Definition of yesteryear —- An anti-Semite was a term designated to anyone who hated Jews.
Today’s definition —- An anti-Semite is anyone who is hated by zionists.
There is a difference …
Image by Pete Pasho
But, needless to say, zio’s rightwing rag Arutz 7 disagrees as can be seen in the following …

Video: Dark Side of Roger Waters

Pink Floyd member who compared Israel to Nazis is a “hero to genocidal terrorists,” says watchdog group.
Roger Waters, composer, lyricist, singer and bassist for rock mega-group Pink Floyd, has also become a “hero to genocidal terrorists” in his later life, notes watchdog group Eye on the UN.
The group has created a video (below) that shows Waters in testimony before the UN, comparing Israel to Nazi Germany and lying about Hamas’s policy toward the Jewish state. For millions of people worldwide who hold Pink Floyd’s music dear to their hearts – the video may be a cause for some serious reflection on whether being a musical genius says anything about a person’s morals, historical judgment and political acumen. Waters performed before an audience estimated at 50,000 in Israel in 2006.
Waters’ address in full can be seen in the following … The following video is an articulate review of the rights and grievances of Palestinians living in Israel and in the Palestinian lands occupied by Israel. Where is the anti-Semitism?

* Roger Waters UN Address

The end of the year hate campaign was kicked off by the ADL a few weeks ago, closely followed by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre. In both cases, our beloved Carlos Latuff was honoured by having his works cited.

A note from Carlos …

The collection of artworks I made along 2012 are now available for free download at Internet Archive,  including cartoons about Egypt (Mubarak trial, SCAF rule, presidential elections, Morsi rule, constitution draft), Bahrain, North Ireland, Syria war, Palestine, Gaza attack, Israel, US presidential elections, US spree killings, Brazil, Chile, Islamophobia, Greece economic crisis, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, Kurds in Turkey, etc.

Go HERE, to Carlos’ Blog to access the links.


  1. Big Man said,

    January 2, 2013 at 12:21

    Sorry, there is little difference between z and j. This has been demonstrated over the past 100+yrs.

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