Anyone old enough to remember this?
Hurricane Sandy could help those who might have forgotten the above …. but where is Noah? Has New York’s Mayor Bloomberg assumed the role??
Flooding has already been reported in parts of Manhattan and Mayor Michael Bloomberg called for the evacuation of residents in low-lying Zone A.
According to reports in the Forward, Jewish communities on the East Coast seem to be the hardest hit by the power of the storm. We wait with baited breath for Abe Foxman to label God Himself an anti-Semite..
Here is one of the reports from the Forward expressing concern about the Jewish residents in the storm’s path …. BUT where is the concern about everyone else? Where is the concern about the non-Jewish residents, the elderly or disabled or the homeless. These ‘chosen’ attitudes of the self declared ‘chosen’ makes one wonder if Sandy really is a warning from God for those attitudes to start changing.

Hurricane Sandy Pounds Jewish Communities

Hatzalah and Disaster Experts Warn on Seagate, Five Towns

Worries Mount: As Sandy plowed ashore, disaster management experts are worried about the safety of Jewish residents in oceanfront communities.
Worries Mount: As Sandy plowed ashore, disaster management experts are worried about the safety of Jewish residents in oceanfront communities.



As fierce winds battered New York City and Long Island, emergency experts continued to express concern about conditions in heavily Jewish oceanfront neighborhoods.

Brighton Beach, Coney Island, and Far Rockaway in Brooklyn and Queens have been under mandatory evacuation since last night. In Long Island, parts of the Five Towns have also received evacuation orders.

Severe flooding from the Hurricane Sandy is expected Monday night, with the storm lingering through much of Tuesday. Streets in low-lying areas already flooded with this morning’s high tide.

Some in the threatened areas continue to disregard those warnings.

“The captain doesn’t leave the ship,” said Pinny Dembitzer, a resident of Seagate, a gated community on Coney Island. Dembitzer, president of Seagate’s homeowners association, has decided to stay put, despite repeated warnings from city officials. “It’s very windy outside. The winds are really picking up,” he said.

Dembitzer, a Bobov Hasid, said that about half of the residents of Seagate had already left. Standing in the community’s management office, he said he could see others leaving.

The Five Towns and the Rockaways are in particular danger, according to David Pollock, director of security and emergency planning for the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York.

“In the Far Rockaway section people have relatively little distance to go to reach safe ground, but the road can all be blocked,” Pollock said. “We’ve been telling people move now if you have someplace to move to.”

Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in parts of Lawrence, Woodmere, Long Beach, Valley Stream, and other heavily Jewish Long Island towns.

Nassau County has opened a shelter serving Kosher food in West Hempstead.

Hatzalah, the Jewish ambulance service covering the New York area, is currently receiving fewer calls than on a normal day, according Dovid Cohen, the group’s CEO. “Our guys are ready,” Cohen said.

“We’re very concerned about the possible loss of power for our phones and radio systems,” Cohen said.



  1. Shawshank said,

    October 30, 2012 at 17:07

    Those floods in the NYC City subways were designed to wash away those Pam Geller Anti-Palestinian posters.

    Margate, NJ took a direct hit from the hurricane. It’s just south of Atlantic City, and is a popular resort for area Jews. I couldn’t help but think God was punishing them for their wacky ways in this world.

  2. October 30, 2012 at 17:12

    The rabbis all say that goyim can be killed or die. They don’t really count as real ‘people’ Only the ashkenazis hurt.

  3. Tom Clark said,

    October 30, 2012 at 18:35

    The hurricane was brought to you by HAARP in Alaska. Now, if God is in charge of the HAARP system, then yes, he’s using it to target the eastern coast of the once free United States.

    What is HAARP? :

    Is Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy being manipulated by our government using HAARP to disrupt the Presidential Election? Remove the homeless? Create more debt? Distract the sheople from how bad the jobs report coming out this Friday…The ponzi scheme is collapsing they need more debt to keep the fraudulent financial system propped up. The Federal Reserve and Central banks are pyramid schemes. Either we get more Katrinas and 911s or another major war.

    The most recent update shows a 9.1 magnitude frequency from Maryland to New England. This is termed ‘a highly rare event’.
    Keep in mind this has been building in longwave form for about a week now.
    Is it just a coincidence that this same area is now ‘under the gun’ for what is now being termed ‘a perfect storm’?

  4. robertsgt40 said,

    October 30, 2012 at 21:24

    Cattle don’t count.

  5. Ken Brodeur said,

    October 30, 2012 at 21:38

    The old testament is mostly filled with prophets warning the chosen to stop their wicked ways and most of the time the forces of nature are God’s tools.

  6. October 30, 2012 at 23:08

    This is the beginning of God’s judgement for USA for all the tortures, abominations and atrocities done and doing around the world

  7. Lee said,

    October 31, 2012 at 06:12

    I brought up the HAARP subject on another blog and of course, was instantly criticized. HAARP technology was invented by Nicola Tesla and further refined by the military.

    If Hurricane Sandy is indeed a weaponized weather phenomenon, then the term, Frankenstorm is most fitting. The storm just may backfire and cause more damaged than anticipated.

    Those poor displaced Jews will have to settle for kosher C rations. I hate saying things like that because it would make me just like them. But I feel I can say that since I was homeless for awhile. My former employer let me go so she could save money on labor. Then I discovered she bought two more houses to add to her list of properties.

    If there is justice in this world, may her name be Sandy.

  8. November 2, 2012 at 11:40


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