and the far-left regards as Islamophobic racism, can be seen by the rest of us as highly selective takes on reality – a neocon version of Michael Moore’s films, just without the buffoonery. Whether or not you agree with all or some or none of the content of these movies, a pattern has been established in which Jews have voluntarily placed themselves at the front line of the propaganda battle with Islam. That’s why it was so easy to believe that the producer of “The Innocence of Muslims” was Jewish and Israeli.

Why should we be concerned here? Whether or not Jews or Israelis are involved or at fault, they usually get the blame anyway. The last time an embassy was attacked in Cairo was following the death of Egyptian soldiers in a border attack carried out by Islamic Jihad. That didn’t prevent the mob from sacking Israel’s embassy. And if Jews think, rightly or wrongly, that radical Islam is an existential threat to the west, why should they keep silent? Surely that would be a capitulation to anti-Semitism.

But those Jews who have taken it upon themselves to uncover the “true face” of Islam have created the paradigm by which this war, with no clear battle lines, is increasingly being seen. Eleven years ago, the western world stood by the United States in its defense of democracy and freedom; much of that struggle has now been marginalized to a great degree. No longer is it the west defending its values and freedoms from Islamic fundamentalism. It is now Jews against Muslims, Israelis versus Arabs and brave Netanyahu taking on Iran single-handedly.

The self-appointed warriors against “Islamofascism” have every right to fight their fight. But their shrill daily cries of wolf, their willingness to embrace some of the darkest elements of Christian fundamentalism and European nationalism – as long as they share the same cause – have hugely contributed to the situation where decent people can shrug and turn away.

Carlos Latuff’s take on the film…


  1. Redpossum said,

    September 14, 2012 at 18:05

    I’m curious who wrote this piece, as I don’t see a byline.

    In all truth, with all due respect, I don’t agree with the author’s point of view on this issue. I do not accept that the Zionist lobby was not involved in this.

    I think we simply have multiple layers of deception at work here. The first layer of deception was peeled away, and now we’re supposed to what is revealed as truth. But perhaps this is simply another layer of deception, and the truth is similar to the initial story, the debunking of which is supposed to clear the Zionists of blame. This sort of intricate plotting, with multiple layers of deception, would be absolutely typical of Mossad.

    The bottom line, as always, is simply this – cui bono? And the answer is, Israel benefits, and no-one else. Therefore Israel is, and must remain, the prime suspect.

  2. desertpeace said,

    September 14, 2012 at 20:13

    click on the links to see who the authors are.

  3. September 14, 2012 at 20:52

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  4. Robin said,

    September 14, 2012 at 21:49

    This article is so full of crap where to begin because dissecting it turd by turd is not worth my time seeing as how it was posted.

    In a nutshell, it was the culprit himself, a serial con-artist on federal probation for fraud who claimed to be an Israeli real estate guy with a hundred Jewish backers donating 5 mil for the production. As I am typing the federal probation board is investigating him for parole violation and back to federal prison he will go. FULL STOP. The blame is his and his scam was very short lived as well. This has not stopped internet idiots from spreading the falsity he is Jewish and if he were who the hell would care except for the fact that Israel with their lapdog the US has perpetrated enough crime against the Muslim world to end their asses up in Hell for eternity. You wonder why it was so believable “the Jews did it” then ask the state which claims to be the embodiment of Judaism to stop committing crimes. If any single entity is responsible for the rise of anti-Semitism is ISRAEL.

    Now, let’s see. Who was involved with this. Nakoula a serial liar/criminal. Sadek who has a “human rights” organization that LOVES to whip the Copts up. Muslims are kidnapping their women you know and forcing them to convert, the Muslims the Muslims the MUSLIMS. OK production company in Duarte, California, “Media for Christ”. A scan of their non-profit’s 2011 990 tells you what a nice Christian org they are helping poor refugees from the Middle East. They are NOT a nice Christian organization. They are one MORE loony toon SoCal Copt organization. Who broadcasts Terry Jones and goes everywhere filming him including putting out a casting call for the mock trial in which the Holy Quran was burned? Truth TV of Orange, CA owned by Ahmed Mustafa Abaza who claims to be from a most prominent Egyptian Muslim business family, converted to Christianity. COPT. Who showed up at a rally for Jones a while back? Coptic NUNS. Now are all Copts loons? Of course not, but there sure as hell are enough of them to be raising a ruckus. Lest one forget the Coptic Orthodox Church believes themselves to be direct descendants of the Pharoahs and the rightful rulers of Egypt. Do ya THINK there might be some animosity towards Muslim Egyptians? Do ya THINK? Absolutely many Copts have put this on the back burner but for those who have not, you get crap like this flick which BTW was shown on a television channel IN EGYPT which ended up in these riots. So no it wasn’t the Jews but what the hell is the point? Is that all you care about? SHIT is going down because of this film and instead of posting an article that says it should be allowable for anyone to bash Mohammed, PERHAPS the bigger picture is getting the facts and stating it is NOT ok to do that just as it is not ok to depict Jews as thieve with hooked noses who rule the world.

    Enough already! Muslim Americans and Muslims worldwide are denouncing this violence, they are in a WORLD of hurt for what those calling themselves Muslims are doing. This is not Islam. THAT is what needs to be said in times like this along with disseminating the truth in place of the lies. Not articles about “it wasn’t the Jews this time”. GOOD, it wasn’t it was crazed fringe Copts. Now what? FBI and HS issued all Copts warnings to up security. Hell some LOON called into the University of North Dakota today claiming to be Al Queda having planted bombs there. Texas too. The LOONS are all coming out of the woodwork and people of ALL faiths need to be standing together and acting responsibly!

  5. September 16, 2012 at 01:24

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  6. silver price said,

    September 21, 2012 at 03:39

    What I wish were in this article is a condemnation from the various Jewish organizations of a film that is ignorant and anti-muslim. Had this been a film about Israel, it would be immediately identified as anti-semitic and condemned. We are in the season of self-examination and renewal. It is the perfect time for us to stand up for the principle that the demeaning of any religion is unacceptable, no matter how “goofy” or amateurish the presentation. Shana Tova to all.

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