In Israel, Jewish holidays mean total closure of the Occupied Territories. Total closure means that any Palestinian found roaming on Israeli streets is stopped by the Israeli Border Police and asked to show their Identity Card, God help them if they do not have one showing they are an Israeli citizen. If that is not the case, they become a part of a fast growing statistic;
Palestinian man with Israeli ID card (Identifying him as an Arab)
ID Card from the Occupied Territories
(Lets not forget that Israelis complained to the world that Jews in the Soviet Union were forced to carry ID Cards identifying themselves as Jews …. but it’s OK to do the same thing to Palestinians living in Israel)

Palestinian Prisoners

At any one time, Israel holds in excess of 9000 Palestinian prisoners. In fact, 700,000 Palestinians have been imprisoned by Israel since 1967. Prisoners include children, women, and Palestinian government officials.

Thousands of Palestinians are arrested for no apparent reason, and held without charges, or a trial for years at a time. This is called administrative detention, and is a clear violation of international law. Israel arrests Palestinians, even children, for reasons such as walking on settler only roads within occupied territory. Many Palestinians are arrested simply to keep Israeli jails full, as Palestinian prisoners have been used in negotiations in the past. Hence, for Israel, Palestinian prisoners are nothing more than commodities to be traded later on.

Many prisoners have no visitation rights, as such, they are separated from their families for years at a time. This is even true for child prisoners. The families of the prisoners are hardly ever informed about the reason for the arrest, and often don’t see their relative from the moment of arrest, where Israeli soldiers often state “we just want to speak with them for a minute”, only to disappear for years.

Vast numbers of Palestinian children are held in Israeli prisoners. These children can be as young as 12. Israel, in violation of international law, regards anyone above 16 as an adult, and furthermore, any Palestinian above the age of 14 can be tried as an adult, and held in the same prison as adults.


According to various studies, anywhere between 85% and 98% of Palestinian prisoners are tortured in Israeli prisons. The process of arresting a Palestinian is often degrading and violent, including bashing, insulting, and stripping detainees.

In prisons, these prisoners are subject to violent interrogations, and are often forced to confess in order for the torture to cease. When incarcerated, the prisoners are tortured in a variety of measures, including; sleep deprivation, beatings, forcing prisoners to be seated in painful positions, choking. The conditions are also appalling, with prisoners forced to endure extreme heat and extreme cold. Prisoners are also humiliated and mocked by Israeli guards.



These are facts! What is also a fact is that no one outside of Israel says a word about these injustices. THAT TOO is a crime! COMPLICITY KILLS!






  1. irishdane said,

    October 3, 2012 at 11:58

    This is so disgusting.

  2. robertsgt40 said,

    October 4, 2012 at 14:28

    At least we know who formulates U.S. policy on torture.

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