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This video was made on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, whose sovereignty never ceded.

This video was made by the following BDS supporters:

Camera: Fabio Cavadini

Lighting and Sound: Amanda King

Music (oud and daf): Mohamed Youssef

Music recordist: Ritchie Belkner

Music composer: Osloob of Katibeh 5

Video editor: Adrian Warburton

Produced by: Rihab Charida and Aamer Rahman

Thanks to Salwa El-Shaikh, Jason De Santolo, Stephen Dobson, Frank Deveson, Sally Hanna Osborne and Theo Fatseas.

Video in order of appearance:

Mutulu “M1” Olugbala

Peter Manning

Milan Ring

Lowkey (Kareem Denis)

Tuva El-Shaikh

Kerrie McGrath

Fatima Mawas

Awate Suleiman

Antony Loewenstein

Anika Moeen

Aamer Rahman

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  1. mikael said,

    February 20, 2013 at 20:26

    You gott it right, stopp laying their game of deseption and lies.

    I have never backed from confrontation with their Propaganda machinery and people, because I/WE have ONE thing they dont have, truth.

    There is a dwindling numer of people, in a sea of covard f…. and equally numb idiots, that can held their head high, and to take a stand is bravery in a world of despetions and lies, voilence and crimes.
    The more people that stands forth, the more people realise this.

    Its not about race, collor or creed, its about Evil.
    Dont cal me an antisemitt, I dont give a f… labels.
    What I see is plain evil, notning about Jews or what ever f… bull they charf up everytime someone stakes a stand.
    Just tell them, to go f… them self, as many have notised, I do that.

    And above all, I havent been taken in or acused of lies, never, but they always attac you as a person, to alter the debate, just tell those ones to go f… them sels.
    I do that.

    We the People must take a stand, infact the world is depanding on it.

    WE all must soner or later, with the corrent war partying and religious hatepropaganda, take a stand, for something, or we fall for anything.

    Have anyone notised this, the facts are reerly disqused, starnge isnt it.
    No archeological profs, no nothing.
    Even the word “jew” is fake, the semittic tribes from that region and in this times, dont have the “j” its something from the late 1700 and the word “jew” is based on flawed traslations.
    Infact what we are witnesing is a religions/poltical belife, based on missconseptions and flawed translations, its almoust hillarious, but this is a FACT.
    The pre- king James bibels havent the word JEW at all in it.
    Hebrew or Judea, is correct, but have nothing to do with “jews”.

    Never give inn, never give up.

    You all have my deepest respect.


    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
    ― Martin Luther King, Jr.,

  2. Blake said,

    February 21, 2013 at 00:55

    Cool vid.

  3. February 21, 2013 at 21:47

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